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Wellpartnerpharmacy.com is the pharmacy that I have found while doing my research for reliable online pharmacy reviews and as soon as I have entered their main page, I read that this is a CVS Health company. according to the information that I found, Wellpartner is the authority in 340B program management. This is a trusted parent that is providing not only the best technology and broadest set of service, however it understands the complexities of this business either. They claim that by staying ahead of industry changes, Wellpartner is providing a seamless, easy to use solution for covered entities currently or considering in the 340B Drug Program. I have searched through the website and I have noticed that this pharmacy is URAC accredited, they are ACHC accredited pharmacy and lastly, they are AICPA accredited pharmacy either. At least this is all that I could find on their well done and user friendly designed site. What’s more important is that since this is a CVS Health run company, they should offer pretty much the same things, same medications, prices, services etc. Wellpartner pharmacy is a licensed mail order and online pharmacy by the State of Oregon and it is being headquartered in the largest city of Oregon which is Portland. The customers of this pharmacy are able to place their orders through the phone, fax, mail or online as well. very important thing to mention here is that there’s 100% that this pharmacy is reliable since it is being run by CVS Healthcare and this is a 100% reliable pharmacy, well known and famous pharmacy in the USA. Since this is a pharmacy run by CVS, again, it has multiple stores across the USA which people can find and go to pick up their medications in person. This pharmacy is also having social media pages such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

WellPartnerPharmacy.com selection of medications and prices

This is a pharmacy that should have a lot of different drugs, in fact, I think that they should have any known approved by FDA drug that people can purchase here. People can search for their needed items by the brand or by the category of medications as there are a lot of categories including: digestive health, nutrition, personal care, diabetes management, pain relief and many others. I can assume that there is an extremely wide selection of medications for all needed drugs. Purchasing prescription products can be done only if the customer will show a valid prescription beforehand. For ordering here people need to have a registered account which is for free. Prices here are believed to be lower compared to other brick stores in USA, however they are much higher compared to the prices for same medications that you can find at other online pharmacies. The pharmacy is also offering specialty pharmacy solutions in order to treat chronic diseases as well.

WellPartnetPharmacy.com Shipping and payment methods

One thing that I am sure about is that this online pharmacy does not offer shipping outside of USA and in fact, I am not sure if it ships items in all 50 states of USA and if they do, that’s the best option as they do not have international or world wide shipping. I found information suggesting that most of the orders are being processed and delivered within 7 days. According to the information on the site, the prescription items are being shipped without having standard shipping charges but for those items that are not prescription it has a fee of 6 USD. There’s also an option of requesting urgent delivery which makes the customers get their packages faster, however this is done for an additional fee depending on where you are located, what you order and other things. They should be offering tracking as well. this online pharmacy is accepting a couple of methods of payments and they are: debit card, credit card, money order or check as well.

WellPartnerPharmacy.com Customer Support Service

To my opinion, having a good customer support service is essential and so I checked the pharmacy’s ways of getting in touch with them and I found out that you can either use the contact form, use their address for mailing or maybe even for paying them a visit by phone calls or lastly, you could use their social media pages as well, as I guess, to talk with them.

Is WellPartnerPharmacy.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is WellPartnerPharmacy.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

WellPartnerPharmacy.com Coupon Codes

The coupon codes, discounts or special offers are what make customers to return back or to start shopping at the pharmacy and that’s because with the help of these things you can save some money while shopping there. Problem is that WellPartnetPharmacy.com does not seem to offer anything, no coupon codes, free shipping or discounts whatsoever.

WellPartnetPharmacy.com Reviews

To be honest, while I was searching for customer reviews about this pharmacy online I have been expecting to get many reviews online but it seems my expectations were way too much and that’s because I have managed to find only a total of 3 reviews: 2 of them being written on BBB.org (and by the way, it is not a BBB accredited business rated with B-) and one of them on yelp.com. Biggest problem is that all of these 3 reviews were negative. The person on yelp said that he was shortened 2 full months of medications that he needs to stay in remission and charged him 3 times as much. Those 2 other people complained on other things such as extremely big delays on delivery or the fat that this pharmacy make mistakes for which people need to pay money out of pocket to pay for those mistakes. This is all not acceptable.


With such customer reviews I definitely am not going to recommend this pharmacy to anyone even though it is 100% reliable and legitimate. It seems that there are many other competitors and online pharmacies that are doing a much better job in keeping their customers satisfied and providing better pharmacy services. Plus to this, it is sad the pharmacy has no coupon codes or anything making you save money. in the end, this pharmacy gets a rate of 2 out of 5 only because it is legitimate.

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