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Wellica is the name of the company that I am going to be reviewing today and it can be found at the domain address name: WellicaNutrition.com. As soon as I have accessed the Wellica Nutrition website I have noticed they have shared an exact address on their website suggesting where this online pharmacy’s headquarters is being located. According to that address, they have their headquarters in Houston, TX, USA. The website of this company seems to be really well done, it is very user friendly to my opinion, very good designed, seems to have a lot of information, well arranged information on the site and generally, the site seems to be well done and good looking to my opinion. In addition to this, people are able to register on their website and to sign in to their accounts. According to the list of products that I could see being listed on their front page I have realized that this is a company that by far is not selling only medications as there were a lot of other things such as: chocolates, oil, books, body lotions and many other things. I would check this later. As for now I can say that this company, claimable, has social media pages on Facebook and Twitter where people could check the company’s activity. According to the information on their website, the company has been established in 2008 and have serviced millions of orders since. They claim that they are servicing between 1800 and 2000 orders every day and I truly hope that this is not a lie as when a pharmacy services so many customers it means that the pharmacy is worth using, or at least that’s what it seems like. So far, all of this looks fairly good, but there are many other things to check.

WellicaNutrition.com Selection of medications and prices

As I have earlier mentioned, this company does not seem to sell only medications and drugs as they seem to have many other things as well. There are categories of products that they are selling and there you can see they are offering such products for: baby and children, food and beverage, health and beauty, botanicals and herbs, omega oils, digestion and many other products. With this being said I can assume that they are offering a very wide selection of products but the problem is that I couldn’t find any prescription drugs and this makes me think that they pharmacy simply does not sell prescription drugs. Since this online pharmacy is not having any prescription products it is obvious that they are not requiring a prescription as there’s nothing they can ask for. When I was searching for Viagra, it is obvious that I was not given any product but instead I was shown a product called Maximum International Testosterole Maximum Libido Complex – 60 Vegetarian Capsules that costs 33.29 USD. That’s just to give an example of prices. The pharmacy claims that this product used to be cost 46 USD as it is not on a sale.

WellicaNutrition.com Shipping and payment methods

There is a shipping informational webpage on the site suggesting that they are able to ship to most countries in the world however they said that there are some restrictions on some products and some products cannot be shipped to international destinations. There’s no information what are the shipping options for international shipping but for domestic shipping they use USPS First Class or Priority Mail that has a fee of 7 USD and they claim that usually people are waiting 3 to 9 business days to receive their items. No shipping delivery timeframes or fees for international shipping offered. There’s information suggesting that you can pay with: American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa as credit cards, you can also pay with Amazon, PayPal and Apple Pay!

WellicaNutrition.com Customer Support Service

For those who have questions to ask they should use the customer support service and if you’re interested in doing this you might use one of the following methods to get in touch with them: the contact form available on their website, the phone number listed on their website, the mailing address or maybe even paying them a visit. People could also use their social media pages to talk with them, as much as I can assume, since there is no live chat function on their site. make sure to get in touch with them via phone in their working hours.

WellicaNutrition.com Coupon Codes

I have found out that this pharmacy offers free domestic shipping for most items which means that you won’t need to pay the shipping fees which is good. But besides free shipping all I found is that they are beating Amazon’s Buy Box price by 1 USD on every item. People need to Use CouponCode: “Beat Amazon” and a link to the matching product. Other than these, there’s nothing else.

WellicaNutrition.com Reviews

As much as I could see from scam warning engines, this company does seem to be reliable and authentic which is very good because this means that purchasing here is safe. However, according to customer reviews that I have found here, purchasing products here is by far not always safe. That’s because there is a really good number of negative reviews online suggesting that this pharmacy is not sending the purchased goods. And there are multiple people saying that. It has negative reviews on complaintsboard.com, bbb.org, Facebook page etc. in fact, some people have even called this pharmacy a scam. There are few positive reviews, but it seems there are more negative reviews with people complaining on a lot of different things like no items received and no answers, delays, delivery issues and many other things.


I am not able to recommend a company that is having more negative reviews online than positive. They might claim to have a big flux of orders every day, but we don’t know that. We just can see people complaining on different things and regretting using this company. That’s a big problem and this is why I rate wellicanutrition.com with 2 stars!

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