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Happiness Through Healthy Choices is the motto of the next online pharmacy that I am going to review which is named Transmaw Food Services. People can check their site and check the information about the pharmacy at: As soon as I have entered their website, I have noticed a pretty user friendly interfaced website with information that seemed to be pretty well arranged on the site which is quite important to my opinion. On their main page I noticed there is a list of different products like latest products, best sellers and so on and so forth. Also there’s a message that they made sure everyone would check it including: they are now selling apetamin wholesale. I’m not very sure why they made is such a big of a news. I have noticed that this pharmacy is claiming they are having social media pages on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and with the help of them, people could follow the website’s activity. People are also able to register an account on their website and login to their accounts. I’ve been trying to get information where this online pharmacy is being headquartered and I found information suggesting in North Carolina and they also have offices in Maryland and Ontario, Canada. There’s an exact address given in Upper Marlboro, MD. Sadly, I could not find information suggesting for how long this online pharmacy has been operating. Anyway, I found information suggesting that they are striving to promote happiness by encouraging health choice, they are providing the customers with all they need in order to manage their weight gain or weight loss goals. They claim that they do know that maintaining a health weight it is important to everyone’s well being and so, they are striving to provide them with the best products and services to meet the customer’s goals. All this information can be found on their site.

TransmawFoods.Com Selection of medications and prices

You can search for whatever you need by using the search box function or you can click on the *shop* page on their site. that’s what I have done and I was offered a list of 5 different products, one of which was out of stock so there was a total of 4 products I could get. And I’m not even sure what kind of products are that as they are: apetamin, apetamin wholesale, GML Apeti, Super Apeti and TRES – ORIX Forte Oral Solution. As much as we can see, the selection of medications at this store is super low as they are only oriented in selling apetamin, and I’m not even sure what’s that, and there’s no information on the site about apetamin. The prices vary for these things between 6 USD to 265 USD but I’m not sure what’s the difference between them and either is that a good price for these products or not. I’m not even sure if this is prescription medication or not but whatever the case, this online pharmacy doesn’t seem to require a valid prescription. Shipping and payment methods

According to the information on their website, they are able to virtually ship to any address in the United States, however there is information about shipping abroad USA suggesting: based on the feedback they received, they do not any longer ship outside of the USA. They claim that currently they are shipping using US post Office Priority Shipping from their warehouses in Maryland and North Carolina. Shipping costs 10 USD as they claim and the orders are going to be delivered within a week depending on where it is being shipped. According to the billing page information, money order and money transfer payment are the only payment methods available on their website. Customer Support Service

There is a window on the website suggesting that this online pharmacy does have online live chat function. The problem is that at the moment I checked the site, they were offline so there was nobody to answer my questions. Another method to talk with them is to call them but they claim that their lines are very busy and it is best to send them an email. They also have contact form on their website and an exact address which people can use to send a mail. These are pretty much all the methods available to get in touch with them. Coupon Codes

I was not able to find any kind of discounts, any offers like free shipping or free bonus pills, in short, anything. The one single thing I noticed is that on their billing page you could write a coupon code. According to the information on the site, subscribing to their newsletter you can get special offers and I can assume – the coupon codes. There are no other methods to save money here. Reviews

By searching for customer reviews online I could not find a lot of them, however I did found some customer reviews which is very important. I found good customer reviews suggesting that people had the expected experience with the products they got from the site but I also saw negative customer reviews. There is a complain on BBB website, and there are 11 different reviews on their Facebook page and other places. As much as it seems, most of the reviews are happy with the services and products they have got from this online pharmacy. I then checked the information on suggesting that the site is rarely visited and there’s quite a high risk ordering from this site as has a trust rate of only 10 %! They claim that this site may not be safe to use and that’s pretty discouraging to be honest.


This online pharmacy seems to be oriented in selling a single type of medications and for whatever the reason, they do not seem to have very much special offers and these, to my opinion, are not very good things. Exactly as it is the fact that it has no trust from scam warning engines. Good news is that it has a few customer reviews which are positive. Whatever the case, there are negative reviews as well and all of this makes me rate with a rate of 2 out of 5!

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