| World Bank RX Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy which claims to be a trust world famous pharmacy that seemingly, is mostly focused in selling erectile dysfunction medications. The website of this online pharmacy is pretty familiar to me, however, since I’ve never accessed this domain address the pharmacy is new to me and that’s why I am going to review it trying to understand whether is this an reliable online pharmacy or no. The website features multiple languages option, multiple currencies and seems to be user friendly. This pharmacy claims to be distributing high quality medications through the world and both their brand and generic medications are sold at the lowest price thus promising to provide a highly proficient service. At the copyright information this website claims to be run by Canadian Pharmacy Ltd. company which means that it is a Canadian pharmacy and that it has been established back in 2001. They also claim to be accredited by CIPA, MIPA, to sell only FDA approved medications, a website secured by VeriSign, Verified by VISA and also top rated by However, I couldn’t check if all these things are true or not and that’s why I had to check it manually, went on and searched for but I was said that does not appear in the CIPA member database. Lying to its customers, isn’t a really good thing. Selection of medications and prices

Searching through the *catalog* you can see medications that are capable to treat the following conditions: allergies, anxiety, pain relief, muscle relaxants, cholesterol, blood pressure, weight loss and many others meaning that this is an online pharmacy having many pharmaceutical products. As I said, this online pharmacy seems to be mostly oriented in selling ED products and among them I found lots of different ED products with both generics and branded names. Of course I found there Levitra, Cialis and Viagra with prices like 1.00 USD, 0.68 USD and 0.27 USD cheapest prices per pill of those medications – accordingly. I’ve also checked the prices for brands of same medications and they seem to be really good. Either the prices for other types of medications are exactly as good I am not sure, but it does seems to me that the prices for all ED medications are really good (and as I said, there seems to be a lot of ED treating medications and a lot of other types of medications in their drugstores.

Customer Support

Except for the old fashioned way of filling up a form and waiting for a response back in your email that you need to indicate when filling the form, you can also get in touch with them by calling at one of the either 2 phone numbers you can find on the website. There’s no online live chat function so you either call them or wait for a response in email after writing them.

Shipping methods and payment methods

You can pay with this pharmacy via the following methods: credit card only and among credit cards accepted are only VISA and Master Card. No other payment methods available. As for shipping methods: standard airmail with a price of 10 USD, delivery time of 2 to 3 business weeks, not racking available and they provide world wide shipping. The second EMS shipping option costs 25 USD, does come with a tracking system, has a delivery time of up to 14 days maximum and is not available in all countries. Either method for shipping you choose – there is delivery insurance available for 5 USD more.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon codes

This is an online pharmacy that does have the coupon codes available which you apply upon checking out. But besides coupon codes, they are also providing free airmail shipping for orders above 200 USD, they offering free bonus of 2 pills of Viagra, Cialis or Levitra (generics of course) for all orders. So you can apply a coupon code, get free shipping and get free pills. Also the prices for pills are getting lower for bigger quantities of pills ordered. Reviews

Unfortunately I have failed to find any customer reviews on foreign websites and for this reason I am afraid to order anything here as in my opinion, an online pharmacy with no proof of its authenticity, is an online pharmacy with high risk of scamming you making you lose money. So I am not going to order from an online pharmacy that poses a high risk for either my money or my health (because ordering from an unauthorized online pharmacy might end you up with god knows what in your pills). I did have found testimonials on their own websites, however I am afraid that they might be fake, they might be there exactly as it is the CIPA accreditation sign which in reality, this online pharmacy has not been accredited. In my opinion, both the testimonials and the CIPA accreditation sign (and I assume all other accreditations as well) are found on their website just to manipulate with people into making them believe that this is an reliable online pharmacy but in reality these are all lies, and I personally am not going to believe an lying online pharmacy under no circumstances and that’s why I can make my verdict now.


One of the best prices online for medications alongside with discounts and really good offers is something what I was looking for when searching for an online pharmacy and does seem to offer it. However, in the same time, I was searching for a reliable online pharmacy to offer these prices and deals and unfortunately but according to scam warning engines and to no customer reviews online this doesn’t seem to be so. Plus to that, the pharmacy lies about its accreditations and so it is expected that the testimonials are just lies too. I definitely am not going to recommend an online pharmacy that lies to customers and is not trusted by anybody and I definitely won’t try it out myself. In the end, my rate is 1 if rating it on a scale from 1 to 5.

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