| TRICARE Pharmacy Reviews & Coupons / TRICARE Pharmacy Reviews & CouponsI really hope that these pharmacy reviews I write here do help some people in finding out whether purchasing medications somewhere might be worth it or not. And continuing hoping this way I found another website which to my opinion is worth writing a review about and the website I talk about is By accessing this website you can see that customers are able to access the following via their website: plans and eligibility, find a doctor, what’s covered, costs, life events as well as forms and claims. People are able to create an account and login and I can assume that this is the only way in which they can use the Tricare’s services. Tricare is an US company which is acting as an insurance planner. With their website you can find a Tricare plan that is suitable for you, you are also able to find a doctor and lastly you’re able to find a phone number which you can dial and get the assistance that you need. The company is having social media pages where you can follow them as they have pages on Facebook, Twitter and others of this type. The website is having a pharmacy page which I have accessed in order to see what their pharmacy has to offer. While online you’re able to fill prescriptions, manage the prescriptions, pharmacy appeals and pharmacy claims. There I have found out that Tricare is covering most of the prescription drugs that are being approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). So people are able to get an insurance plan according to their needs at Tricare Company and use it at a pharmacy whenever they would have the need of using it.

Selection of medications and prices for them, shipping and payment methods

Since this is an insurance plan organizer company, Tricare doesn’t sell medications and for this reason I am not able to talk about medications availability or prices for them. In regards to the prices of the insurance plans I also can’t say anything due to the fact that they depend very much on each person’s needs and that’s why, the insurance plans prices may vary. I am not sure what kind of payment methods these people are accepting but I can assume that credit cards should be fine.

Customer Support Department

I assume that before creating an insurance plan with this company you have lots of questions to ask and for this reason their customer support department should be ready to answer them all. You are able to talk with them via phone call by calling them, by mail address or emails, all are available to customers. Coupon Codes

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find anything in regards to coupon codes on their website. Either because they do not have anything to offer or either because there isn’t a *price list* but seemingly they do not offer coupon codes, discounts or special offers. If they do offer something you might want to ask their customer support department.

Reviews Tricare

I’ve been searching for customer reviews because this is the best way to get a better idea of what this company has to offer and how good their services are. Except for the employee reviews that I have found online, I also found a lot of customer reviews either on different websites. Now the big problem is that most of these customer reviews aren’t encouraging to do business with this company at all. I found some people talking about this company on a forum and there were mixed results. On there were mixed reviews as well. Both sites showed reviews of people who were really happy with this company’s services but there were other people being completely angry with the service they’ve got and recommending to stay away. But I got an even bigger problem later when I searched further to see 3 customer reviews on a site and all 3 being negative and then reviews on pissedconsumer with, claimable, 129 reviews and only one of which got their issues resolved. There are people complaining to lose money by using Tricare company and that’s very alarming. But besides losing money, people recommend to go to other health plan organizers because of different reasons like incompetent staff, extremely long delays, not paying money, or dispensing medications and generally not keeping their promises. Although there are good customers reviews, out of 100% reviews that I found on all sites online, I would say that more than 75% are negative and that’s a big big problem to my opinion. Tricare might be an all legal company but that’s worthless as long as they do not keep their promises.


Tricare does seems to be popular among customers based on the number of customer reviews I found, they are having a good looking website, social media pages, you can find their headquarters as they mentioned its address and this is an all legal company in USA with no intentions to scam their customers. Nevertheless they still seem to do it as there are people complaining to lose money as well as many other things. Because of the big number of negative customer reviews I rate with 2 on a scale from 1 to 5.

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