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I continued doing my research for an reliable online pharmacy with normal prices for medications and by doing my research I have come along a website that I never reviewed with the name: welldynerx.com which claims to be *your prescription management center*. This company claims to serve their members through 65,000 pharmacies nationwide and they are filling more than 1 million prescriptions per year. They claim to have highly trained pharmacists and advanced robotic systems. They also claim to be accredited by VIPPS, URAC as well as ACHC. This is an US company and it is a *leading* provider of specialty medications and they are offering advanced prescription services for the management of chronic conditions through some very complex drug therapies. Or at least there are the claims by the company. In short, they are a recognized as a comprehensive prescription benefit manager (PBM) across the United States. They are a customized healthcare solutions for their members. This company is mostly responsible for innovative plan designing, disease management programs as well as comprehensive mail order services, wellness strategies, educational support and they also have lots others. According to the information that I was able to find, this US healthcare industry has been around for more than 10 years now. Usually I am writing in my reviews selection of medications, prices for those medications as well as shipping and payment methods but since this is not actually an online pharmacy, I guess I have to skip these parts.

Welldynerx.com overview

Except for it being a healthcare plan organizer, the company also has NetCard System which is another part of WellDyneRx and that’s a technology based care business. It is using the advancement and the technology in system designing, processing claim and the pharmacy is going to benefit through a network of retail pharmacies. Another WellDyneRx part is US Specialty Care which had provided services in all 50 states of USA with an additional network of distribution pharmacies to serve all their clients specialty care needs. With the help of their website, their members are able to access their own accounts and therefore, the members are able to both view as well as manage their profile and needs in their own way. It seems that the website of this company has appeared in 2015, or at least according to the copyright information there is: 2015-2016. According to the information on bbb.org about this company: they are having 27 years in business and as much as I can understand, their headquarters is located in Tucson.

Customer Care Department WellDyneRx

Going on their website you can access contact us page where you can see a multitude of emails, a multitude of phone numbers as well as mail address which is located in Florida, Lakeland or another in Englewood, CO. they claim that member service representatives are being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to answer the questions and to help with the prescription orders. Since this is claimable a very big company, it should be extremely easily to get in touch with them by the multitude of phone numbers listed. However, there are is no online live chat function on the website in case you want to chat with them.

Is WellDyneRx a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Are there some coupon codes on WellDyneRx?

I have tried to search for discounts or coupon codes everywhere on their website, however I have failed to find any which means that there are no coupon codes or discounts available on the website. I have also tried to see if there are any promotions or deals/ coupon codes on some other sites about welldynerx and there are still none. In regards to prices or if they do have some deals you can call them and ask.

WellDyneRx Customer reviews

It is obvious that such a big company should have a lot of customer reviews and searching for customer reviews about this company I indeed found a lot of customer reviews. The bad thing is that nearly all of them were negative about this company. I’ve found reviews about this company on yelp.com and there were 14 customer reviews with an average rate of 1 out of 5. According to bbb.org there are a total of 11 customer reviews 1 of which is neutral review but the rest 10 are negative reviews with no positive reviews. According to facebook reviews there are 20 public ratings and the average rate is 2.5 out of 5. Most of the reviews are complaining about rude or/ and unhelpful staff, they also complain about the big delays in the delivery as well as unprofessionalism in handling customers’ requests. There are reviewers saying that they have the worst service ever because this person paid for her RX, she was never delivered it and now the company says that she needs to pay again in case she wants to get it. there are also customer reviews on other independent websites and on average, everywhere, the company gets a rate of 2 out of 5 with pretty much same complains: unknowledgeable/ unhelpful staff or that the company doesn’t keep their promises. People are complaining that they are never getting clear answers or that the company doesn’t have customer service at all because the person said that he’s regularly yelled at while speaking to their customer care department. Nevertheless, there are still some good customer reviews on different websites, however we can easily notice the fact that on all websites, the number of negative customer reviews greatly outnumber the number of positive ones and that’s obviously not a very good thing at all.


This website is the WellDyneRx’s company website which is a company that it is acting as an innovative prescription benefit manager (PBM) and they claim to be serving more than a million of people all across the US territory. The company has the aim to reduce the medical costs and to improve the well being state. The company is operating a lot of retail pharmacies all across the country either and plus to that it also has 2 other businesses that I mentioned earlier. Nevertheless, the customer reviews about this company imply the fact that the company has a lot to work on as its rate is below average. I can’t judge this company myself but I do trust customer reviews and that’s why I think that it deserves 2 out of 5.

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