| Trust Pharm 365 Reviews & Coupons | Trust Pharm 365 Reviews & is the online pharmacy which seems to have a very user friendly interface and that’s very good because as I often use to say, the user friendly interface of an online pharmacy facilitates the understanding and navigation through it and it is simply a pleasure to navigate through a user friendly designed website. The website also features different things such as changing language of the site, changing currency, searching for products and others. However there’s a problem and it is that this design of the website is extremely familiar to me meaning that I have seen it elsewhere so this might mean the fact that the design was stolen from another online pharmacy (or maybe those other online pharmacies have stolen the design from this one). I hope we’re going to rule this out later. As for now, I will try to find out more information about the pharmacy and some important things to mention is the claim of the pharmacy being a world famous pharmacy, they claim of having over one MILLION happy customers which is an extremely big number and other things such as: low prices (best prices on the web) as well as fast delivery. I found out they claim to be a Canadian pharmacy which has been online since 2001 or at least all of this information has been listed on the copyright. I found their claim of being a CIPA and MIPA approved pharmacy, a seal suggesting they are having 5 stars rating by, they sell only FDA approved medications, verisign secure pharmacy and verified by VISA. Now problem is that haven’t found in their database meaning that those seals are only lies.

Selection of medications and prices

The selection of medications on this online pharmacy seems to be really wide as they claim to have different categories of medications and there are a lot of categories such as medications for: muscle relaxant, woman’s health, pain relief, anxiety, blood pressure, allergies and many others. With this being said, I assume selection of medications should be enormous. Of course, there are erectile dysfunction medications, lots of these medications with the most famous ones like Cialis, Viagra and Levitra being there as well. Except for selling generic forms of these medications, they are also selling their brands too. As in regards to the prices here, to be honest, they are extremely good as cheapest prices for single pills of generic Viagra: 0.27 USD, Cialis: 0.68 USD and Levitra 1.00 USD. In fact, even the prices for brands are very cheap. Also prices for a single pill for same medications (in same order) but their brands are: 2.56 USD, 3.72 USD and 3.71 USD. Here the prices are lower for brands than those other online pharmacies for generics. This pharmacy doesn’t require their customers to show a valid prescription.

Shipping and payment methods is offering shipping world wide with the exception of a few Asian countries. World wide delivery is very good to my opinion. People may choose between 2 shipping methods: airmail which has a delivery up to 2 to 3 business weeks and unfortunately it doesn’t have online tracking. It costs 10 USD but can be offered for free for orders over 200 USD. The second shipping is EMS which has a delivery time of up to 9 business days, it does have online tracking and it costs 20 USD, however it is offered for free for orders over 300 USD. In terms of payment methods there is a bit of a problem as they are only accepting credit cards. They accept only VISA and Master Card and they do not accept anything else other this.

Customer Support Department

As most other online pharmacies, getting in touch with this online pharmacy can be done via the contact form on their website. But people don’t usually prefer this method as it requires a while until you get a response back. For getting a faster response you’re able to use their phone numbers. There is an US and an UK phone number which you can dial and get in touch with their customer support department. Now another problem is that except for phone numbers and customer form on the website, there are no other ways to talk with them, unfortunately.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

In the time that I have been searching for coupon codes I have found out that the more pills you order the cheaper the price it gets for a pill. Therefor ordering in bulk makes you save money per pills. Another thing that I mentioned earlier is free shipping for bigger amount of orders’ sum. Plus to this, offer free ED generic pills Cialis, Levitra or Viagra. I am not sure why but on my checkout page there was a 10% discount (I assume because my checkout cart sum was 400+ USD). Reviews

This online pharmacy does offer their customers to read the testimonials, however there’s a problem – the testimonials are very familiar to me either which means that I have read them before on other online pharmacies which therefore means that they are simply copied here. Copied reviews are fakes so don’t have trust in them. Checked for customer reviews on independent online pharmacies and sadly I couldn’t find any! I was truly hoping to find customer reviews to give me at least some insight about this pharmacy but I got nothing. Being left out of options I checked its trustworthiness on scamadviser and I found the following: a higher number of suspicious websites on this server and website has been opened less than half a year ago.


Through my review I have encountered a few problems, the online pharmacy doesn’t have customer reviews and they are lying about their accreditations and made fake reviews which means this is a lying pharmacy. How do I know they won’t be lying about other things? I don’t, therefore I do not have trust in this pharmacy and that’s why I rate it with 1 out of 5!

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