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According to the name of the next online pharmacy I am going to review, this is an UK online pharmacy and you can easily conclude this by checking its name and by analyzing their website I would try to confirm this. I have accessed their website and I have seen a pretty user friendly interfaced site, having a good design and information on the site is well arranged all of which makes it easier to navigate through the site. I have also seen that people are able to create an account on their website and login to their accounts. They claim that by becoming one of their members you can enjoy *enjoy massive savings* which is great as that’s why I search for online pharmacies – saving money. They also claim that they are offering only branded medications from UK pharmacies meaning that they are offering only high quality drugs. One last thing I can mention is that this pharmacy also seems to offer online doctor consultation which is done for free, consultation for free with an UK registered doctor. There’s information on their site suggesting that UK med is a team of doctors and pharmacies who are able to provide diagnosis and treatment for impotence (erectile dysfunction) so it seems they are mostly oriented in selling such types of drugs. I did have found information suggesting that the pharmacy is based in UK, Liverpool with an exact address offered. Unfortunately, I was not able to find for how long this online pharmacy has been operating but maybe I would be able to find this later, all I found so far is that they have *many years of experience*. They claim that their doctors are registered with GMC (General Medical Council) and their pharmacies are registered with Royal Pharmaceutical Society. Selection of medications and prices

According to the information on their website, their doctors are not prescribing generic medications meaning that you would be able to find only branded drugs and they claim that all of the medicines are genuine manufacturer products. You can find their *treatments menu* and there you’re going to see that they are offering only 3 types of medications: impotence (Erectile dysfunction); weight loss and hair loss. As much as it seems, they offer 3 different medications for impotence (including the most famous: Viagra, Cialis and Levitra), 3 different medications for weight loss and only one for hair loss meaning they are offering only a total of 7 different drugs. With this being said, their selection of medications seems to be pretty limited. For getting their medications you would need to have a doctor’s consultation first which would prescribe you a script with the help of which you would get the needed medication. You can’t get medications from this pharmacy without a valid prescription. The problem is that I can’t comment on the prices since they have not shared the prices for medications as you would firstly need to go with the consultation. I think the pharmacy should share the prices first. You could also get the prices if you request them to give the list of prices by sharing your email. Shipping and payment methods

There is very limited information about shipping information and that’s because, all that I could find is: for customers from the UK, the orders will be sent for next day delivery before 1 Pm providing your order before 3 PM Monday to Friday. However that’s it. there’s no information if they ship outside the UK and there’s no information what is the shipping fee or if they offering multiple shipping options. As in terms of payment methods, they claim that they are using credit cards which is safe to use on their site since they claim to offer Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Seemingly, they do not accept any other payment methods. Customer Support Service

According to the information that I have been able to find on their contact page on the site, the pharmacy can be contacted by using their phone number, by using their email address or contact form both of which are pretty much the same or by using their exact address to write them a mail. Lastly, they claim to have live help as well (I can assume live chat function) but it is not available (as they claim, because I am not having an account on their site). Coupon Codes

Due to the fact that this online pharmacy is not sharing a price list, or maybe because of other reasons, I couldn’t find any coupon codes. In fact, I couldn’t find anything mentioned that would be saving you money. All that I found on their site is that customers have 24/7 doctor access and they offer 50% off selected medication but nothing certain as much as I could see. Reviews

I’ve been searching for customer reviews about this online pharmacy on the internet and unfortunately, I have managed to find only 7 reviews all of which were written on I have noticed there are 4 positive reviews and 3 negatives and while those positive reviews said that the pharmacy is worth using because they got real and good products, there are those others saying that they got scammed. People said they have purchased medications and they never got anything and never got a refund and that’s really alarming as I definitely do not want to lose money while purchasing drugs. According to, the pharmacy has a decent trust rate of 83% (which could have been better) but it is not being approved pharmacy online by


As much as we can see, we have mixed reviews with people saying the pharmacy is good but there are those who said they are scammers. Even scam warning engines have different opinions since has trust, but says this is not an legit pharmacy. in the end, this pharmacy has a rate of 3 stars out of 5 as average by customer reviews and that’s going to be my rate either.

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