/ Wedge Wood Pet RX Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy which is selling both prescription and non prescription medications for pets only meaning that there are no medications for humans and those who are having health conditions should search further for another reliable online pharmacy with good prices and good medications. As for those who care about their pets, claims to be the best place to get the medications that they need. The pharmacy claims to have 2 different divisions: for veterinary practices and the second is for pet and horse owners. The pharmacy shared 4 main reasons why people should choose them: consistent quality, fast delivery, affordable prices and easy ordering. They claim to have 47 pharmacists and 242 licensed pharmacy technicians on staff. There is a message on the top on the main page assuring that whoever accesses this website sees it: technical issues affecting phone lines. They claim to have some technical difficulties that is affecting their ability to answer incoming calls to their customer care center meaning that if there is someone who cannot reach them by phone it shouldn’t be a surprise and by checking this message I wouldn’t say that this is something bad. Of course, the fact that you may not reach them isn’t a good thing, however I appreciate the fact that they shared this message which might be a sign that they actually care about their customers. on the bottom of their main page you can see some seals which suggests that is an top rated pharmacy, it is Norton secured website, it is PCAB accredited pharmacy as well as BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited pharmacy either. I checked if this is true on official BBB website and indeed it seems to be true. Also on the bottom of their main page you can see that this pharmacy has some social pages like Google+, Facebook, Twitter and others. I could find information suggesting that Wedge Wood Pharmacy is located in Swedesboro, New Jersey and it has been established in 1980 meaning that this pharmacy has a nearly 40 years of experience on the market.

Selection of medications and prices for them on

According to the information on the website there are a lot of different medications for lots of different pets like horses, dogs, cats, birds and so on and so forth and I’m not sure if they have medications for every pet since they have medications for different pets and lastly there is medications for *others* and that’s why I can assume there are a lot of medications meaning that selection of medications is very big. Unfortunately, for ordering you need to create an account and login, that’s why I was unable to find what are the prices for those medications to at least give you some examples of prices so you could have a better idea (as I personally have no idea in pet medication’s prices). another reason why I can assume that selection of drug is really big is because you can search medications by health conditions like allergies, cancer, behavioral disorders, constipation, canine cushing’s and many others. This pharmacy does require their customers to show a valid prescription for getting prescription medications.

Shipping and payment options at

This online pet pharmacy is selling medications only through the US territory and they are not even selling to all states in America not talking about the overseas shipping. Because of this, they claim that delivery times are very fast: within 2 business days and upon request they can ship next day and they do not ship to post office boxes. This online pharmacy is accepting MasterCard, Discover and American Express and they also accept checks in advance of shipment.

Customer Care Department

Those people who have questions are able to fill up the form on the contact page and then wait for the response back in your email that you must indicate. You can also use the mailing as they have shared their exact location. Using social media pages for getting in touch with them might be an option as well. and lastly, there’s a phone number listed as I have said, however they have mentioned that they are having some technical issues at the moment.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon codes

I’ve been searching the whole website for some coupon codes or for anything at all that can make you save some money, however I couldn’t find anything. And I mean anything at all as there seemingly aren’t any coupon codes, discounts, free pills or free shipping or anything in this matter. I’ve been searching in google for coupon codes and seemingly I did found some active coupons for this pharmacy so I just hope that they truly work. Reviews

I’ve found some testimonials on the website, however I don’t actually believe in them and for this reason I started searching for reviews in google to read customer reviews about this pharmacy on independent / external websites because I have much more trust in those. And in did have found some on yelp and On there is a total of 5 reviews, 2 are negative and 3 positive. There’s a person complaining that the medications here are very expensive, because while she used to get a medication for 90 USD she’s now paying 197 USD for same medications because her doctor switched pharmacies. On yelp the average rate according to 34 different reviewers is 1.5 out of 5 and that’s really sad. A lot of people were complaining on terrible customer service, on high prices and delayed shipments. There are some positive customer reviews, however on it is easily noticed that most of the reviews are negative and there are only very few positive ones. That’s really sad.


This online pharmacy seems to be accredited by some different organizations/ companies etc. the website is well made, the selection of drugs seems to be big and there are several different pluses, however it still seems that there are a lot of minuses and one of the biggest is that most of the customer reviews are negative and they are complaining on prices. Since there are 2 big minuses I would rate it with 3 out of 5!

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