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Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. it is the full name of the company that I am going to be reviewing today with its online domain address: This is an American supermarket chain which, in the 2010, has been ranked no. 24 in the *Top 75 North American Food Retailers* based on FY 2009. As usual, the reason it is going to be reviewed today is because they are also having pharmacy departments so I’m going to try to find out whether it is worth purchasing here medications or not.  This company has been founded back in 1925 and its total number of locations is 495 with its headquarters located in Jacksonville, Florida, United States. Checked their main page for a while and there I found out that you can sign up and login into your account. I’ve found they are offering coupon codes and also there I found out, which was expected, this company has Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest social pages. On their main page you can see different services and pages including the pharmacy one and on the pharmacy department you can see the following: pharmacy services, vaccines and immunizations, manage account, refill from account, express refill, transfer prescription, medicare plan finder, low price generics, drug interactions, wellness as well as medication therapy management counseling. I’ve found information on the pharmacy page suggesting that their pharmacy is NABP approved. The biggest claims they have is that they are accepting most major insurance plans and $4 & $10 plus select Free generics. The website, as any other supermarket chain company’s websites – is well done with good features making it easy to navigate.

Selection of medications, prices for them, shipping options and payment methods

I’ve placed all these things in a single paragraph due to the fact that there’s very little I can say about each of them. As usual (I say as usual because none of the big supermarket chain companies’ websites share information about these) there’s no information about selection of medications, prices for them shipping options and payment methods. But I can only assume, as usual, that selection of medications should be really high, with a lot of meds, nearly all which are approved by FDA. In regards to the prices I can assume that they are plus or minus the same as any other big supermarket chains and sad news is that the prices are usually very high. In regards to the shipping – I’m quite sure they only accept orders within US territory while payments can be done, of course, in cash if going to their stores or I can assume by credit or debit card either.

Customer Support Team

Since this is such a big supermarket chain company with so many locations it is obvious that you can go to the nearest store yourself and ask whatever questions you need in case you have some (like finding out more information about a certain drug availability or about a certain drug’s prices). But it is obvious that besides going to their stores yourself you can also use other methods. A method that is not told about is using their social media pages which I can assume that someone would respond to your questions but they have more official ways of getting in touch: customer support center by phone, by mail (to their headquarters in Florida), or by using the contact form which is actually by email. Getting in touch with this big company must be easy, however I am not sure how helpful their customer support team is.

Is Winn Dixie Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Winn Dixie Pharmacy Coupon Codes

As I have stated in the beginning of my review, this company does offer coupon codes to their customers, however exactly as all other supermarket chain companies – those coupons are only offering you discounts for food / grocery products only as they do not seem to have coupons for giving you discounts if you buy some pharmaceutical products. There is a special page *Savings* but none of those Savings methods seem to be in regards to the pharmacy uses but only to their grocery stores. With this being said, I am not sure if they offer anything making you save money by using their pharmacy but by using their customer support team services this can be found out.

Winn Dixie Reviews

Since this company is such a big company across the US territory, it was expectable to have a lot of customer reviews and I was right. It has got a lot of both employee reviews and customer reviews and all these reviews were written on a lot of different reviewing websites. What’s not so good is the fact that lots of those reviews were not positive. In fact, most of the reviews were negative. Winn Dixie Pharmacy on yelp has got only 4 reviews and none of them were 5 stars but there were 1 star reviews. on consumeraffairs it has got a lot of reviews but the overall satisfaction rating was less than 2 out of 5 stars and exactly the same goes for were a lot of people wrote reviews and most of them were negative with overall rating being 2 out of 5. Lots of customers complained on a lot of different things: like for example on high price, horrible customer service, no answer to phone calls, terrible delays of getting their medications and others. but the worst of it all is that I also found this company on pissedconsumer website with 193 reviews and 0 issues solved with people complaining that they have lost money using this big company!


Even though Winn Dixie is considered to be in the top 25 of the biggest retail American companies I still think that there is much better option to choose from when you need to get your medications. First off that’s because of the prices where online pharmacies offer same medications at less prices but secondly because of customer reviews who seem to be very discouraging in using Winn Dixie pharmacies. Since there are so many unhappy people with lots of them saying that they have even lost their money my overall rate is going to be 2 out of 5!

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