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I was searching for reliable online pharmacies where I can get reliable/ legit medications for cheap prices and by using keywords such as health stores, pharmacies etc. I have come an online health store named USA Health Store and it can be accessed by everyone at as soon as I have entered the website I have noticed that the site is pretty strange. Although the information on the site seem to be somehow good arranged, I wouldn’t actually call this pharmacy’s site user friendly or something in this matter as I saw pharmacies with much better design of the sites to my opinion. Anyway, as soon as I have accessed this online pharmacy I have noticed that the pharmacy claims you can purchase Gabapentin and Fioricet online in Authentic Pharmacy. there is information suggesting that you can buy COD Fioricet, you can buy COD Gabapentin online in US licensed Pharmacy which therefore means that this online pharmacy claims to be a licensed Pharmacy in USA, but I couldn’t find any other information on their website confirming this. I just guess that with the help of scam engines and customer reviews I am going to be able to determine this. according to the list of reasons why this online pharmacy is worth using there are the following reasons: discreet, no cost medical consultations with US licensed doctors and pharmacists; 100% FDA approved generic and branded prescription Fioricet drugs sourced in the US; free USPS priority mail shipping by COD; the security and accountability of a US owned and operated business; they offer privacy; free prescription; ordering any time; you can save money; you can get offline information and also, they will never call they will only write by email. All of these sound to be very good offers. I couldn’t find information suggesting where they are located or for how long they were online. Selection of medications and prices

As much as I could find information on the website, they are offering brand and generic medications, but the problem is that they are not offering very much medicaitons. As I said, the pharmacy claims that you can purchase here gabapentin and fioricet, however you can also buy products as: tramadol, generic flexeril and robaxin. According to the information that I have seen on their website, the pharmacy does not offer any other medications than just the ones that I have found there. there are no other drugs than the ones I have mentioned, it is only just the fact that there are different forms of these medications which are coming in different dosages etc. I am not able to say anything in regards to the prices for medications as I am not familiar with them, but I just can give an example: gabapentin 800 mg 180 tabs would cost you 179 USD (1 USD per pill as much as it seems). The price per pill is higher by purchasing lower quantity of pills. As much as I found, you would need to fill up a questionnaire for ordering here. Shipping and payment methods

As much as I could find information on the website, they are not shipping world wide and in fact, they do not even ship outside the US. In fact, according to the list of where they do not ship, they do not even ship to all US states you can check online. There’s a single shipping method available which is Free USPS priority Mail as they claim. This shipping option is free of charge regardless of what or how much you buy and delivery time is 3 to 4 business days as they claim. It requires a delivery signature. According to the information on their website, they do not accept any other payment methods except for COD and that’s, to be honest, a shock for me to see that they still accept COD (cash on delivery). Customer Support Service

I got pretty disappointed when I have checked what are the methods available for customers to get in touch with this online pharmacy and that’s because they are only having contact form on the website, there is no phone numbers, no mailing address, live chat or anything else.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

I got disappointed checking for ways to get in touch with the pharmacy and I got disappointed checking for the coupon codes or for any other methods to save you money and that’s because I couldn’t find the pharmacy offering any coupon codes or any deals. All the I can say here is that the more you’re ordering (in bulk) the more the discounts you’re going to get. Plus to this, as I said, they are offering free shipping to all orders. But there are all the things. I found being mentioned. Reviews

Searching for the independent customer reviews, which can be found on external sources, is the absolute best method to determine whether is the online pharmacy worth it or not. The big problem is that this online pharmacy does not have any customer reviews anywhere online and that’s a sign that the pharmacy doesn’t have any customers or even if it does have some, the pharmacy failed to make them write anything about them. no customer reviews is a problem but scam warning websites can help us determine whether is the pharmacy worth it or not. The site has been around for 15 years, it has a rate of only 51% which is not enough, it is considered rogue by, a malware report has been detected for this website and the owner uses a service to hide their identity. With all of this being said, you decide whether it is worth it or not.


I guess not ordering here is the best thing you can do for saving money and that’s because, according to the information on you can get scammed and there’s a very high chance that you will get scammed by using I rate this pharmacy with 2 out of 5 only because there’s nobody and nothing to confirm the fact that they are actual scammers.

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