| US Health Store 365 Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy which offers mostly generic medications to people who want to save some money and get the best quality medications, or at least this is what the pharmacy claims to offer. They also said that they have 10 years in this business and that’s very good in case that’s true because the more experience they have the better they know how to please clients and the less chances that it is a scam website. So let’s hope that this is true. US Health Store 365 claims to be one of the leading pharmacies on the Internet as well and their main goal is to deliver safe, generic medications at good prices. The medications are being shipped from India and every single medication you can find in their stores is approved by Indian FDA, therefore saying that all the products are not only safe to use, but they are also best in quality. Although the domain address is *US* health store, they are shipping from India. And since there is no information about where is their headquarters located, I can’t say whether they are in India or USA or maybe other country. I’ve browsed their website for a little while and here’s what I’ve got: Drugs Selection

You can find what kind of drugs are they having in the drug stores by a category list of health problems (like Asthma, Antivirals, Alzheimer’s, Diabetic, HIV, Cancer, Obesity and many others) or by typing in the search box the exact name of the medication that you need you know. I’ve went on Erectile Dysfunction category list and I’ve found a very big list of ED drugs with Viagra, Cialis and Levitra in both generic and branded versions with also a big number of other types as well like Cialis soft, Viagra professional or Levitra super force and many other types as well. I am not sure if every single of their category list of drugs is so variant as well, but their erectile dysfunction category of drugs is really big.

US Health Store365 Prices for drugs

The prices are moderate in my opinion and that’s because the price for a generic Levitra is 1.50 USD and for brand Levitra by Bayer is 10 USD. The price for a generic Viagra is 0.69 USD while for a brand Viagra by Pfizer it would cost you 9 USD. And lastly, for a generic Cialis the price is 1.30 USD while for a brand Cialis by Lilly it has a price of 9.67 USD. But keep in mind that these are the lowest prices that you can get these medications on this online pharmacy per a single pill. And you’re able to get such prices only if you’re going to purchase more pills and the lowest dosage. For getting higher dosage per pill or less quantity you would need to pay more per pill.

US Health Store365 needs you to have a prescription

There are some products available in this pharmacy that are OTC meaning that everyone can get them without any problems and without showing anything. However there are other products in their drugstores which do require you to have a valid prescription in case you want to get those products. So the pharmacy won’t sell you those prescription medications without firstly showing to the pharmacy that you have a prescription from a licensed physician. Customer Support Service

Whoever has some questions is able to get in touch with this pharmacy by multiple methods: by the Live Support function which is my favorite way of getting in touch with a pharmacy in case I personally have some questions. But besides this you’re also able to submit a form which they are going to respond you back by your email that you need to write there. And lastly, they have 3 different phone numbers: 2 US phone numbers (one is toll free number) or for European customers they are having UK phone number. in case you’re not happy with their customer support team you’re also able to write an email to an email address complaining. They claim that their support operators are working 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and with this multitude of options I guess you shouldn’t wait too much before talking with someone. Shipping Methods

In case you found your preferred drug on this online pharmacy and you like the price for that drug then obviously, you need to get it shipped to you, so here are the shipping methods: standard airmail service which has a delivery time of 14-21 days, it costs 10 USD and the customer won’t be able to track it. But then there’s the other service: trackable service which is obvious that the customer is able to track it and it has a faster delivery time of 5 to 9 days. However for this you need to add 30 USD more to your total order. They do have the refund policy so in case something goes wrong you can send back the products. They have an world wide shipping. Payment Methods

There are 2 payment methods available to all and each of those who decide to purchase anything from here: Bitcoin (which I really love it for some certain reasons) and credit card. The best part here is that unlike most of other online pharmacies, it doesn’t accept only major credit cards, accepts any given credit card. So in case you are not sure how to use Bitcoin, then just write the details of any credit card and your payment should go smoothly.

Is USHealthStore a scam or legit online pharmacy?

USHealthStore Coupons, bonuses, discounts or specials offers

There are a number of special offers, bonuses and discounts; however there are no coupons, which I would really miss. However, instead of coupon codes they have: free pills, they offer 4, 10 or 20 generic Viagra pills with every order that is more than 20, 60 or 100 pills respectively of any erectile dysfunction drugs (except for branded medications). They are also offering free shipping: standard airmail service is paid by the online pharmacy for all orders that are more than $150 USD. They also have discounts: 5 % discount on your second order and 7% discount on your third and further orders. Another thing is if you’re going to take a survey then you are going to get another 5% discount on your order. and lastly you can get discounts by telling your friends about this website, you can get up to maximum 10% discount, there are some conditions you need to accomplish for getting these discounts. Reviews

I got disappointed by this online pharmacy when I checked for its customer reviews on other independent websites. That’s because I couldn’t find any. All reviews that I was able to find was on their Testimonials page, however I’m a person that doesn’t believe the reviews written on the online pharmacy itself. I believe those reviews that are written on independent websites, so as long as there are only those testimonials which for me doesn’t value anything and there are no customer reviews – that’s a big problem and usually I am staying away from such a pharmacy. The reason is that there is nobody who can prove its credibility, therefore I think that the risk you’re going to get scammed by this online pharmacy is substantially higher than an online pharmacy which has multiple customer reviews (again, on independent websites). I started to search on scam warning websites like Scamner (which had a 0% trust), like Legit Script which called this online pharmacy to be a Rogue Internet Pharmacy website and the only one which had a little bit more trust was which had a trust of 47% but that’s still not enough.

What’s the conclusion? seem to be very good online pharmacy because it has everything: good prices, good deals (although no coupons), good payment options and good shipping options, it has customer support team which claims to be working 24/7 and so on and so forth. All of this is super tempting but for me that’s not enough. I won’t risk with my health and with my money when there are no customer reviews. That’s why I rate it with 2 out of 5 and that’s because of lack of customer reviews to prove its credibility and because of low trust of scam warning websites. I will gladly change my rate in case there would appear any customer reviews on independent websites!

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