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Searching for reliable online pharmacy I have managed to find the following site:, an online pharmacy which seems to have a fairly good website, user friendly and well arranged information making it much easier for me to find the needed information. According to their motto, they are serving customers online since 1995 which means they have more than 20 years of serving customers and simply operating with customers. If that’s true, that’s really good because it is much more easier to have trust in a company that has been operating for so long. Besides having a good looking website, they also claim to have a secured website as they are Comodo Secured and plus to that, people are able to register an account on this site and after logging it, purchasing the needed medications. I’ve noticed this online pharmacy is having some pretty good offers and claims, like for example they claim to offer 100% money back guarantee on all products. In addition to that, they claim to offer you the best price guarantee as well. By saying this, the pharmacy claims to have the best prices and claims to have the best products, otherwise they won’t have the money back guarantee. What’s important to mention, is that this pharmacy claims to be an accredited business by BBB which is very good and indeed this seems to be true. There’s information suggesting that the company’s headquarters is located in Hartville, OH, USA and they are registered as Vitanet LLC. According to the information on their site, they are offering highest quality products at affordable prices and they are carrying a wide selection of all natural vitamins, herbs, lotions, make up and many other products. In short, as much as it seems, they are VitaNet LLC is a vitamin store. Selection of medications and prices

As I have said it earlier, this online store seems to be a vitamin store rather than prescription pharmacy and with this being said, I was trying to search if they are offering any prescription drugs and indeed they do not seem to have such products. All their products seems to be herbs, naturals, minerals, supplements and vitamins. They are offering many other products including socks, teas, toothpaste and many other things. Indeed, this online store, as they claimed, seem to have a wide selection of products, but there are no prescription medications. They claim to offer 17,000+ quality vitamins instead so there’s a lot of things to choose from unless you’re dedicated to obtain some prescription products like me. Simply to give an example of prices for products I can say that a product called Adam Mens Multiple Vitamin 180 softgels would cost you 29.15 USD while it used to cost 54 USD. Again, I am not sure how good of a price is that as I’m not familiar with such products and also, since they are not offering any prescription drugs then there is no need for anyone to have a prescription for ordering anything from their website. Shipping and payment methods

According to the information on their website, they do offer international shipping so they have international orders, nevertheless they claim that international orders pay 100% of shipping costs. There is no information on international shipping costs as it depends on where you ship but it takes anywhere between 14 working days to 1 month. As for domestic shipping they claim that it has a fee from 2 USD to 10 USD depending on the weight of order shipping. They offering free domestic shipping unless the package exceeds 5 lbs. Shipping delivery time is anywhere between 3 to 12 working days. According to the information on their website, they are able to accept credit cards, checks or money orders as well as they accept COD which is amazing. Customer Support Service

There’s not an FAQ page but even with it, people might have a lot of questions to ask, that’s why I assume that every pharmacy should have a good customer support service. Like for example, is offering to get in touch with them via mail at their exact address or maybe even paying them a visit. Also you could talk with them via their phone, via their fax number or email. There’s also the contact form available on the site but there doesn’t seem to be live chat function available. Coupon Codes

As much as I could notice from the information on their website, there are some products which are, claimable, offered at discounted prices. in addition to that, as I have earlier mentioned, the pharmacy is claiming that they are offering free shipping for domestic orders in case you’re ordering more than 100 USD. The problem is that there are, seemingly, no more offers or deals. No Coupon codes or anything in this matter. Reviews

I have checked the site’s reliability with the help of where I found out that the site is considered safe to use as it has a high trust rate offered by (except for the fact that the owner is trying to use a service to hide their identity). That’s very good but to my opinion the reviews are much more important and that’s when I got disappointed. By reading customer reviews online I barely found any that are positive but I did found a lot of them being negative. People were sharing information such as *I have not received the thing I ordered* or *do not attempt to buy from this company* and various reasons were given. As much as it seems, this company has a lot of problems to rule out before it could get people’s trust again since there are so many unsatisfied people.


Although this online store seem to be safe to use since it has a high trust rate given by, you can pay with COD and they offered an exact address given – I still won’t recommend ordering anything here. That’s, in fact, other customers recommendation and I personally will listen to them. On a scale of 1 to 5, this online store is getting 2 stars for reasons mentioned here.

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