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There’s an online pharmacy that I have managed to find while doing my research for reliable online pharmacies and its name is, an online pharmacy that, as soon as I have entered their main page, I read they are offering Fioricet Overnight, they are offering free shipping and according to the information on their website, people could pay with VISA, Master Card and Echeck. I’m going to check each of these in particular through my review. I Must say that as soon as I have entered their website I noticed a really well done website, user friendly and with information that seems to be pretty well arranged on their website which is very good as it eases the navigation through the site. There’s information on their site that you can order the medicine you need from and have it delivered from their store to your door in three easy steps, they also claim to offer free consultation and prescription. They claim that as soon as your request is being approved by their physician they are dispensing quality, affordable and non controlled drugs from their store to your door. They claim that people ordering from can benefit from: informed pharmacist counselling for any pharmaceutical queries, HIPPA compliant process, free shipping, the security and accountability of a US owned and operated business, no hides fees, refilling the prescription up to 5 times. Although I could not find information suggesting for how much time this pharmacy has been operating, I did found information suggesting where they are located with an exact address given in Colorado Springs, CO, USA. They claim the pharmacy is owned by people with many years of experience in providing the mail order service and cost effective medications. There’s information suggesting that the actual pharmacy name is: Candover Pharmacy and there’s a lot much more information to check for those who need some information. People who don’t know what medications they need they can ask for a free and confidential consultation with licensed doctors and pharmacists on the site. Selection of medications and prices

People can search for their needed product by using the search box function on the pharmacy’s site but you could also use the categories of medications to see what kind of drugs they are offering. And to be honest, by checking the list of categories that you can find in their drugstore I have noticed that there are a lot of different medications for different health conditions. Like for example, there’s a long list including: hair loss, diabetes, anxiety, asthma, dementia disorder, bulimia, heartburn, headache, cholesterol and many other types including drugs for cancer. All in all, it does seem as if this online pharmacy has a wide selection of medications. The prices are even more important to check to my opinion. There I noticed that the prices are fairly moderate, or at least I checked ED medications when I’ve got this conclusion. To give example I can say that generic Viagra 100 mg 84 tabs would be 105 USD. Compared to other online pharmacies prices, that’s fairly good to my opinion. Shipping and payment methods

There’s not a FAQ page available on the site and there’s not a shipping page available on the site. nevertheless, when you select the country where you need your medications shipped to then you can see there’s a really long list of countries you can choose from so this means, as much as I can assume, they are offering worldwide shipping! There’s information on their site that al prescription drugs dispensed by their pharmacists are being shipped by Vanuatu Post by post with a tracking number and this is a free service which provides secure delivery to the patient. However it is not mentioned if OTC medications have free delivery as well and there’s no mention about shipping times. As earlier mentioned, they are accepting Master Card, Visa, Discover and eCheck. Customer Support Service

As much as I could find information on their website, there are several ways to get in touch with this online pharmacy and they include: by phone number, by the mail at the address they have mentioned on their website or, lastly, by live chat function that is available on their website. Other than these methods there does not seem to be any other available on the site.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

There are several things that I have found this online pharmacy claims to be offering for free which makes you save some money if you’re going to use their services. They clam to offer cheap price for medications and except for these low price they offer: free physician consultation, free physician prescriptions, free pharmacist consultation, free overnight shipping, free prescription reminder service and they are offering rewards program as well. More details about this rewards program can be found on their website for those who are interested, but generally this makes you have some savings on next orders. Reviews

It is extremely important to check the customer reviews as they can give us a much better image of whether or not this pharmacy is legitimate. Unfortunately, I failed to find any customer reviews or testimonials or any other type of feedback about this online pharmacy from other people/ customers. The only type of feedback I have been able to get is from, a really helpful site when it comes to determine if a pharmacy is legit when it has no reviews. Although there’s an exact address given on the site, the owner of the site still tries to hide its identity, a malware report has been detected for this website and although the pharmacy claims to be all legitimate, according to it is listed as a rogue pharmacy.


Since the pharmacy has shared its exact location this gives a sense of reliability as this makes us think that we can check their store any given minute if we wish to. Nonetheless, there’s information on suggesting that having too much trust in this pharmacy can end really bad and that’s why, since there’s such information and since there is no customer review – my score would be 2 stars.

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