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When most of the people are being asked to share what are their top 2 wishes most of the answers would sound: to be healthy and to have a lot of money. Those are indeed very good wishes that I would most likely wish myself, however we all realize that being healthy and having lots of money isn’t as easy as it sounds. And when you’re not healthy the second wish gets *lower* too because we have to spend a lot of money for medications in the local pharmacies. However, there are online pharmacies which are our saviors since they can make our wishes come true and that’s by saving a lot of money on medications in order to make us healthy again. is another an online pharmacy which claims to make our wishes come true and that’s because they are offering quality medications making us healthy again at prices that are up to 70% lower than in your local pharmacy. You can find both generic medications and branded names and whatever you want to take they are all FDA approved, safe to take and with a good effectiveness. This online pharmacy claim to be a Canadian one and that it is one of the best drug stores, or that’s what they logo suggests. I’ve checked their website more carefully and I came to the conclusion that they are mostly focused on helping people with erectile dysfunction and that’s because such medications have special offers and are heavily advertised. You can change the language on the website as well as the currency. Everything seem to be user friendly and understandable so people shouldn’t have a hard time browsing this pharmacy and ordering the needed medications.

Selection of medication with their prices that you can find on Top Online Pharmacy 24H

Besides searching the drugs that you need by the first letters and by using the quick search function, you can also see on the left side of their website a big list of what they seem to be health conditions. This means that clicking on the health condition that is of your interest, you’re going to be redirected to a page where you would see a full list of drugs that are designed to help with that condition. The list is very big and just to give some examples here are some conditions: diabetes, depression, blood pressure, hair loss, muscle relaxant, pain relief,  quit smoking, weight loss and not the least: erectile dysfunction, with a lot of other categories which means that the website is offering a very big list of drugs. Total number of drugs isn’t showed, but I assume there are a lot of them. talking about drugs that are of my interest: erectile dysfunction treating medications I can say that I found such drugs as Levitra, (generic 1.2 US$ for pill, brand 4.34 US$ for pill), Viagra (generic 0.36 US$ for pill and brand 3.8 US$ for pill), Cialis (generic 0.76 US$ for a pill and brand 4.18 US$ for a pill) as well as many other medications like Kamagra, Avana, Nizagra and others. Health categories seem to be a lot and in each health category seem to be a lot of drugs both generic and branded versions, therefore my conclusion is that they have a vast selection of medications and the prices for those medications are really good. They also do not require a valid prescription in order to start processing your order so you can buy anything from this pharmacy at your wish.

Customer Support Service on

As soon as you enter their website you can see there are 2 phone numbers US: +1 760 284 3222 and EU: +4420 3286 3820. I don’t actually like to talk by the phone so I haven’t called the pharmacy to ask questions (as I am not a talkative person but in addition to that they don’t have toll free number so I don’t want to spend my money). If you’re also like me then you can go on their contact page and there you’re able to contact their customer care department by filling a form. After that you need to wait for the response in your email. Either you call them or use the form, their customer care specialists speak only English. No online chat function and that’s sad because that option I would use, but there isn’t one. I am unable to say anything about their quality of customer support service, unfortunately.

Payment methods and Shipping methods on

In case you do like the prices and you want to order something from an online pharmacy, payment and shipping options plays an crucial role in taking a final decision either it is worth it to purchase form the pharmacy or not. Or at least that’s the case for me and that’s what I am going to look at right now. Sad thing is that this online pharmacy doesn’t seem to accept any other form of payments than credit card and not all credit cards are available here but only the most famous one: VISA and Master Card. So customers don’t actually have to choose between multiple payment options, sadly. I would wish there would be Bitcoin as a payment method but that’s fine. Shipping options aren’t anything different from the other online pharmacies: standard shipping and express shipping. With standard shipping that costs 10 USD, delivery time of 2 to 3 weeks and doesn’t have tracking but it is available world wide in all countries. The express shipping is only available in USA and it costs 20 USD, however this shipping option does have tracking and a delivery time of up to 10 days.

Is Top Online Pharmacy 24H a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is Top Online Pharmacy 24H a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Top Online Pharmacy 24H coupon codes

They are offering 10% discount for orders above $ 200 as well as free standard shipping for orders above $ 200. They’re also offering free bonus pills of ED medications if you order ED medications yourself. This seems to be like a time limited offer. There’s also a special offer of 20 erection pills. Discounts are also getting people who already have ever ordered from this online pharmacy as you are given a number that you can validate on your next order. Unfortunately there are no coupon codes. That can save you some money.

Customer Reviews about

I cannot have trust in an online pharmacy that is not having customer reviews on independent websites and that’s exactly such a pharmacy. Top Online Pharmacy 24h doesn’t have any customer reviews and the trust index on scam warning websites isn’t high either – 0 % on, rogue pharmacy called by and 15 % on The combination of no trust and no customer reviews is something that I would rather avoid.


The prices are good on this online pharmacy, although they do not have coupon codes they still have good deals and ways to make you save money and they seem to have phone numbers where you can get in touch with them and that’s all very good. However what’s it is all worth it if there’s nothing to prove that it is a pharmacy that I, as a potential customer, should have trust in? Since I don’t have trust in this pharmacy because of the reasons that I just mentioned I cannot recommend this to other people as a reliable online pharmacy and therefore my rate would be 2 out of 5.

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