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I guess everyone have heard of Walgreens and if here are people reading this from USA I’m pretty sure that those people have ever been to a Walgreens store. Since this is such a popular pharmacy store it is impossible to miss it and it would be a big mistake not writing a review about it. walgreens.com/pharmacy is the website you can find their pharmacy and as soon as I have entered it I have noticed the fact that you can chat with their customer care department, I have noticed that all prescription refills are getting ship FREE to your home and the fact that you can create an account and login to their website. Generally, for those people who still haven’t heard about this big company, Walgreens is an American company that it is operating the second largest pharmacy store in the United States behind CVS health. Its headquarters is found in Deerfield, IL with 8,175 locations all over the American territory. Walgreens has applications on Google Play and App Store so you can access their services from your cell phone. It obviously can be found on numerous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and many others. The fact that Walgreens pharmacy it is 100% legal is something out of doubts since, as I said, it is the second largest pharmaceutical business in America. You can get a lot much more information by researching Walgreens Wikipedia page or many other resources online simply by writing Walgreens in Google.

Selection of medications and prices at Walgreens Pharmacy

Due to the fact that it is the largest pharmacy in America, it is obvious that the selection of medications should be extremely high. In fact, I would say that you might find absolutely any given drug at this pharmacy, or at least those drugs that are approved by DEA/ FDA. One obvious thing is that those medications that are not considered Over the counter (OTC) can be obtained from Walgreens only if their customers show a valid prescription for getting those medications since Walgreens is always making sure that they follow all the regulations. In regards to the prices though, they are not the best, unfortunately. Many people start searching for online pharmacies instead of going to these very famous brick stores like Walgreens, CVS pharmacy and many others famous pharmacies located in USA exactly because of this reason – prices. Like for example, a single Viagra tablet of 100 mg would cost around 70 USD and the prices for nearly all medications are like that. For these reasons people search for online pharmacies, as I said.

Shipping and payment methods on Walgreens

As I’ve mentioned earlier, refills are being offered a free shipping to your home by Walgreens, however I am not very sure what are the prices and that’s because: The shipping charge is based on the order’s size, weight, shipping method, and shipping address. This pharmacy only ships across the USA and doesn’t provide overseas shipping. You can go to one of their brick store and get the medications yourself if you live in USA. Here’s a list of payment methods: gift cards, apply pay, visa checkout, paypal and paypal credit. Except for these, it is obvious that you can pay cash if you go to one of their stores.

Customer Care Department Walgreens

Once again, this is the largest network chain of pharmacies in USA, getting in touch with their customer support is extremely easy since there are a lot of phone numbers listed on their website and nearly anywhere else online. Just make sure you’re going to call at the right number according to your needs. Except for calling you can write them an email, go yourself to their offices if you live in USA or you can also, as I said, start chatting with them online through their website at walgreens.com/pharmacy.

Is Walgreens Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Walgreens Coupon codes

Except for being a pharmacy, Walgreens is also offering grocery stores either, therefore it offers lots of different products. This company does offer coupon codes for both those products in grocery stores and for pharmaceutical products as well (including vitamins and minerals and others). plus to that, as I said, they are offering free shipping for refills and they are also offering points for refills which you can earn and then, I assume, to use for getting discounts. Not sure if there are any other discounts/ promotions at Walgreens but that’s what I could find on their website.

Customer Reviews about Walgreens Pharmacy

As it was expected Walgreens Pharmacy has got a lot of customer reviews on different websites. What it was NOT expected is the fact that Walgreens is going to get such a low rate on all those different independent websites. Like for example on consumeraffairs it has an overall satisfaction rating of 2 out of 5. I found Walgreens being accredited by Better Business Bureau (which is obvious) however on bbb.org it has 70 total customer reviews, 4 of which are positive, 1 neutral and 65 negative reviews! I would say that this is a big problem. Lastly I have also checked to see what mythreecents customer reviews have to say and based on 29 rating and 95 reviews it has got a total rate of 1.2 out of 5! As much as I can see, it has got a lot of customer reviews on a lot of different websites but they are mostly negative with only few people being happy with their services while the rest are unhappy.


As I often tend to say, I know for sure that the Walgreens pharmacy is legit, however this doesn’t actually make it perfect as there are other things to come at play and that’s, for example, the prices for medications which a lot of people complain on and secondly the fact that there are so many people complaining on their services, unprofessional staff, rude customer care department, overpaying and many other things. Since the prices at Walgreens are so big and since there are so many people complaining I am going to rate it with 3 out of 5 as everything else seems to be good.

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