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A health care resource, as claimed by the online pharmacy, is Webmedsnow.com. according to the information on their website, the pharmacy has partnered with EthicalRxOnline.com but I am going to review this website and check if ordering here is a good idea or not. I have accessed their main page where I noticed a really well done website, user friendly and everything, all the information etc. can be easily found on the site which is very good. According to the information on their website, the pharmacy is serving people’s health needs since 2005 meaning this is a 13 years old pharmacy which is very good in case that’s true. There’s also information suggesting that they are HIPPA and BBB accredited pharmacy but I couldn’t find this information being confirmed anywhere online so I’m not sure if true. They claim that people can obtain care that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There’s also information suggesting that there’s no need to worry for those people who have no health insurance as they can assist you. They claim that their healthcare program is for all of those individuals who are not able to afford or obtain health insurance. They also claim that you can submit an online consultation and their physician will write an appropriate prescription. Therefore I can assume this is a pharmacy offering online consultation service as well. Unfortunately, I found no information suggesting where this online pharmacy is located but since they are HIPPA approved pharmacy I can assume they are located in USA, but there’s no confirmation of this. There’s just information claiming that US licensed physicians are available 24/7 and they are offering US pharmacies and FDA approved medications, however they have a disclaimer suggesting that they do not offer any controlled substance through this or other websites.

WebMedsNow.com Selection of medications and prices

In order to determine what kind of selection of medications they are offering, I have checked their categories of medications. The medications are displayed after you’re going to select a health condition and according to the list of categories of meds, they are having an indeed wide selection of drugs and that’s because they are offering meds for: allergies, arthritis, muscle pain, insomnia, hair loss, skin care, depression, men’s health and many other types of medications for different health conditions and for this reason I can assume that they are offering a wide range of drugs. I have checked their man’s health conditions where I found out they are offering Cialis, Levitra, Propecia and Viagra as well as 2 nutritional options either. Since they have not shared either are they generic or brands and since they are selling up to maximum 30 pills of Viagra, I can assume that they are offering only brands. Problem is that the site is not fully functional because when you click on *request this medication* you’re redirected to a broken link. Therefore it seems that, at least so far, you cannot order anything on the site, seemingly, and there’s no price list given on the site. Maybe you could order only I contacting them. I can assume no prescription is required since you need to go through online consultation with their physicians for ordering here first.

WebMedsNow.com Shipping and payment methods

As I said earlier, when I was trying to purchase anything on the site, I got redirected to a broken link and therefore, all the information I can say about these points are only from FAQ page which is limited information. They only state that the orders are shipped within one business days and the order will be shipped via USPS priority mail meaning there are no multiple shipping options. Not sure but it seems they only ship within USA. They offer tracking number online. Signature is required upon delivery and they do not ship to PO Boxes. Acceptable forms of payment are: Visa, COD (Cash on Delivery), ZipZap, Electronic Check, or mailed money order which is strange that this pharmacy, is accepting COD to be honest.

WebMedsNow.com Customer Support Service

There’s a contact page on their website containing all the methods available to get in touch with this pharmacy and as much as I have noticed, there are only 2 of them. People who have questions might ask them either by writing an email at their address or by calling at the phone that you can find on their website. No other forms are available to talk with them.

Is WebMedsNow.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is WebMedsNow.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

WebMedsNow.com Coupon Codes

As much as I could find by browsing through all their website, this online pharmacy is not offering anything else than a single coupon code. They do not offer free shipping, free bonus pills or anything else except for the coupon code *SAFER* that would offer you 10 USD off your next consultation. To be honest, that’s by far not enough.

WebMedsNow.com Reviews

I was searching for customer reviews about this website and here’s the good news – I found 2 positive customer reviews, however there are more bad news to be honest. That’s because those 2 positive customer reviews were written in 2011 and more negative news is that I found newer reviews which are negative and there are 3 negative reviews with a ripoffreport.com review all of which suggesting this pharmacy is scam and should not buy anything from them. According to the information these reviewers said: you are usually not going to get anything at all. Scamadviser.com confirms this by saying the chances they are reliable are only 18% which is super low meaning there’s a high risk you’re going to get, indeed, ripped off. But in the end, it seems that there’s no available methods to order anything from the pharmacy unless you call them and someone’s going to respond.


I personally am not going to order anything here even if there would be an available method to do so. And I definitely won’t recommend anyone doing so since there are no price listed, no special offers or discounts, no trust from scam warning engines and more negative reviews than positive which are newer. WebMedsNow.com seem to be a scam so I rate it with 1 star.

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