/ Viagra Nadom Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy that I have surely visited in the past as the front page was extremely familiar to me, nevertheless I’ve never accessed this domain address. This means that the pharmacy either has multiple domain addresses, either the website design has been stolen from another online pharmacy that I can’t remember its name and I really hope that it is the first option and that’s because this would mean that the pharmacy simply can be reached by multiple addresses which, in my opinion, enhances the chances that the pharmacy is reliable. However if it’s the second option and the website design was stolen by then this most likely means that it is a fake online pharmacy. So far I am not sure what’s the option, however – first things first so let’s look a bit closer at it. is an online pharmacy that, as much as I can understand from its name, is an online pharmacy mostly selling Viagra and I can assume that it is mostly oriented in selling other medications related to treat erectile dysfunction. Either is that true or not we’re going to find out here. The online pharmacy claims to be CPA approved, Certified Canadian International Pharmacy (CIPA), certified by Manitoba International Pharmacists Association (MIPA) and top rated by This means that the pharmacy should be Canadian, however I didn’t find information of them indicating their address as well as I didn’t found information indicating the year where they started the business except for the Copyright information: * Copyright © 2004-2017 All Rights Reserved* which I can assume the pharmacy started to operate back in 2004. With this being said, I wanted to analyze the pharmacy’s offers more closely. medication selections and prices

According to this pharmacy, the prices are 70% less than in your local pharmacy and that’s a big claim which I surely do hope it is true because what’s the reason of us all searching for online pharmacies? Saving on drugs, and saving 70% off the medications that’s amazing! They claim that all the medications are of a high quality and all of the medications you can find on the website are approved by FDA. The selection of drugs is really big with medications treating: heart disease, diabetes, depression, obesity, muscle relaxants, sleep problems and many other health conditions. Or that’s what the category of drugs on this website suggests the drugs can treat. The erectile dysfunction is market differently from other categories meaning that this category is what they suggest to customers and that those are their bestsellers drugs. So well I clicked on it to find out the following information: lowest price for a single pill on is: Viagra 0.36 USD, Cialis 0.76 USD and Levitra 1.2 USD. There are A LOT of other drugs related to erectile dysfunction treatment, however I am not going to comment on them all. All I can mention is that besides generics they are also having brand Viagra, brand Cialis and brand Levitra with prices accordingly: 3.8 USD, 4.18 USD and 4.34 USD. Erectile dysfunction selection of drugs is very big with both generics and brands as well as it is their general selection of drugs – very big. As for the prices, they are really good compared other online pharmacies where I’ve seen prices slightly cheaper than these here but I’ve seen prices MUCH higher than these here. They also do not require their customers to show a valid prescription for getting any kind of drugs from this online pharmacy.

Customer Support Service on

There is no online live chat function available on this online pharmacy and for this reason I didn’t contacted the pharmacy so I’m unaware whether is the pharmacy’s customer support of any good or not. However, what I can comment about is the methods how you can get in touch with the pharmacy: by filling the form on the contact us page you find on the website where you indicate: your name, order ID (I guess if you have one), your E-mail, subject and the proper message. They claim that each of their customer is a VIP for them so you should be getting a response pretty fast, or let’s hope about it. For those who need urgent answers then you can give them a phone call by their US phone number or by their EU phone number. Other methods than calling or filling the form aren’t available as they haven’t even listed their email. shipping and payment options

They are providing a shipping all over the world to all countries s everyone should be able to order from here. As for options, as usual, there are 2 of them: Airmail with a delivery time of 2 to 3 weeks costs 10 USD but no tracking and there the EMS (express) shipping option which costs 20 USD, it has a shipping delivery of 5 to 8 business days and has a tracking, but it is not available in all countries. What I absolutely didn’t like is the fact that they charge 5 USD more for delivery insurance but in addition to that 5 USD more for *discreet packaging and processing* meaning that without adding those 5 USD they won’t provide discreet packaging and processing? You can remove both these options but that’s really strange I would say. As for the payment methods, there is just one: credit card: visa and master card. No other payment methods available. coupon codes policy

Although this online pharmacy does not have coupon codes policy (unfortunately because it would be nice if they would have it as well) they still offer quite some facilities that can make their customers save some extra dollars. Like for example their special offers is: 10% discount available for all orders that are over 200 USD. Also those orders that are over 200 USD get the airmail 10 USD cost fee covered by the pharmacy. There’s also a discount number which you can validate, however the discount number is only offered for those who have already ordered from them, so returning customers get an additional discount unlike the new ones. Plus to all of that, they are offering free pills and the number of free pills depends on the order sum. You can get 2, 4 or 12 free pills. 12 free pills are offered to people who buy more than 262 USD, 4 pills is given to people who buy more than 162 USD and 2 pills are given to everyone! Plus to this, they are having special offers of Trial erection packs with special prices. And also, discounted prices are getting those people who order more pills. The prices I mentioned earlier are the cheaper if ordering larger quantities. To my opinion these are really good deals with just coupon codes missing, everything else seems to be here. Customer reviews seems to be a very unpopular website and that’s by judging by the customer reviews I found on the internet – 0. The pharmacy seems like it is not mentioned anywhere online on external websites with an exception of a very few sites. And that’s a big problem. Getting back to the original questions – is this pharmacy with multiple domain addresses or it has stolen another pharmacy’s design I would rather say that it is the second option and that’s a big problem. This is what I concluded after seeing no customer reviews and after seeing scam adviser suggestions: 22 % trust (high risk!) with: Low Trust Rating. This Site May Not Be Safe to Use. And plus: site is Russian Federation based. No customer reviews anywhere online with no trust from scam warning websites and high risk country – perfect combination for staying away from the pharmacy!

Is it safe or scam?

I doubt that an online pharmacy can be considered a safe and legit pharmacy taking in consideration all the things that I’ve just mentioned a little bit earlier. Due to the fact that it is Russian Federation based, that it has no trust from scam warning websites and it has absolutely no customer reviews, I would say that it is fake, or at least it is not safe to use and that’s why I won’t recommend.


The reason why I’m writing these reviews is that I want to find an reliable online pharmacy but doesn’t seem to be among them. I can’t be sure, of course, if it’s reliable or not, but because of all those reasons that I mentioned earlier, I think that it has more chances NOT to be reliable than to be one, and this is why I just can’t risk with my money ordering there and I obviously can’t recommend other people doing that. This is the reason I rate it with 1 out of 5 online pharmacy and I think that avoiding this pharmacy is the best idea.

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