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Online pharmacies can save you money but they can also rip you off money and that’s why it is essential to find as much details about a pharmacy as possible but you can also read my pharmacies reviews as I am trying my best to find out as much details about them so you can only read here and check whether a pharmacy is worth spending your hard earned money or not. is the domain address of the pharmacy I’m going to review. As soon as I have accessed their main page I have seen their claim of being a Canadian pharmacy but by doing a bit more research I couldn’t find an exact address of their pharmacy so either it is indeed a Canadian pharmacy or not we cannot determine. I was trying to determine for how long this pharmacy has been around but there is no such information shared either. Although these are not very big problems, I do have more trust in those pharmacies sharing such kind of information. The website of this pharmacy is well done to my opinion, it offers options such as changing the currency on the website and generally it is a user friendly interfaced site. According to the banners on the website, they seem to have some special offers and they are also offering bonuses too. I was not able to see any accreditations or awards given to the pharmacy so I am not sure if this means that they do not have any or they simply have not shared it publicly on their main page. So far the pharmacy seems good enough. Selection of medications and prices

Searching for the medications that you need on the website can be done by browsing them by letter (first letter of the medication) by using the quick search box function or you can also search for medications as they are categorized by the health condition the drugs are able to help with. Next to each category there is a number attached so I can guess that it suggests how many drugs you can find in each category, like for example there are categories as: allergies 1, blood pressure 1, herbals 7, anti anxiety 4, weight loss 3, skin care 1 and so on and so forth. As much as I could notice, they have a lot of drugs for different health needs but they do not have a lot of drugs in each category. For this reason I think that the selection of medications here is medium where the they offer medications for different needs but there are not a lot of options to choose from. I’ve noticed they are offering brand medications and generic medications as well. as an example of prices that they have for medications I can mention that generic Viagra 50 mg x 90 pills would be 82 USD = 0.91 USD per pill. Honestly talking, that’s one very good price for this dosage and quantity of medication. Since there’s not a single mention about a prescription requirement, I am thinking that this pharmacy does not require anyone to show a valid prescription to order here. Shipping and payment methods

There is no information whether or not they ship world wide, however they do ship internationally so I guess everyone can order here. most of the online pharmacies are offering 2 shipping options and this pharmacy is not an exception as they are offering registered mail which takes 2 to 3 weeks for delivery, it has no tracking option and it costs 15 USD. The second shipping option is Express Mail Service (EMS) which costs twice as much – 30 USD, however it does offer tracking online and delivery time is 9 to 14 days. As in terms of payment options, the pharmacy is only accepting VISA and Master Card. Customer Support Service

I accessed and only by analyzing their front page I noticed there are 3 ways of getting in contact with them: 2 phone numbers available and a chat function where you can live chat with their consultant from their site. Going on contact page I discovered the 4th method of getting in touch with them which is contact form that you need to fill the details.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

I earlier already mentioned the fact that the pharmacy claims to have special offer which is that they are offering 10% discount from any other online pharmacy price in case you find prices lower than those you can find here. in addition to this, the online pharmacy is offering free ED pills for orders with generic Erectile pills. Ordering in bulk here would also save you money as well. one last thing that I can mention is that the pharmacy offers free standard shipping to everyone that orders worth 600 USD or more. Reviews

Finding customer reviews on independent websites can be really hard. There are testimonials but I suggest not to have trust in them, you do can have trust in the reviews on independent sites but as I said it can be very hard to find any. However, I did have managed to find few of them, the problem is that those few reviews suggest to stay away from this pharmacy as they are mentioning it to be a scam pharmacy. I have checked its legitimacy on which has 0% trust rate due to the long list of alarming notes it found about this site such as malware report detected for the site, owner uses a service to hide the identity and others as well. considered this pharmacy being a rogue internet pharmacy too.


As much as we can see, is an online pharmacy that looks good, it has some very good prices and fairly good special offers, deals and bonuses and so, people could be tempted to use the pharmacy in order to save money. nevertheless, I do not recommend doing so due to the negative reviews I found and due to all of the problems found in regards to this pharmacy so, since it is a scam pharmacy I rate it with 1 out of 5.

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