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There’s an drugstore which claims to be *universal* or at least that’s the online pharmacy’s name: UniversalDrugstore.com, an online pharmacy which claims to be *trusted and Secure International prescription Service where you can buy prescription drugs online*. This pharmacy seem to have a good and user friendly interface of the website where everything is clear and easily accessible which is very good. I have also noticed that customers of this online pharmacy are able to create an account here and logging to their accounts. Another thing I have noticed, according to their seal, the pharmacy is CIPA approved pharmacy and since it is *CIPA* approved I can assume that the pharmacy is Canada based, but I am going to try to find this out later. As for now, I have went on cipa.com official website to try to find out whether is that true or not as I often come along websites claiming to be CIPA approved websites while they are not. However, universaldrugstore.com, luckily, does seem to be an approved CIPA member and while this is very good, this doesn’t automatically means that it is worth purchasing medications here. As I promised, I tried to find out where this pharmacy is located and according to the information that I could find, there’s an exact address given in Toronto, Ontario, Canada so this does seem to be a Canadian pharmacy. Also I found another information suggesting that they have been firstly established in early 2002 so this is a 16 years old Canadian pharmacy. All of this is very good. They claim that Universal Drugstore is the choice for over 500,000 customers searching for a Canadian Pharmacy or international prescription service. all of this sounds extremely good, but there’s still a lot to check.

UniversalDrugstore.com Selection of medications and prices for them

According to the information I could find on their website, the pharmacy is also offering pet medications except for the, seemingly, wide selection of medications for human medications. The reason that I said this seems to be a pharmacy with a very wide selection of medications is because they have a very big list of categories of medications, medications for: blood pressure, depression, erectile dysfunction, cholesterol, acne, asthma, cancer, diabetes and many many others with a lot of drugs in each category of medications. With this being said, the pharmacy has a very wide selection of medications, which is very important. But even more important is the prices for medications so I checked the prices for ED drugs where I saw that the prices aren’t by far the best. Compared to other online pharmacies, there are a bit higher prices. like for example, 80 pills of generic Viagra would cost you 113 USD. Other pharmacies can give you 90 pills for like less than 100 USD. This pharmacy has this note: *We require a VALID PRESCRIPTION for prescription medications*. Make sure you have a valid prescription before trying to order.

UniversalDrugstore.com Shipping and payment methods

This pharmacy claims to offer *international prescription services* therefore they, assumingly, need to have a wide list countries to which they ship. They claim that generally, all of their orders are shipped via registered mail and therefore, I can assume there are no other shipping methods. The shipping fee is 7 USD for orders under 100 USD and it is free for orders above 100 USD. In their experience most packages take an average of 2 to 3 weeks to receive the package and have a 30 day shipping guarantee. However, international addresses will take an average of 4 to 6 weeks for you to receive the package. This pharmacy claims to accept the following payment methods: credit cards, checks, automatic bank withdrawal and international money orders. They also accept postal money orders but they must be the international type. Lastly they are accepting e checks as well, and the pharmacy encourages everyone to pay with it.

UniversalDrugstore.com Customer Support Service

All questions and enquiries that people might have should be sent to the mailing address in Toronto, or by email listed on their website. Except for talking with them with the help of mail and email, people are also able to use their phone numbers (one of which is toll free phone number and the other one is for international calls). Lastly there are billing inquiries phone numbers and 2 fax numbers (I guess for prescriptions).

Is UniversalDrugstore.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is UniversalDrugstore.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

UniversalDrugstore.com Coupon Codes

As I said earlier, this pharmacy is offering free shipping to everyone who orders more than 100 USD from them at once. The problem is that except for this there is just *reward program* which, to my opinion based on experience, the reward program doesn’t actually offers you any big savings. There are no coupon codes, no discounts or anything in this matter.

UniversalDrugstore.com Reviews

Although there are reviews on their own website, I do not have trust in them because, based on my experience, the reviews (testimonials) on the pharmacy’s own website are very often not reliable as they are in most cases fake, therefore I do not have trust in them. what I do have trust is the review on independent websites and I was searching for them. according to the reviews I found there the pharmacy is not actually worth using. That’s because people said the pharmacy has a horrible customer support. Another person said that they have charged him with 400 USD for 2 medications, never received the medications and what’s even worse – never received a refund. Some other people are saying exactly the same – staying away is the way to go. The pharmacy is unapproved by legitscript.com and it has a trust rate of only 50 % on scamadviser.com which is by far not enough.


There is no way that I could recommend this online pharmacy even though it is a CIPA approved pharmacy. as I mentioned, being a CIPA approved pharmacy isn’t everything, although it is still fine. Because of all the reasons I mentioned above (plus lack of coupon codes) I am rating UniversalDrugstore.com with 3 out of 5.

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