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Vons.com / Vons Pharmacy Reviews & CouponsVons is the name of the supermarket company that I am going to review today for the same reason as usual: this supermarket company has pharmacy department and reviewing it finding out whether is it worth purchasing your medications here or not can be a good idea. Talking more about this company I can say that Vons it is a Southern California and Southern Nevada supermarket chain that it is being owned by another big retail company named Albertsons (a company which I already reviewed previously). Vons has its headquarters located in Fullerton, California and it is operating stores under the Vons and Pavillions banners. Its total number of locations is 325 and it has been founded in Los Angeles, CA and been founded many years ago in 1906! Being a big supermarket company with so many stores across the country it is obvious that many heard of it and it is obvious that it is having social media pages on such platforms as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and others as well. In addition to social media, they are also having applications for mobile phones, they have application for Vons and Vons pharmacy separately. As soon as you enter its official website: vons.com you can see that the customers are able to register here and to sign in to their account, not sure if this is offering any privileges but usually it does. You can also use their *store locator* on the website to find nearest stores. The website is featuring different services such as: grocery delivery, their store, recipes and meals and lastly pharmacy and nutrition so since I am interested in the pharmacy department that’s what I have clicked on and clicked on *view pharmacy services*. There are such services as: online rx management, refill now, get vaccinated and others. Except for pharmacy services you can also search for: immunization services, travel health, online prescription refill, specialty care and compounding services. You can also read lots of information and different news/ articles.

Selection of medications with the prices for them and the shipping and payment methods available at Vons

Drugs availability and prices for those drugs are some extremely important points, at least for me, when it comes to choose the pharmacy of my choice and that’s because paying less for medications that I need (if they do have them at all) is extremely important since the prices for medications are getting higher and higher and unless you make millions, that’s a big problem. Now the problem is that supermarket companies, usually, do not offer a list of medications with their prices on the website and Vons is not an exception, unfortunately. All I can assume that this company should have all drugs that are approved by FDA in their stores and I can also assume that prices are high here because that’s what are the prices in such stores. No information about shipping and payment methods either but I can assume that they are only shipping within USA and they do accept credit cards (or cash by going to their stores yourself). The pharmacy should accept the major insurance plans either. As usual, I recommend people to contact customer support department in case they want to use this company’s services.

Customer Support Department Vons.com

Whenever when you have some questions to ask about drugs’ availability or anything in this matter (like prices etc.) you can get in touch with customer support department and you are able to do it by the following methods: going to one their stores yourself or using the social media pages for writing it is obvious. But you could also do it by giving them a phone number (make sure to use the right number), by email or you could also use their mailing address if you would like. Using online form is also available, however there’s no online live chat function.

Is Vons Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is Vons Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Vons Pharmacy Coupon Codes

Most of the big supermarket chain companies are offering coupon codes and Vons doesn’t seem to be an exception either, but the problem is that these companies are offering coupon codes for food and grocery products and not or pharmaceutical products and then again, Vons isn’t an exception either. The problem is that besides those coupon codes that don’t actually have anything to do with pharmacy products I couldn’t find anything. In fact I couldn’t find anything in regards to the pharmacy’s services, unfortunately.

Vons Pharmacy Reviews

As I already mentioned that many companies are very alike and Vons isn’t an exception to anything, the same goes to reviews about this company as it does have lots of customer reviews online, a lot of reviews are employee reviews but the customer reviews are mostly on such sites as consumeraffairs and yelp. All of this applies to many USA supermarket companies and Vons is among them either. But there are other supermarket companies which seem to have better rates than Vons, or at least I say this because on consumeraffairs there are 88 reviews submitted in the last year and average satisfaction rating is 1.5 out of 5 which is very low. There are other websites where it has rates and reviews but rate isn’t satisfactory on yelp either with rate of 2 out of 5. There are good customer reviews but it seems that most of them are negative and that’s very discouraging in my opinion. Here are a few sequences from the pharmacy reviews I found: * Very poor customer service.*, * Most incompetent staff.*, * I’d advise going anywhere else.*, * I haven’t had my prescription refilled multiple times even though it was said to be processed by “X” pm.*.


Reading such words about this company from their customers is very discouraging to go there but to be honest, it was already discouraging personally for me to use Vons Pharmacies services because of their prices. However now I have 2 reasons not to go to this pharmacy: their prices and customer satisfaction. That is why I would rate Vons with 2 out of 5 because of very bad customer reviews and high prices!

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