| Vidrin Reviews & Coupons is the online pharmacy that I found and will review today. I have accessed their main page where I have noticed a very well done website which to my opinion, is very user friendly designed, information well arranged on the site meaning that people can easily navigate through the site. As soon as I have accessed their main page I read the information on their site suggesting that they are providing high quality service for men and also there there’s information which states that for 15 years, has provided their customers address their needs with discreet and professional service and as much as I could see, they are mainly oriented in selling Pfizer Viagra, Lilly Cialis and Bayer Levitra, but later I would check it all more carefully. Their services, as they claim, includes: licensed physician, US pharmacy, discreet shipping and guaranteed satisfaction. Although they claim to be a USA pharmacy, there’s not an exact address given meaning that we cannot be sure if they are indeed a USA pharmacy or not. There’s also no information on their site suggesting that they have any accreditations or that they are a registered pharmacy so we could not check any of these. There’s also no FAQ page and generally to my opinion, there’s too little information given about this pharmacy. All I could find is that they are offering alternatives for the branded names with the help of which, the pharmacy claims, you could save some money with those generic and compounded medication. But all in all, although the site of this pharmacy seems to be really good, to my opinion, too little information is being displayed on the site as there, to my opinion, should be more information, or they should have a very good customer support service. Selection of medications and prices for them

As I have seen earlier, this online pharmacy is offering services for men which means that, as much as it seems, they are offering only ED treating medications. As I said it earlier, the pharmacy is mainly oriented in selling Pfizer Viagra, Lilly Cialis and Bayer Levitra, yet they are offering alternatives such as: sildenafil troches, Generic Sildenafil, Vardenafil Troches, Tadalafil Capsules, Tadalafil Troches and Sildenafil Capsules. As much as it seems, these are all the drugs that you can find on their drugstore. 6 generics (and compounded drugs) and 3 branded drugs – all treating ED only. Seems their selection of medications is really limited but at least they are offering multiple types of drugs as much as it seems. I have checked the prices and that’s when I’ve got super disappointed with the pharmacy making me already stay away from the pharmacy. that’s because, for example, 40 of sildenafil (generic form of Viagra) 100 mg would cost you 50.34 USD EACH pill with a total of 2000+ USD for only 40 pills of GENERIC Viagra. Compared to the prices on other online pharmacies – that’s a super ultra high price! You do not need a prescription as before ordering medications, you need to fill up the medical questionnaire and their physicians will decide if they would send you medications or not. Shipping and payment methods

There’s not a FAQ page or a Shipping page as I have said. However, as much as it seems, this online pharmacy is offering shipping exclusively only to USA meaning nobody outside the USA can order here (and in fact, I’m not even sure if they can ship to all USA states). There are 3 shipping options including: USPS – 18.95 USD (required for PO Boxes) and no shipping times is displayed, UPS 2nd day air – 28.60 USD as well as UPS Next Day – 45.60 USD. According to the information you can pay by: credit card or by check. Customer Support Service

As I said it earlier, there’s very little information on their website meaning that this pharmacy, to my opinion, should have a very good customer support service as people might have twice as much questions to ask. When I checked the methods available for the customers to get in touch with this online pharmacy I have noticed that people can use the phone number to call the pharmacy or they could use the email to talk with this pharmacy either. There’s the contact form available too but that’s pretty much the same as the email. No live chat function, unfortunately, is available.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

Where there are such big prices for medications, I’ve been expecting that this online pharmacy to offer any coupon codes, any forms of discounts or at least anything that could make you save some money. Unfortunately, I did not. In fact, I have seen that you would need to pay a pharmacy fee of 10 USD for every order, a doctor fee of 30 USD for every order and their big prices for shipping meaning that besides they offering big prices for meds, they also have other fees you would need to pay too. Reviews

I was checking for customer reviews and unfortunately I have found no customer reviews or either they are some hidden reviews and it is very hard to find them. That’s, to my opinion, one big problem when there are no customer reviews. When there are no customer reviews, this makes me check the information on other websites such as where I found information stating that having too much trust in this pharmacy can end quite bad. The site has been listed as a UNAPPROVED pharmacy on legitscript, a malware report has been detected for the site and the site looks like it is hosted on a compromised server.


To be honest I do not actually see any reasons why would someone would ever order here. The prices for medications are extremely high, (VERY HIGH!), they are offering no coupon codes or other forms of discounts or deals, the pharmacy has no customer reviews to suggest the site is safe to use and according to scam warning engines, the site is NOT safe to use. I recommend to stay away from and I rate it with 1 star!

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