| Trust Help On Reviews & Coupons | Trust Help On Reviews & CouponsI have been unfortunate to find a good/ reliable online pharmacy with good prices for a quite a while now so I do hope that soon I will be finding that *perfect* online pharmacy all round. So hoping this I have continued doing my research for a pharmacy to review and I did have found, another online pharmacy which seems to have a very familiar design of the website and yet, I’ve never reviewed or visited this website. Despite the familiar design of the website, I can confess that I do like it, the user friendly interface and the options on the website: changing language and currency. Except this website having a good design/ interface of the website, the pharmacy also claims to have good offers and because of those offers they are pro claimed to be *one of the best drugstore* which unfortunately, in most cases that ends up being a lie. The offers they are claiming about include: cheap prices that are 70% less than in your local pharmacy, plus to that they also claim to have free shipping and free pills too. The pharmacy claims to be around since 2004 and according to the seals on their main page, they should be located in Canada. Talking about those seals they claim to be CPA approved, CIPA approved and MIPA approved with being top rated (5 stars) by To check out whether is this true or not I went on to find out that, unfortunately, this was only a lie.

Selection of medications and prices at

Searching for drugs at this online drugstore can be done by first letter of the drugs, by using the quick search function (entering the keyword) or, as most of online pharmacies, they are offering the categories list of drugs on the left side of the page. There you can see a big list of drugs such as: hair loss, diabetes, arthritis, cholesterol lower, muscle relaxant, man’s health, woman’s health and many others. With this being said, the selection of drugs is wide with many medications being there, with, of course, ED meds also being there. There are a lot of erectile dysfunction medications either including the most famous in both generic and brand forms. It is very important to take in consideration the prices for meds so I can mention here that generic Viagra 50 mg can be obtained at a price from 0.93 USD per pill to 3.72 USD per pill depending on the package you decide to purchase (from 10 to 360 pills). The prices are really good and same thing applies to generic Levitra and Cialis including their brands. No prescription is needed for getting medications here and while this might be a good thing for some people, this might be a sign of illegal activity of the pharmacy.

Shipping and payment methods

Trusthelpon pharmacy claims to offer world wide shipping around the globe so regardless of where you live, you should be able to order medications here, but before ordering medications you need to decide which shipping method you would choose: standard airmail shipping or EMS shipping. The standard airmail costs 10 USD, it doesn’t have online tracking and it may take up to 2 to 3 weeks for delivery time. The approximate delivery time of EMS is 3 to 8 days, it does have an online tracking but it costs 20 USD. They are accepting only visa and master card as payment methods so except for credit cards, there’s nothing else available.

Customer Support

Each of their customer is a VIP for them and so, if you have any questions, they kindly ask you to contact their customer care department and you may be sure that you will be contacted back which I do hope. You’re able to get in touch with them by using the contact form and wait for an email with the response. But for a faster response you are able to call them by the phone numbers listed on the website. However except for calling them or writing your enquiry by email there’s no other method you could talk with them.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

Both their shipping can be for free: free airmail shipping available for orders over 200 USD and free EMS shipping available for orders over 300 USD. Except for free shipping they offer 10% discount for orders over 200 USD and they are offering discounts by ordering in bulk, as I have mentioned it earlier. Instead of coupon codes there is discount number which you can validate and get a discount. The discount is offered only to people who previously ordered here. Reviews

What I didn’t like at all is the fact that the testimonials are fake, or most likely are and that’s because they are familiar to me, as if I have read them numerous of times before and that’s although I have never visited this online pharmacy, therefore I assume they are fakes. I went online checking for customer reviews on independent/ third party websites and yet there are no customer reviews. Went on to find out even more alarming things: site is most likely from India (and not Canada as claimed), the email they are using is free and the domain age is only a year, instead of 14 as they claimed. So in the end we’ve got alarming things making me believe that ordering here is very risky but we have got nothing (no customer reviews or anything) to make me believe in the pharmacy’s authenticity.


In the end we’ve got an online pharmacy which lies about their accreditations, about the amount of time they have been online, they use a free email address and they are also lying about where they are located with no customer reviews online but with fake reviews on their website. Taking all of these points in consideration, don’t you think that ordering here would end up losing your money? I personally do and that’s why I rate it with 1 out of 5!

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