| To Pillls Reviews & Coupons / To Pillls Reviews & is the domain address of the online pharmacy which I would review and would try to find out as much information as possible about this pharmacy so in the end I could recommend my readers either safely purchasing medications here or staying away from this online pharmacy due to high risk of the fact that your money could be stolen. So, my first impression was pretty good by the first few minutes of checking this online pharmacy’s main page. That’s because the website seems to be pretty well done with good features and good options and a user friendly interface. The customers of this online pharmacy are able to create an account and to login to their accounts here. They are also able to select the currency of their choice and to select the website’s language as it supports 4 others besides English. There’s an about us page which I have accessed trying to find out more information about the pharmacy like where they are located and for how long they have been in the business but unfortunately I failed to find such information. Although there seems to be a photo of their headquarters, they haven’t mentioned where it is located. Instead I only found information suggesting that you could save up to 80% on your favorite medications and the fact that they represent a large network of pharmaceutical manufacturers that are meeting the highest WHO (World Health Organization) standards.

Selection of medications and prices for them

Although their selection of medications doesn’t seem to be the widest that I have ever seen by checking online pharmacies, they still seem to carry quite a *normal* selection of medications having a *normal* range of medications including: men’s health, skin care, life style, cholesterol, antibiotics, weight loss, quit smoking, women’s health, family health, pain relief and gastric. These are all types of medications that you can find on this pharmacy. Being interested in erectile dysfunction medications I have found a lot of different medications treating this condition with the most famous medications like Cialis, Levitra and Viagra all being there in both generic and brand forms. In order to give example of prices so people could have an idea of what are the prices here I can mention that generic Viagra 50 mg per pill, usual dosage of 90 pills would make it 1.49 USD per pill and the price per pill can get higher or lower depending on the quantity of pills ordered. Honestly talking the price per pill isn’t actually the best price that I’ve ever met checking online pharmacies. I was trying to find out if they are requiring their customers prescriptions for ordering prescription medications, however I couldn’t find a single word in regards to this, therefore I can assume that they do not actually require one.

Shipping and payment methods

This pharmacy claims to offer world wide shipping to all countries, therefore everyone can enjoy their services. While I had my cart medications worth only 56 USD, the regular shipping was offered for free. They claim that this shipping option has a delivery time of 7 to 21 business days and usually doesn’t have online tracking. There’s the second option which is faster named EMS (express) and this has a delivery time of 3 to 14 business days and usually does have online tracking, however this shipping option would cost you additional 20 USD. In terms of payment methods I have noticed they are offering 3 different methods: credit card (only visa and master card), bitcoin and lastly: wire transfer as well. multiple payment methods in my opinion is very good so it is convenient for a lot of people.

Customer Support Service

For people needing to ask some questions they are able to do it by going on their contact page and there they can see an contact form which you can fill up and enter your enquiry, this would require some time but they claim to respond you back by the email you need to mention. But except for this method of talking with them, this pharmacy is offering customer service based on your payment method: wire transfer or credit cards and each method has its own phone number which you need to dial.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

They claim to have a special offer of generic Viagra professional pills whereas 6 pills costed 43 USD they are now giving them out for only 20 USD. Another method making you save money, as I said, is that regular shipping seems to be offered to everyone free of charge regardless of how small of an order you have. Another thing is that buying in bulk is going to result in cheaper price per pill so they claim that the more you buy – the more your savings. Purchasing from your account would result in additional 10% off. These seems to be all the offers. Reviews

By searching for customer reviews about this online pharmacy I did have found some reviews but the problem is that these reviews are all mixed, I mean, there are some people saying that is a fair choice, however there are other people saying that their credit cards have been not secured and that this pharmacy is doing credit card fraud. Many people recommend to stay away from this pharmacy calling it fraudulent, scam etc. and say that ordering here would result you in losing money and not getting anything. Although there are good customer reviews it seems that there are way too many customers saying that ordering here is dangerous and risky and as much as it seems, seems to agree with this with 0 % index of trust.


I am not sure how a pharmacy could get SUCH mixed reviews with people saying they are happy with this pharmacy’s services and so many other people saying that they have got scammed. Whatever the case, to my opinion, there are way too many people saying that they have got scammed and that’s why I can’t put my trust in so I rate it with 1 out of 5!

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