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Although women’s international pharmacy is called *women* pharmacy, this is a pharmacy that seem to have custom compounded prescriptions for both Women and Men as well. The website of this pharmacy is womensinternational.com and the reason why I haven’t yet called it an *online* pharmacy is because I am not sure if they provide medications online. I went on their about us page and I found their claiming *over 30 years of caring* with the following information, quote: * Since 1985, Women’s International Pharmacy has helped both men and women restore their hormone balance.* If that’s true, then a pharmacy still working nowadays since 1985 most likely won’t scam people around and that’s very good, but it still doesn’t mean that it is worth purchasing meds there because we still have our local pharmacies around but people are still going to online pharmacies because of firstly – prices, but also because of services and so on and so forth. I’ve tried to find out where they are located and it seems they have 2 brick stores in Wisconsin and Arizona with exact addresses mentioned on the website. On the bottom of the website you can find information suggesting that this pharmacy has been accredited by ACHC organization as well as it was Awarded in 2017 by NDNR and lastly it is a valid member with top rate by PharmacyChecker.com. They also suggest to have a page on Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube and other social platforms. This pharmacy also says to be having an application that you can download on both your Android or iOS smartphone. Womensinternational.com also claims to be a website that is secured using a VeriSign Digital Certificate. The pharmacy seems to be mostly focused in medications that are treating Hormonal problems and with that being said:

Women’s International Pharmacy’s Selection of Drugs and Prices for them

I tried hard to find what kind of medications they are selling but seemingly you cannot find a traditional catalogue of health condition drugs that you usually find on other online pharmacies. All that I found is that on their *hormone testing* page you can find information about bioidentical hormones where they have categorized them by: Imbalances and Hormones. Assumingly, the medications that you can find on this website can treat those conditions and here are the conditions in Imbalances: Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), Infertility, Postpartum depression, menopause and perimenopause, female sexual dysfunction, testosterone deficiency in women, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, andropause, hypothyroidism as well as hypoadrenalism. On the other category called Hormones you can find: estrogens, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, Thyroid, Pregnenolone, Hydrocortisone. But yet all of these do not have a price but only information so either those are products that you can get from the website I am not sure exactly as I am having no clue what are the prices and if they ship medications to you or you have to go and get them yourself at their stores. There are only a few drugs with few prices such as Colostrum (the info on their site: * Colostrum is a food, not a drug or medicine*) costs between 14 USD to 50 USD. Probiotics between 33 USD and 65 USD. Vitamin D3 between 20 USD and 27 USD and Natural D hist with price between 22 and 42 USD depending on the quantity of capsules you want to buy. But these are only supplements and what are their actual medications I am not sure as you have to call in a prescription.

Shipping Options and Payment Options on WomensInternational.com

After searching this website for a while longer I was able to find that they are indeed an online pharmacy (but you can also go and get your medications at their stores) and that’s because they have payment methods information and shipping methods information. Like for example they are accepting a verity of forms and here are the options: Check, Money Order, Most Flexible Spending Card, Credit or Debit Card (Only Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover) and also, of course, Cash if you go yourself and get what you need. As for the shipping options: they ask customers to wait 24 hours until the pharmacy is going to process the prescription and as soon as the prescription is filled then the medication would be delivered in 1 to 3 business days by USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmations and for this option charges apply. They don’t seem to ship outside USA and your shipping would be delivered at your local pharmacy. What are the shipping fees isn’t listed so I can’t comment on this.

Customer Support on Women’s International

For such a pharmacy it should be very easy to get in touch with them. Of course you’re able to go and talk with them in person if you want at the exact address they mentioned. However you can talk with them at distance by their email: [email protected] or by their phone and fax (phone – 800 279 5708). Make sure you try to contact them on their working hours. No live chat function. I don’t need such products and that’s why there’s no need for me to call them asking any questions. Hopefully if other customers did it they shared what experience they had with their customer support service.

Is WomensInternational.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

WomensInternational.com coupon codes or discounts

Sadly but this online pharmacy doesn’t offer anything that can make you save some money. I don’t like such pharmacies because to me they seem to be like people who don’t care about you saving your money but as an customer, money is extremely important, at least for me.

Reviews about womensinternational.com

As it was expected, this online pharmacy did had lots of customer reviews on lots of different websites. The thing is that I cannot rate this online pharmacy since they don’t have prices listed and they don’t even sell ED medications that I need and generally they are not as a typical online pharmacy. That’s why I was mostly going to rate it by the rates of customer reviews and they aren’t as good as I expected. Like for example on yelp it has only 3 out of 5 with most people complaining on this pharmacy. Like for example there’s Shelly P from San Francisco who said that she was an client of this pharmacy for 10 years and yet she rate it with 1 out of 5 and that’s because she got charged a lot of money for overnight shipping and didn’t got the products in time. When asked for refund she was met with *indifference and arrogance*. Another person named Mandy said that they take up to a week to return calls. They did not sent what requested, and ordered but still not received the crème ordered. There are obviously people who wrote good reviews but overall it has a rate of 3 out of 5.


As I have said, I barely am able to rate this pharmacy myself, but I do believe in customer reviews which rated it 3 out of 5 and that’s going to be my rate too. There are happy people, but when an online pharmacy doesn’t keep their promises, meet their clients with arrogance and indifference and doesn’t send the products in time – that’s a big problem, even if the pharmacy is 100% legit and not a scam. So ordering here is safe, but this doesn’t mean that problem might not arise if you decide to order from womensinternational.com and that’s why I won’t change my rate of 3 out of 5 unless more happy people would leave their reviews!

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