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By doing my research I have found another website with the address name and by doing an extensive research about this website I found that TriHealth is a unified health system which is being based in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. Originally it has been formed back in the year 1995 to bring together physicians, Bethesda as well as Good Samaritan Hospitals and the community. Or at least this is the information suggested by Wikipedia about TriHealth Company. Currently, according to the same source, there is a 11,000 total number of employees and it is considered to be a management services company. Being such a big company it is obviously having some social media pages where you can find on them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others too. By analyzing the front page of I can say that this is a very well made website with good features and user friendly design which is very important in my opinion. While browsing their website you can do the following: find a doctor, find institutes and services, find hospitals and locations, research and education, health resources and lastly online tools. This is not an online pharmacy that I am reviewing and for this reason some point of my usual reviews such as selection of medications, prices for them, shipping and payment options would be excluded. Also, while browsing their front page you can find such services as: cancer care, health and fitness center, health care, orthopedics and sports, surgical and lastly women’s. The customers of this company are able to use MyChart tool while browsing their website in order to access their health charts, reports as well as test results. In addition to that, they are able to renew their prescription online, they are able to view recent doctor visits and lastly to book appointments as well. To my opinion this is something very useful due to the fact that patients can do everything they need online without having to do additional trips to their doctors/ hospitals. You’re also available to pay the hospital bills online too through a service named Pay My Bill. For doing all of this, the patients need to register and to login to their online accounts mentioning the physician that they visit. A lot of information can be found on the website with details contact information about the hospitals, centers, doctors, departments etc. If anyone has some additional questions they are able to contact their customer support department.

Customer Support Department at

This is a big company in USA and with this being said I can assume that getting in touch with this company’s customer support department should be easy. However since I’ve never contacted them myself I am not sure how helpful this department actually is. But I am able to share what methods you can use to talk with them. Except for their social media pages which are also a method of getting in touch with their customer care department you can also call them by phone numbers and there’s a lot of phone numbers listed on their contact page each number for different need: billing questions, physical referral line, trihealth, scheduling for outpatient testing and others, for each hospital, for ancillary locations, institutes and many others. In addition to phone numbers and social media you can also write them an email as well. You need to call them to the phone number according to your needs. Coupon Codes

Although the website isn’t having any medications listed online, they are still having a shopping selection on the website where you’re able to purchase merchandise and gifts for both yourself and your family where you can find a pretty small range of promotional goods, however the problem is that they do not seem to offer any kind of coupon codes or discount for any of those products. Nevertheless I’ve noticed that there are both men and women t shirts which are sold for under 10 USD. Reviews

By searching for customer reviews about I’ve noticed that many of them are being written by TriHealth’s employees explaining in details how it is like to work for this company, however I was mostly interested in actual customer and not employees reviews. I did found some, most of which were found on yelp website and a few of them on (Better Business Bureau). By analyzing the customer reviews on yelp I found that there are mixed results, nevertheless it is still noticeable that the positive reviews outnumber the negative ones. Some people were saying that the company’s staff is really good and caring while others were complaining about them saying that they are ignorant and non professional. Many people were rating this company with 5 out of 5 stars but not for another reviewer named Gzal A. which said that this place is a rip off. in order to summarize the review I can say that this person paid $ 1000 for some vitamins which, according this person’s opinion – it could cost only 30 – 50 USD. Another person was super angry as well saying that their lose weight program doesn’t work and paid 700 USD out of 1500 USD and left the program with no refund! But on the other hand there is Carolina D which said that this place was great all around and says that she would definitely come back. On as I said, there are also a few customer reviews, but the problem is that all of them are negative with people explaining why.


I personally have never used TriHealth’s services and it is impossible for me to judge this company, however there are customer reviews which greatly help me in making a conclusion and giving it a rate. According to everything that I could find and read, it has a rate of 4 out of 5 on but it has only negative reviews on website and that’s, in my opinion, lowering the rate of this company. Because of all that was mentioned here I will rate with 3 from a scale on 1 to 5.

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