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United Health Group Inc. is the company that I am going to review now as this is an American for profit managed health care company which is having its headquarters located in Minnetonka, Minnesota. According to the Fortune 500, this is the sixth company in the United States. Although this is not a pharmacy that I will review today, UnitedHealth Group is offering health care products as well as insurance services. According to the Wikipedia pages, this is a multibillionaire company as its revenue as of 2017 was 201.1 billion USD so we’re going to talk about one of the biggest companies in the USA. Such big companies, of course, can be found nearly anywhere – on social media platforms (on nearly all of them) on news, TV, all over the internet and so on and so forth. Uhc.com is the domain address of this company and its official website but there are also other sites such as uhcmedicaresolutions.com for people who are searching medicare solutions. By going on this website you can login to your account in case you are already a plan member you can read important disclosures as well. While you’re online you’re also able to see more about medicare education: learn about medicare; explore changing plans; prepare for initial enrollment or discover more resources. In addition to these points, you’re also able to see the medicare advantage plans, to see the medicare supplement insurance plans and check medicare prescription drug plans either. All in all, I would say that this is a very good looking website with good options and as much as you can see, a lot of different useful (to my opinion) information for those who might need some. Generally, you can read a lot about medicare and many other things here.

Uhcmedicaresolutions.com Overview

Due to the fact that this is not an pharmacy there’s not a selection of drugs that I could talk about and there’s also not a price list or also there’s no any shipping details I could talk about or payment methods. In fact, there still needs to be some payment methods available, but I am not sure if it is possible to pay online and even if it is, not sure what payment methods are available as there’s no such information. Although there are different plans, I still cannot say anything in terms of how much does those plans costs and that’s since the plans are individual for each person and plus to that, it seems that the medicare plans are different depending on your area as you need to enter the ZIP code firstly and then you’re going to be given the list of plans and even then, you need to choose the plan according to your needs. With this being said, there’s nothing I could say about these points, mostly because this is not a pharmacy but it is an insurance provider company.

UhcMedicareSolutions.com Customer Support Service

According to whichever plan you are looking for, you can use the phone numbers listed on their website, and you can use the phone number according to whichever plan because the numbers are different to each need. In addition to this, they are having Spanish customer support at a special phone number for those who need this feature. Except for calling, people can also use the mail address according to what you need or you could get some help online by using the contact form. Going to one of their stores should be helpful as well, as much as I can think of it since this would get you answered as well.

UHCMedicareSolutions.com Coupon Codes

Although this is not a pharmacy but an insurance provider company, I still think that the coupon codes can be very useful because with the help of these coupons the company could help people save some more money by getting insured here. Or, to my opinion, there could be some discounts available or generally, anything which can make people save money. Unfortunately, I was not able to find anything in this matter. The insurance, usually, claims to make people save money simply by having it, but getting it cheaper or anything in this matter would be twice as good.

UHCMedicareSolutions.com Reviews

Although this is such a big and multi billionaire company in the USA, I have found considerably less customer reviews than I expected to find. In fact, all the customer reviews that I was able to find was only on BBB (Better Business Bureau) website which is bbb.org and by the way, UHC Medicare Solutions it is NOT a BBB accredited business. Overall, there seems to be 77 customer reviews which means that they should be *positive* and 1327 customer complaints which means they are *negative* and as much as we can see – there are lots way much more negative reviews than positive. This is something that I am not in a very good agreement with, when I see so many customer reviews and I see that biggest majority (about 97%) are not happy with the experience they have got with UnitedHealthCare Company. this is surely more than coincidence and as much as it seems from people’s reviews, spending your money for having an insurance at UnitedHealthCare Medicare Solutions isn’t, definitely, among the best ideas.


In the end this company, UHC Medicare Solutions is an extremely big company in US which is providing health plans solutions throughout the entire USA territory. However, it seems that most of the people who have ever had some business with this company are not happy with the services they have got and this is something that I do not approve and do not think it is right. For this reason I think that UHCMedicareSolutions.com does not deserve anything more than 2 out of 5!

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