| You Drugstore Reviews & Coupons is the online drugstore that I am going to be reviewing right now. As soon as I have entered the website I have seen their claims of: they are having your Viagra, free shipping on orders above 100 USD, they are now offering generic Cialis and others. This is pretty good. The website is having a user friendly interface which, as usual, it is very important, because you can easily find prescription medications, over the counter products or any other information that you may need. You may search for the medications that you need here and you may also register on the website and then log in. By searching for a bit more information about the pharmacy I found a number of seals with this pharmacy claiming to be: MIPA and CIPA accredited pharmacy, top rated with 5 stars by and also and BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited business. I have then gone to check if this is true and as much as it seems, indeed these seals are true and not only false promises, which is really good. They claim to have medications only from Canada and those are medications you can trust, the shipping is directly from Canada, they claim to be a reputable pharmacy and the medications are much cheaper than in the USA. They claim to be in business since 2012 and they are being headquartered in Manitoba, Canada. You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook as they seem to have social pages there.

Selection of medications and prices for them at

As much as it seems, they are having 3 types of medications: prescription medications, over the counter products and health & wellness products as well. On there is information suggesting they are having over 500 products and that’s really good. The medications are not being categorized by health condition as you can only find them by first name of the drug or by searching through them. I have used the search function for searching for the Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. And it seems I found them all in generic and brand form. By the products categories and also information I could find on this online pharmacy, they are requiring their customers to show a valid prescription for ordering prescription medications here. In order to check the prices I have accessed Viagra generic 50 mg page to find more information the products are being in packs. One pack is 4 tablets. One pack is 56 USD, 2 packs 53 USD and 3 packs 49 USD. This means that if you get 12 pills of generic Viagra you would pay 150 USD. And that’s more than 10 USD per pill of generic Viagra. The prices here, compared to other online pharmacies, are unbelievable high!

Shipping and payment methods at

They are not shipping to Canada, however they do seem to ship outside the USA. Before ordering outside the USA they recommend customers to contact customer support to see if they can offer shipping to you country. Shipping outside the USA has different fees and delivery times depending on the country shipped. As for shipping to USA there are 2 shipping options: standard shipping which includes: free sipping on all orders over 100 USD and under 100 USD it costs 15 USD, delivery timeframe of 5 to 10 business days and free tracking. There’s the second express shipping which includes: 10 USD for shipping on any order over 100 USD and 25 USD for shipping under 100 USD. Delivery timeframe is anywhere between 3 to 5 business days and also having free tracking. You can pay at this pharmacy using credit cards as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or a paper check.

Customer Support Service

This online pharmacy doesn’t have online live chat function, unfortunately, as this is something that I would really miss here. However, they are offering email, fax number, mailing address as well as phone number where you can call them and talk with their representatives. If you wish to call them make sure you do it in their hours of operation otherwise you won’t get a response. I personally never contacted them so I can’t comment how helpful this service is.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

Upon checking out the pharmacy is asking the customers to enter the coupon codes if they wish and have one available. After applying the coupon code the customer would get a discount. Plus to the coupon codes, as I said earlier, the more packs you’re purchasing the less the price per pack is, however as you could see, the *discounts* or *difference between the prices* is not too much. The last thing that I can mention here is the shipping which is either cheaper or offered for free by ordering more than 100 USD. Reviews

The only customer reviews that I was able to find on third party websites are on and on Facebook but even so, there are only 2 reviews on and out of 4 rates on Facebook, only one wrote a review and that’s in Spanish. There are nowhere else reviews except for their own website which are not actually very credible to my opinion. The good news is that all those reviews on third party websites (although they are only a few) they are positive and that’s very good. A little bit of alarming thing is the fact that according to this is an UNAPPROVED internet pharmacy and plus to that, scamadviser said that a malware report has been detected for this website. And the website location is Italy, although they are based in Canada, which is strange.


Despite the positive customer reviews I will not recommend this online pharmacy. The reasons are: the customer reviews are only a few in order to have full trust in this pharmacy, legitscript said that this is unapproved pharmacy and detected a malware and plus to all of this, the prices here, compared to other online pharmacies are EXTREMELY high so even if the pharmacy is legit, I still won’t recommend due to its prices. I rate with 3 out of 5.

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