/ True Pharm 360 Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy which claims to have drug prices that are less by 70% than in your local pharmacy and this is a pharmacy that I visited in the past with another domain address but I can’t remember which one. Anyhow, I will still write this review in hope that I found a reliable online pharmacy that indeed has low prices for medications. The website offers customers to change the language of the website or the currency in case you’re a foreigner. According to the copyright information the pharmacy has been established in 2004 which means that this pharmacy is in pharmaceutical business for the last 13 years. In addition to that, I can assume that the pharmacy is based in Canada and that’s by checking its accreditations: CPA, CIPA and MIPA plus to that, it has 5 stars rate on They claim to be a leader pharmacy in delivering high quality medications throughout the world. selection of drugs and prices seems to be mostly focused in providing medications related to treat erectile dysfunction and that’s by analyzing the website: the sign near their erectile dysfunction category of drugs, the special offer of drugs (Cialis and Viagra) as well as their bestsellers. As I mentioned, the pharmacy is having different categories of medications including erectile dysfunction, of course, but there are also medications treating the following health conditions: arthritis, asthma, antibiotics, allergies and others which means the pharmacy has a wide selection of drugs. A wide selection of drugs you can find in specifically ED category with such drugs as kamagra, caverta and tadacip except for the most famous ones like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra (which are having both their generics and their branded versions). Prices are fairly good on my opinion with one of the lowest prices: Viagra 0.36 USD and 3.8 USD for generic and brand, accordingly, per pill. Cialis 0.76 USD and 4.18 USD also for generic and brand, accordingly, per pill. And lastly, Levitra 1.2 USD and 4.34 USD per pill, for generic and brand accordingly. I just hope that the drugs for other categories of drugs are exactly as good as these ones. Keep in mind that these are the cheapest prices per pill, but they can get higher depending on quantity of pills ordered and dosage per pill.

True Pharm 360 Customer Support

When people have questions to ask, regardless whether out of curiosity or especially when there are problems with their orders/ shipping, the customer support is what all customers is addressing to. If you do have questions then you can do it either by going on the contact page and there you will fill a form where you write your email and they should give you a response in the next hours or you can also give them a phone call as they have there 2 phone numbers one of which is an US number and the other one is for European clients as the number is UK. Unfortunately there is no online live chat function with the help of which you could get in touch with them, that’s my favorite way of talking with them and if there would have been such an option I guess I would have asked them a few questions. But since there’s not, I didn’t.

Payment methods available on

In case you do want to make a purchase then you can do it by 2 methods: either via credit card (and there are 3 credit cards available: visa, master card and american express) or by echeck. But due to the fact that echeck is only available for US customers then foreign customers can choose between visa card or master card (since I doubt that foreign customers have American express card).

Shipping methods available on

As usual there are 2 shipping options available on this online pharmacy and they are express (EMS) and regular airmail shipping options. The regular airmail shipping option is going to cost 10 USD but you can get this service for free if you order more than 200 USD from this pharmacy. It doesn’t have a tracking number and its delivery time is anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks. If you are inpatient and don’t like the wait game but you do have some extra dollars available then you can pay 20 USD for the EMS shipping which has a delivery time of 3 to 8 days and you can also track your package online. But besides the fact that it is more expensive, it is not available in all countries unlike regular airmail which is available in all countries world wide. For getting a discreet packaging and processing you need to pay 5 USD more and if you want delivery insurance then you need to pay 5 USD extra making it 10 USD in total! You can remove one or both of these services if you don’t want them.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

They have special offer: 10% discount available for orders over $ 200. In addition to that, as I already mentioned if your order is over $ 200 you also get free airmail service. An additional discount number is available to validate upon checking out, but this number is given to returning customers only so the discount is given to those people who already ordered from Unfortunately the pharmacy does not have the coupon codes and that’s sad because this is, in my opinion, the easiest way to save money. But anyway, besides all of these mentioned they offer free pills and the amount of these free bonus pills is higher if you order more pills (from 2 up to 12 free pills – but only Viagra, Cialis and Levitra generics are for free, regardless of what type of pills you order). The discounts are available for larger quantities of pills ordered as well. You can benefit from all the discounts and bonuses in a single order if that’s your second or further order and your order is above 244 USD (for getting maximum number of free pills). Reviews

Due to the fact that I tend to think testimonials on the website itself are fakes, I do not believe in their credibility. I do believe in the credibility of customer reviews on independent websites where the administrators of the pharmacy can’t control them and those are the types of reviews that I was trying to find and yet – I didn’t found any! There are no customer reviews at all about online and for this reason I had to search what do scam analyzing engines like would say and here’s the verdict: A New Site Involving A High Risk Country. The domain age is less than a year with Ukraine being the site’s country but from that country comes a big number of scammy websites.


Since there are no customer reviews on foreign website where the administrators can’t control them, since the site is Ukraine based and since the domain age is less than a year – those are all alarming signs which tells us all to stay away from the pharmacy, otherwise our money could get stolen. I cannot recommend an alarming online pharmacy and that’s why I rate it with 2 out of 5 saying that in my opinion, ordering here can be very risky and not worth it.

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