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I was doing my regular research for reliable online pharmacy when I have found out about a pharmacy named Zava Med with the domain address and so I decided to write a review about it and determine if it’s worth purchase drugs here or not. I have accessed and before I could see anything else I had to *select my location* and I had to choose from Zava France or Zava United Kingdom. I’m not very sure if this means that only people living in France and United Kingdom can use this pharmacy’s services. I am not living in France or in United Kingdom and yet, I have chosen United Kingdom as I was afraid that if I chose France the website’s language would be French. According to the information the website, this pharmacy has previously used to be DrEd and now they are Zava. According to the information on the website there are several things which makes them be so good: you can save time and embarrassment, you are getting complete confidentiality, you get free and fast delivery and lastly – they already delivered 1,500,000 treatments! They claim that everyone is able to visit their office which is located in London and there’s an exact address given to customers who are interested. I have also found information on their website suggesting that the pharmacy is authorized and regulated by Care Quality Commission, they claim to be registered pharmacy and they are operating all legally! Except for this pharmacy sending medications, they are also offering online doctor service where people can have an online consultation with their doctor and get prescribed certain prescriptions. They claim that their doctors are fully qualified, same qualifications as a regular GP or experienced hospital doctor. The pharmacy claims to have social media pages on facebook, Instagram and twitter. selection of medications and prices

The pharmacy is claiming that they are ordering all of their genuine medication from official manufacturers and suppliers and therefore, people shouldn’t be concerned about quality of medications. There are 6 main categories, each with their subcategory: men’s health, women’s health, sexual health, travel health, chronic and wellbeing. Sub categories include: ED, PE, and hair loss in men’s health, asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol in chronic and others. As much as it seems, they are having quite a wide selection of medications where people can find different drugs for different needs and health conditions. I have then wanted to check the prices and I checked sildenafil (generic viagra) where I saw that the price for 4 tablets stars from 15 GBP. To be honest, that’s a really high price compared to other online pharmacies. You cannot add this item to cart without *starting a consultation* with their doctors. The prices for all other drugs seems to be in quite same range – pretty high prices. obviously you cannot order prescription drugs here without having a valid prescription but if you don’t have one you might get it from their online consultations. Shipping and payment methods

According to the information on their website, they are currently working only in UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, however there’s information on the FAQ page that if you live anywhere outside these countries you should send them and email and they will check maybe they could send you medications. As much as it seems, there are 3 shipping options: free standard delivery (it is free of charge and has a delivery timeframe of up to 6 days); next day click and collect which is also free but you won’t receive items on weekends (has 1 – 2 business day delivery) and lastly: Saturday delivery which costs 8 GBP but you get your items on Saturday. As much as it seems, they are only accepting credit cards: VISA and Master Card. Customer Support Service

Customer support service is extremely important and if you have questions to ask you need to contact this service. Make sure that you do this in their business hours (shared on their website) by the following methods: you can either call them or write them a fax at their number. Except for this, there’s their email listed on the website and there’s also the mailing address if you don’t want to pay them a visit. Except for these methods, I can assume that you could use their social media pages to write them. Coupon Codes

The coupon codes are a great way to save money because you are getting discounts by entering them so you pay less. However this pharmacy does not seem to offer coupon codes and in fact, they do not seem to offer any other methods available to make the prices on this site be lower. The only thing which this online pharmacy seem to offer that makes you save some money is to offer free shipping meaning that you only pay for the medications and that’s it. however I would still appreciate if there would be more deals. Reviews

I have checked the website’s legitimacy on however they do not have any information about this site. According to – the pharmacy is trustworthy and it has a lot of visitors as well which is very good. I found a review on an independent website suggesting that this is an ordinary service pharmacy and he wouldn’t certainly suggest this particular pharmacy to his friends. Except for that single customer review I couldn’t find any other reviews anywhere else other than just trust pilot where there are 150+ reviews. According to those reviews, the average rate is 4 out of 5 and as much as we can understand, most reviews are happy calling this pharmacy *excellent* however we simply cannot exclude the fact that there are quite a lot of negative reviews as well.


In the end, as the reviewer said earlier, I wouldn’t particularly recommend this pharmacy either. That’s because it has big prices for medications, it has no deals or special offers except for free shipping and it doesn’t even ship to many countries and lastly it also has negative reviews although most of them are positive. All these reasons makes me rate with 3 stars!

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