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The pharmacy that I have found while doing my research for online pharmacies is, an online pharmacy which I was able to conclude from its name that this is a pharmacy designed in selling veterinary products and I have some doubts that I would find any products for humans. Nevertheless, I will still review this pharmacy as I know that there might be people searching for medications for their pets and saving money so I hope that this is such a pharmacy. The pharmacy claims *caring for pets. Supporting vets* and so hopefully they would offer good prices. the website is user friendly and you can easily navigate through it. You can create an account here and sign in to it, this might be mandatory to do for ordering here but that’s something I would check later. I have noticed they have some bonuses, they have live chat function and mostly, they seem to be selling meds for dogs and cats. They claim to be animal lovers and veterinary experts and they have shared the names of top 3 key people of this pharmacy. They claim to be located in Coralville, IA, USA but I couldn’t find information suggesting for how long they have been in the business. I have also found out that this pharmacy is approved by, verified by, accredited by and also is PCAB accredited compounding pharmacy. All of this is very good in case it is all true, I went on to find out if at least this is true. does seem to be a legitimate internet pharmacy website according to and while this is very good, that’s not everything! Selection of medications and prices for them

As I have mentioned this a bit earlier, the pharmacy does not sell medications for humans and as I noticed, they indeed do not sell medications for any other animals than just dogs and cats. So you can choose the medications either by using the search function or by categories as there are categories for: bones and joints, flea and tick, heartworm, skin and coat, eye, ear, dental, behaviors and others. It seems that they have a wide selection of drugs but only for cats and dogs including even shampoos, topical products and accessories. I’ve taken a random product on their website simply to give example of price here and I can say that the product for cats *cats bone and joint anti inflammatory product* named Onsior (robenacoxib) would cost you 10 USD. Per pack if you purchase 6 mg 3 tablet blister pack. Again, I cannot comment on the prices so I am not sure if those are good prices or not. By trying to select a prescription medication, they are going to ask for your veterinarian’s contact information so that they could confirm the prescription with your vet. Shipping and payment methods

This online pharmacy does not seem to offer shipping outside the USA territory so only US customers can purchase vet medications here. According to the information that I could find, they are offering 7 different shipping methods with a price anywhere between 0-2 USD to as much as 40-50 USD per order. It all depends on the shipping you choose, on your package’s weight, delivery times and others as you can get your delivery as fast as same day to as long as 8 business days. For finding more information about shipping you would need to firstly read their shipping page which is full of information. This pharmacy is only accepting credit or debit card payment as well as PayPal, but only cards are accepted for auto delivery in case you opt for this option. Customer Support Service

It is obvious that although you might find lots of questions being answered on their site, you still could have questions that are not answered there. For this there is customer support and these are the following ways to get in touch with them: as I said, they are having live chat function which is amazing for talking with them and getting real time responses. You can also use their email address or mailing address as well. Phone calls are also accepted and there’s also fax number as well (I guess for sending prescriptions). Make sure you call them in the operating hours.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

As I said earlier, as soon as I entered the main page of this online pharmacy I have noticed they are offering a few offers, among them I can also mention that they are offering coupon codes. Like for example, by entering the coupon SPRING18 would get you a 10% OFF discount. Plus to that, standard shipping is offered for free for orders over 49 USD. You can also sign up for their free newsletter and this would give you additional bonuses either. Some of their products, claimable, have special prices either. Reviews

Something to mention here is the fact that this online pharmacy does seem to be, indeed, reliable and there are small chances for it to scam people. all along with other accreditations like confirms this (as well as Nevertheless, customer reviews are still more important. This site seems to be quite popular as it has lots of reviews, both employee and customer reviews. I paid more attention to customer reviews where I found a lot of positive reviews, but I also found lots of negative reviews as well. People complained on lots of things, recommending not to use this company since they claimed to have *worst customer service*. Some people also complained on such things as high prices, the pharmacy didn’t wanted to dispense medication without any reasons or very big delays in sending medications. Nevertheless, there still seems to be more positive reviews.


I am not able to talk about the prices here since I am not an expert but I can see the pharmacy does offer a few deals and coupon codes and that’s very good. According to scam warning websites it is reliable and to the big number of positive customer reviews. However there still seem to be lots of people who got disappointed and that’s why I rate this pharmacy with 4 out of 5 since there’s a chance that you would get disappointed as well!

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