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Value Rx Pharmacy is the online pharmacy that I am going to be reviewing right now and this pharmacy can be found at the domain address for those who want to access it and check its offers themselves. As soon as I have entered this online pharmacy I have noticed there were 2 addresses so by checking that I can assume the pharmacy can be found at these 2 addresses as they, most likely, have 2 locations (one is Warsaw and the other in Burgaw). People living somewhere nearby can go to the pharmacy in person and get the medications they need there. Also, near their address there’s the phone and fax number as well as their working hours listed. Value Rx Pharmacy claims to be: fast, friendly and hometown service and they are serving Duplin and Pender counties. The pharmacy claims to have over 100 years of combined local community experience and therefore they can meet your needs. There’s also the name of their 3 pharmacists. Checking their website for a bit I could see that it is a really user friendly interfaced website where everything can be easily accessed and navigate through it, something that pretty important and something I really appreciate about an online pharmacy because good looking websites gives a sense of reliability (although it is not always like that). According to their pharmacy services they have medication services: mail delivery, private consultation, medication adherence and others as well as over the counter: pain medication, oral health products and others. And there’s also cards gifts and personal items. You can also refill a prescription online with the help of their website.

Selection of medications and prices for them at

As much as it seems, this is an online pharmacy which is having a really wide selection of medications, or at least that’s what it seems by searching through their medications online. You can click on *find my meds* and then, using the keyword, searching for the medication that you need online if you know its name. except for searching for medications via search function, you could also check the medications by their first letter. You can search online for the needed medication from A to Z. you could also check online *top medications* and those medication to which they are offering coupons. Since there are no categories of drugs I can’t say for sure what kind of drugs do they have in their drug stores, but I still can assume that the selection of drugs is really wide. I have used the search function for Viagra. The problem is that there is no price for any of the medications and that’s why I am not able to comment on prices for any medications. For ordering it you should fill up the prescription and only then you’re going to get the prescription drug.

Shipping and payment methods at

One of the biggest problems that I have encountered here is the fact that I wasn’t able to find a single word about shipping or payment methods. In fact, there is such a lack of information about shipping that I am not even sure if this pharmacy is actually offering shipping at all or people can fill up their prescription and then they must go themselves to one of those pharmacies to pick up the needed medications. There’s not a FAQ page or a shipping information page so, I am not able to say if this pharmacy is offering shipping at all or not and if they do, what are the shipping details/ options. I guess this is something that people might want to ask their customer support service.

Customer Support Service at

As I said earlier, there is something I couldn’t understand (whether do they offer shipping or not) and I’m quite sure that there are some other questions that people might want to ask (like the drugs prices, drugs availability etc.) and for this reason customer support service is so important. It seems there are just 2 methods to get in touch with them as much as they shared on their site: either call or stop by for a visit today in order to talk with them. as I said earlier, their exact address and phone numbers for each location is listed as soon as you just enter their website. Coupon Codes

When you enter the website you can see the Rx Coupons page and that’s what I have clicked after I couldn’t find any other discounts, freebies or anything else being offered on some other pages. On that page there’s a list of up to 50 different drugs which, seemingly, they have coupons for, if some of those drugs are something that you were searching for (no ED drugs there) then you could use the coupon. What are the discounts is unknown. They just claim that people can save up to 450 USD on top brand medications. Reviews

I did have found some customer reviews online and but it does seems that not all the *Value Rx Pharmacy* reviews I have found online are addressed to this pharmacy as there seems to be some other pharmacies with similar names I have tried to take in consideration only those review which were addressed exactly to the with stores in Burgaw or Warsaw and the problem is that I barely could find any reviews about these stores. Most of the reviews about ValueRxPharmacy I could find were for stores in CA and not in NC as this pharmacy claims to be. In fact, no customer reviews I could find about stores about Value Rx pharmacy located in NC. That’s quite a problem!


The pharmacy seems to be reliable but I am not sure whether is that so or not as long as there are no customer reviews. Plus to that, I am not sure what kind of prices there are, although I can assume they are quite high, or at least higher than online pharmacies. Anyway, mostly due to lack of customer reviews I can’t recommend so I rate it with 3 out of 5.

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