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There’s an online pharmacy which has a very outrageous name: and that’s the pharmacy I am going to review today. This pharmacy does seem to enjoy a bit of popularity today although I thought that there should be more reviews and external links for this site with such a name. This is an online drug store that is selling a big variety of drugs for different health problems. But entering its main page I firstly thought that it is an online drugstore focused on ED medications and it does seems so. My bet would be that it is best known for selling such medications and again my bet would be that they are selling the most medications of this type. This online pharmacy claims to be in the business for 11 years now and that’s why they claim to be one of the leading pharmacies on the internet! They claim to be having the best medications, approved by Indian FDA. But they also seem to have brand drugs either.

TrustedAllOverTheWorld Drug selection

They seem to have a big variety of drugs in their stores and their drugs are being categorized by health issues and there is a very big list of health issues which I won’t be writing it all down here. seem to have drugs for both women and men, both generics and brands etc. Judging by that long list of health diseases I can assume that they are selling very and very much medications out there so their drug selection doesn’t seem to have any lacks. Since that’s an online drugstore focused on ED drugs and since those are drugs that I’m interested for, I’ve paid more attention to them and they don’t seem to lack drug selection for erectile dysfunction either as they seem to have lots of drugs for this. So I went further and investigated their drug prices.

Drug prices for pharmacy

I’ve closely inspected the prices for Cialis, Levitra and Viagra and they indeed seem to have one of the best prices that I have seen on the market. Like for example, I’ve paid the closest attention to Cialis and their lowest price for generics is 1.30 USD per a pill in case you purchase 360 pills of 10 mg. the lowest price that I have ever purchase same generic Cialis and same quantity 360 pills and same dosage 10 mg was 1.28 USD which is only 0.02 cents lower per pill. Having this said, this is indeed a very good price, in my opinion. The lowest price for Cialis by Lilly (brand) 20 mg is $ 9.67 in case you purchase 60 pills package. That’s another very good price in my opinion. Checked the prices for Viagra and Levitra as well and they seemed to be very good either. Absolutely no problems with this online pharmacy drug’s prices.

But do TrustedAllOverTheWorld require proper prescriptions?

Yes they do. They are having low prices for their items (at least for ED drugs that I checked) but this shop requires proper prescriptions for those items that are available only via a prescriptions. So the shop askes their customers to send the prescriptions to their emails if they want the pharmacy to start sending their ordered items.

TrustedAllOverTheWorld Customer service or customer support?

If you do have a proper prescription and you want to purchase something but you have some questions you can get in touch with their personnel. The site claims that their support operators are working 7 days a week 24 hours per day. You can get in touch with them by submitting a form which they would be notified by email. Or you can also call them by the following phone numbers: +1 (718) 475 90 88; for the US customers there’s a toll free number: +1 (800) 532 48 08 and for the European customers there an UK phone number +44 (203) 011 02 41. Plus t that there’s live chat function as well which is my preferred method of talking with customer support. So it seems that you shouldn’t having any problems in getting in touch with them if you have some questions. They wrote that they are speaking only English!

TrustedAllOverTheWorld Discounts, promotions, special offers and discounts

This seems to be an online pharmacy that wants to attract their customers with such things as they seem to be having quite a big number of all sorts of facilities. They claim to have free pills. 4, 10 and 20 gift generic Viagra pills for every order that is more than 20, 60 and 100 pills consecutively for any erectile dysfunction drug that you decide to buy only except for the brand Viagra, brand Cialis and brand Levitra. They are also having free shipping policy. The standard airmail service fee is covered by the pharmacy for all orders that are more than 150 USD. Also they are having discounts: 5% for a second order and 7% discounts for the third and all further orders. Plus they claim to be having seasonal and holiday discounts which is why you need to check their main page occasionally. Another thing is that they are offering you a 5% discount if you’re going to take a survey, there are some special conditions. Plus, there’s tell your friends discount which can be up to 10 % discount, there are also special conditions that must be followed. Even though they do not have coupons, they still seem to have lots of special offers and discounts etc.

TrustedAllOverTheWorld Payment methods:

They seem to have 2 payment options: bitcoins and bank card. since it wasn’t specified which bank card exactly, I can assume that they accept any bank card that you may be having. The acceptance of any bank card plus bitcoin does seem to be quite enough if you ask me.

TrustedAllOverTheWorld Shipping options

Pharmacy offers its customers 2 shipping options: standard and express (trackable). The international unregistered mail has a fee of $ 10 they claim that it gets to its destination in 14 – 21 days and it doesn’t have a tracking system. The express (trackable service), of course does have tracking, its delivery time is 5 – 9 days as they claim but it would cost you 30 dollars. They seem to ship all over the world (or at least in most countries).

Is TrustedAllOverTheWorld a scam or is it legit?

A chance that an online pharmacy is going to get its doors (or domain) closed is always a risk, and usually before doing such a thing, online pharmacies are scamming their customers, even if they have been loyal customers for years. That’s why there’s always a risk with any online pharmacy that it might be or it might soon-to-be a scam site. However, it doesn’t seem that to be a scam site (and that’s not because of its name), so I would say that it is legit, however I still recommend you people to be very careful!

TrustedAllOverTheWorld Reviews

There is a number of people reviews on different sites and even though there are some negative ones and people who complained that they got their pills a bit longer than it was promised or stuff like that, there doesn’t seem to be anyone to call them scammers or anything. But it doesn’t mean that this online pharmacy doesn’t have its lacks and problems. There were people who complained on drugs quality either.


I can’t recommend this online pharmacy but I can’t recommend you to stay away from it either. It seems to be good with some issues. since there are unhappy customers with this online pharmacy, and especially unhappy with their products quality my rating for is 3 / 5.

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