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There’s an online drug store that claims to sell Indian Drugs, or at least that’s the first message that I could read when I have entered the main address of – the online pharmacy that I am going to review today. I can say that the website is very well done, it is user friendly and well designed with information that’s well arranged meaning that we can all easily navigate through their website. The pharmacy also claims that they are having a special offer including that you can get free sample tablets with your order. There’s also a very good function their website offers which is the fact that people can change the language and according to the language selected the currency would be selected accordingly. There’s information on the site suggesting that the site is GeoTrust secured and it is McAfee secured as well. Although I could not find information on the site suggesting where the pharmacy is located (which is not very good as I would much rather appreciate when the pharmacies share such information), I did found their claim that they have been in business for 11 years and therefore, they are currently one of the leading pharmacies on the internet as they claim. They claim that their goal it is to deliver safe, generic medications at a good price and I really hope this is true as in the end – the reason why I’m searching for online pharmacies is to get high quality medications at cheaper prices. they claim that the medications are shipped directly from India and their medications are all Indian FDA approved and are internationally certified so everyone knows that they are safe. Generally, this pharmacy claims to be focusing on 3 things they are offering to customers which are: safety, taking it seriously, privacy that’s so important and responsibility! Selection of medications and prices for them

There’s no information anywhere on their website where they would share an exact number of medications that can be found in their drugstore. But I still can determine the selection of medications saying that it seems to be a pretty wide selection and that’s by judging the categories of medications. There are a lot of different categories and that’s why I think they are offering a big selection of medications. There are medications for: eye care, HIV, migraine, muscle relaxants, anxiety, allergy, stop smoking, women’s and men’s health, cholesterol and many others. This means that by doing business with this pharmacy you would most likely find a lot of useful medications. I continued doing my research for determining the prices so I checked their ED drugs. There I analyzed their prices and for example I can say that generic Viagra 90 pills 50 mg would be 1.47 USD per pill – 132 USD for 90 pills. compared to other online pharmacies prices – to be honest, that’s quite a big price as there you can get it for like 1 USD or less per pill and that would be 80-90 USD instead of 132 USD. They claim that you cannot purchase prescription meds without showing a valid prescription first. Shipping and Payment methods

This online pharmacy is claiming that they can ship medications anywhere in the world to all countries except for few countries in Asia and this means that everybody is free to order drugs here if they wish to. When you’re shopping with you would also need to choose which shipping method you want to use as there is standard airmail shipping and EMS shipping. The standard international airmail has a rate of 10 USD and delivery of 10 to 21 days with no tracking while Express International Mail has a rate of 30 USD, delivery of 5 to 9 days and this option does come with an option. Customer Support Service

As much as I could find information on their website, there are 3 different methods available to get in touch with this online pharmacy and they include: via live support on their website, via contact form which is also available on their website and via their phone numbers. I noticed there are 3 different websites to call on their site. Every pharmacy should have a good quality of customer support to my opinion.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

As I have earlier said, as soon as you enter this online pharmacy you can see they are having a special offer to their customers and this includes free sample medications with every order. Like for example, before checking out I had to choose between either 100 mg x 4 Viagra soft or 20 mg x 2 cialis soft pills for free. Except for this I can say the pharmacy offers better prices by purchasing in bulk meaning the more you buy – the better the price. On the checkout page I have also seen they do offer coupon codes, but since I couldn’t find anywhere one I think it is offered only to people who previously ordered here. Reviews

The customer reviews are extremely important due to the fact that they are giving us all an clear and better image about the general buyer’s experience when shopping with this online pharmacy. This is the reason it is so important to check the pharmacy’s customer reviews online. But – make sure you check the customer reviews on independent websites rather than those on their own website as there’s a high chance those reviews are fake. I was not able to find a single customer review on independent websites so I checked the info on there I found the site has been operating for only a year instead of 11 as they promised and I found a big list of alarming notes on which made this pharmacy get a trust score of 0%!


As much as we can see, this online pharmacy has something to hide and I really do not like such pharmacies. They lied about how much time they were online, it has no customer reviews anywhere on the internet and it has a trust score rate of 0% because of the long list of alarming notes on scam adviser. Such online pharmacies cannot be trustworthy as there’s a high chance you will get scammed. Therefore receives 1 star!

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