/ Top Market 24×7 Reviews & Coupons is another online pharmacy which claims to offer the best services of an online pharmacy and suggests that they are the leading online pharmacy which everyone should use for the following reason: low prices, or at least much lower than in your local pharmacy. The pharmacy claims to be a Canadian pharmacy and according to their logo, the pharmacy has been around since 2001. The website is really well made in my opinion, with features that makes it easy to use and with options to choose between different languages and currencies. The pharmacy seems to have both generic and branded medications and they have the following awards: USA quality, FDA approved meds, license, rated them 5 out of 5 and it is CPA approved pharmacy.

Selection of medications and prices on

This is an online pharmacy that, as I said earlier, is working with both generic and branded medications meaning that regardless of what you’re searching – you should find what you need here. In addition to that, they are having a big list of categories of drugs  such as: anti acidity, anti depressants, antibiotics, erectile dysfunction, general health, herpes, blood pressure and many others. a wide variety of drugs. Started to search for erectile dysfunction drugs and I found the following: quite a big list of ed treating medications with the following cheapest prices: 0.72 USD for Viagra, 1.94 USD for Levitra and 0.72 USD for Cialis. I guess that’s the first time I see Cialis having the same price as Cialis. I failed to find branded versions of these medications. The information about prescriptions on their website suggests the following: *You don’t need any prescriptions to order from our Online Pharmacy.*

Customer Support on

Even though I have failed to find a live chat function on this online pharmacy which is sad, I have found that you can contact them by either their toll free number but you need to make sure that you are calling them in their working hours. If calling is not for you then you are able to fill a form on the contact form and get in touch with their customer support service.

Payment methods and shipping methods on

There are 2 standard shipping options: regular airmail which has a shipping time of 2 to 4 weeks, it is used to ship world wide, it doesn’t have tracking and it costs 15 USD. The other EMS (express) shipping option is going to cost 25 USD and it is not available in all countries, however it has a delivery time of up to 10 days and does have a tracking system. As for the payment methods on this online pharmacy you can use credit cards and only the major ones like master card and visa. Both debit and credit cards.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? coupon codes

This is an online pharmacy that does have the coupon codes which you can validate as soon as you enter the website and this way you’re going to get a discount. Before checking out there is a list of reasons why you should use this online pharmacy as they mention: Enjoy free gifts with every order!(The more you buy, the more you get for free!); Worldwide Shipping(We provide fast and reliable shipping methods); Free Registered Mail for orders over $300.00; 24 / 7 / 365 Customer Support Service; 100% Satisfaction Guarantee(You can get a full refund or reshipment of the order); Shipping Insurance(Replacement guaranteed if delivery fails); Free EMS for orders over $400.00; Bargain Prices. seemingly those are all the offers given by the pharmacy. reviews

As soon as I entered the website and until the last of checking this website it looked really promising with fairly good prices and with good offers although they were not the best, they were looking really well. However I just couldn’t buy anything without checking for reviews which changed my mind when I’ve done it and the reason being the fact that I didn’t find any customer reviews at all! since there were not a single customer review I couldn’t do anything else, than, as usual, to check what does scam analyzing sites would say and since there were no customer reviews it was expected for me to see that would recommend not to buy anything and that would call this an rogue internet pharmacy that’s not worth spending your money. As usual I knew that might show a bit of more information in regards to this pharmacy and being more exact in regards to where this pharmacy is located and what’s the domain age and here’s what I have found: domain age: 84 days! ONLY! That’s a completely new pharmacy that has no idea how to deal with the customer needs but the pharmacy claims to be since 2001 and I just cannot believe lying pharmacies. OK, you might think that the pharmacy is there since 2001 but they just create the online version of the pharmacy then why would the owners hide their location? Plus to that, suggests that even if the location is hidden which is a big giveaway sign, the pharmacy might be from Russia – a high risk country. With all of this said, that’s enough!


The website itself as I said looks really good. although it doesn’t have the best offers and the best prices, I thought that I can still put it in my list of reliable online pharmacies to check the prices, maybe, for other medications than ED related drugs, if I would ever need them. generally, having a list of reliable online pharmacies is always a good idea as this way you can be ensured that you would get the meds even if your top 1 pharmacy, for whatever the reason, gets offline. But I simply cannot put an 84 days old online pharmacy in this list with no customer reviews, hidden location and suggesting that it is from Russia. For all the reasons I just mentioned above, I rate it with 1 and recommending avoiding it!

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