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By doing the research for online pharmacies that can be trusted and reliable I have found an UK pharmacy, or at least that’s what it seems from its name and from its motto: The UK’s Favourite. Later I will try to determine if there’s an address confirming this is an UK pharmacy and whether do they ship anywhere else outside the UK. According to the information on their user friendly website, there are 4 reasons of why to choose ukMedix and they include: Fast, Secure, and Discreet Packaging; Genuine, Branded Medication; Licensed UK Pharmacies and Doctors and lastly; quick and free online consultations. With this being mentioned, this online pharmacy is also offering online doctor consultations as well. According to the information on their site here are the following steps to order: choose a treatment – complete the free online consultation – no prescription needed (as they write you one if needed) – medications is being sent to you. I did have found an exact address which is located in UK, London meaning that this is an UK pharmacy. also, according to the copyright information, the pharmacy has been operating for the last 16 years as it states – 2002 -2018. They claim to have been accredited as the UK’s Leading Online Clinic of the year 2014. They claim that UKMedix works with a licensed UK pharmacy and UK licensed doctors to bring you industry leading, unrivalled service when it comes to ordering prescription medication online. Except for those reasons of why to choose ukMedix, they also claimed that their customers trust them because of them being established for over a decade (14 years) and they offer free help and support as well. They claim that your data is safe, they keep it all confidential, the pharmacy is UK registered pharmacy, and they are offering only safe, genuine and discreet medications. UKMedix also claims to be in the news such as: the Telegraph, The Guardian, Daily Mail, International Business Times, The Independent as well as Yahoo! Selection of medications and prices

So far, the pharmacy looks really good, but it is very important to know what kind of drugs they are offering and according to the information on their site, they offer drugs for *all conditions*. There are few categories on their site such as: contraception, impotence, influenza, lower cholesterol, STI’s, Hair loss treatment and others. Therefore I can assume that they indeed offer a wide selection of medications but as much as I could see, they are only offering branded names medications as there are no generics. I got disappointed when checked the prices. 50 mg of Viagra brand (by Pfizer) would cost you 37 GBP per pack of 4 pills (and that’s if you buy 32 pills because it is 70 GBP if you buy only 4 tablets) and even if that’s including the price, that’s a very big price compared to other online pharmacies I’ve reviewed so far. There’s no need to have a valid prescription as they are offering a valid prescription after going through their online consultation (but there’s a chance their doctors might not write it to you). Shipping and payment methods

Talking about shipping information, there’s info suggesting that Delivery to the UK and Ireland is done in one working day while orders to all other countries may take 2 to 4+ days. Problem is that there’s no information given about *all other countries* meaning I am not sure if they offer shipping only to a limited number of countries or world wide. They claim that the shipping is included in the price shown and it is being carried out by their Royal Mail trackable service but either they are offering multiple shipping options or not, I am not sure. according to the information on the site, at this time, UKMedix only accepts major credit cards such as Visa, Visa Electron, Master Card and Maestro. Customer Support Service

As I’m usually saying, I doubt that it should be too hard to get in touch with online pharmacies that are offering online doctor consultation. Anyway, the methods to get in touch with them are: via mail by their exact address or you could even pay them a visit in London. Plus to that, you could write them via email or contact form both of which are pretty much the same. You could call them (24×7) as well as a single method to talk in real time as there’s no live chat function on site.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

I can mention here that you’re saved from the shipping costs as all the prices include the shipping fee as well. Plus to that, the pharmacy is offering better prices per pills the more pills you’re ordering and that’s fairly good. One last thing to mention here is that the prices are also including the consultation online as they claim it to be free of charge as well. No coupon codes, discounts or free pills. Reviews

To my opinion this online pharmacy should do something about the customer reviews about their pharmacy and that’s because I couldn’t find anything. Offering a discount by writing a review or anything might be an option but the fact is a fact – I couldn’t find any customer reviews online and that’s a big problem. Scam adviser is very handy when it comes to such situations and the good news is that at least the countries are the same as I found on their site: UK and Gibraltar meaning the pharmacy does not lie. Plus, they do not lie about the time they have been online as domain age is 15 years. Nevertheless, a malware report has been detected for this site and says that the pharmacy doesn’t comply with all the regulations needed to be an approved online pharmacy and therefore offers a trust rate of only 56% which is pretty low.


I’m not able to recommend this online pharmacy due to its rather low trust rate by and due to it being considered and unapproved internet pharmacy by Plus to that, there are no customer reviews and that’s another big problem. At least, the pharmacy does not seem to lie about their location and time they were online. All in all deserves a rate of 3 stars!

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