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It is very hard nowadays to find good medical care and that’s especially if you’re running low on money. For this reason I’m writing these reviews and I am trying to find the best methods for each person to find what’s the best for their needs. While I was researching in regards to this, I have come along the website which is the website for the Virginia Mason Medical Center that is found in Seattle, Washington, United States. According to the information I could find on their website, this Medical Center has been established back in 1920 with the founders’ vision being to provide a single place where patients could receive comprehensive medical care, a *one stop shipping* place for virtually any medical problem or need. The reason why this might be a good option for some people who are financially low is because Virginia Mason it is a non profit organization which is offering a system of integrated health services and here’s what includes their system: physicians (they have more than 470 physicians), hospital (with 336 beds), clinics (they are having a network or regional clinics), research, (researching autoimmune diseases like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and AIDS), Aids Care, Philanthropy, transforming health care as well as affiliations by working with other health care organizations. While you’re on their website you can find a doctor depending on what exactly you need and depending on your location. On their website you’re also able to pay the billing, to search for information and many other things. This medical center is accepting most of the insurance plans and including medicare too. Since this is a non profit organization, they are accepting donations which you’re able to do online. This medical center can be found in on some social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others. You can read more about the company right on their website or on Wikipedia page about Virginia Mason Medical Center.

How to get in touch with Virginia Mason Medical Center

When you’re getting on this website you can see there’s a phone number as soon as you enter the website. However there is also *contact us* page that you can access and depending on what you need you’re given different phone numbers. Like for example you might call them for: appointments, billing, contact a patient, contact your physician, provide feedback about your care experience, provide feedback about their website and opt out of Virginia mason mail. Except for calling them on the phone number (and there are a lot of phone numbers), you can also fill up a form and wait for the response back in your email.

Coupon codes Virginia Mason Medical Center

I’ve been searching for coupon codes in regards to Virginia Mason Medical Center or something that would make me believe they offer some discounts to their customers. Unfortunately I haven’t found anything in this matter. I am not sure what the prices of this Medical Center and I guess that they greatly depend on what you actually need, however regardless of what prices they have, I haven’t found any coupon codes, discounts or anything to make you save money. I doubt that if there would be some they wouldn’t have listed it on the website, but for getting a better idea I think that calling them is going to clear it out.

Customer reviews about Virginia Mason Medical Center

There are no customer reviews or testimonials on their own website unlike a lot of online pharmacies which tend to make a *testimonials* page to make people believe they actually had good customers reviews. This is the reason why I have been searching for them online on some independent websites, however I haven’t found a lot but to be honest, I was thinking that I am going to find truly very and very much customer reviews. On the most part, I have found only reviews from people who work there on such sites as glassdoor and indeed. The only place where I have found actual customer reviews from actual customers is and there are 140 reviews with the average rate of 3 out of 5 based on those 140 reviews. I have been researching through those customer reviews and I did have found people saying that this medical center has literally saved their lives and a lot of people said that they are super happy with this medical center. There are people like Michael V. who said *best ER experience ever* and many other people like him said that their staff/ physicians are professional and knowledgeable and everything it is as it should be. However, on the other hand, we have quite a big number of negative reviews as well. There are people like Yushin W. who said that they are having a terrible billing system and a terrible customer service. Another person said that as miserable as you feel when you’re arriving to them (of course that’s because you have health issues) then she assures that you’re going to feel much, much worse when you’re going to leave them. Vice versa to what has been said about their staff/ physicians, there are people saying that they are non professional and not worth it. So, as much as we can see, there are very mixed results and customer reviews and although the number of negative and the number of positive customer reviews seems to be around the same, I still think that there are quite a little bit more positive reviews (and I guess that’s why it has 3 out of 5).


I personally never been to this Virginia Mason Medical Center and I don’t know anyone who has ever been there and for this reason I am not able to judge them only except for their website which does seems to be pretty well made. However what’s more important is their services and prices which many people complained about but others were happy with it. And since more people were happy with their services and since the rate based on 140 reviews was 3 out of 5, I am going to say that I will rate it exactly the same.

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