/ Top Canadian Healthcare Reviews & Coupons is, obviously, a Canadian online pharmacy that claims to have high quality medications only and claims to have more than 7 years of experience in the pharmaceutical business. The website seems to be pretty familiar to me but since I’ve never visited the domain address, I will write the review trying to find as much information about it as possible. So first thing first – I tried to find more information about the pharmacy and their about us page should help me in doing that. They claim that their company strives to maintain and to improve every phase of this business and to satisfy the needs of their customers and that’s indeed what an online pharmacy should do and they claim that they can do it with a number of different offers and different things. The website is very easy to use, everything is clear, good design understandable to everyone, even if you are from another country and you don’t actually understand English very well, you can change the language as well as the currency.

Top Canadian Healthcare medications selection and what are their prices?

You can easily find the drugs that you need by one of the 3 methods to search for drugs available on this website: by categories (health categories drugs), by first letter of the drugs you need or, the most efficient in my opinion method to search for the drugs you need: by writing the drugs name in the quick search box. Categories of drugs are a lot and since there is a number near each drug category I can make an approximate calculation that there are more than 500 drugs you can find in their drugstore. Just for giving an example I can say that there are drugs for anxiety, asthma, allergies, skincare, diabetes, depression and a big number of other categories. Analyzing the ED medications: there are claimable 45 different medications and due to the fact that this pharmacy seems to be focused in selling such drugs, they have all sorts and types of ED meds: branded and generics and others meds than just the most famous ones like Viagra etc. As in regards to the prices, I find them to be really low, although not the lowest compared to other online pharmacies – they are still very good. Like for example, getting a normal quantity of generic Viagra pills which is like 90 pills that’s going to cost you 100.98 USD (1.12 USD per pill of 50 mg). For normal dosage (20 mg) and normal quantity of pills (90 pills) of generic Cialis that would cost you 144.35 USD which means 1.60 USD per pill. Same situation goes for Levitra generic and even for all 3 meds of their branded versions, but I am not sure how about other drugs in other categories of medications. The prices I mentioned are not the cheapest but they are not the highest you can find on the pharmacy. These are prices for normal quantity of pills and normal dosage.

Payment methods and shipping methods

As usual, if people love the prices and the selection of medications, they are interested in what types of shipping methods and payment methods are available and for this reason I think I should comment a little bit about them. In regards to the payment methods I should say that there are 2: credit cards and echeck. However echeck is only available for US customers. All other customers (and also including US customers) can pay via credit cards like Visa, Master Card and American Express. That’s the information I got from their FAQ page, nevertheless, when I checked the payment methods on checkout page there were no echeck payment method, but instead there were bitcoin. It seems the information on their faq page is out of date. In regards to shipping – they offer world wide shipping and as usual there are 2 options available: regular airmail which has a delivery time of 2 to 4 weeks, no tracking available, costs 15 USD and is available in all countries. The second option is EMS shipping, it costs 25 USD and is not available in all countries, instead it has a tracking system available plus it has a much shorter delivery time of 5 to 7 business days only. You can add delivery insurance for 6.95 USD which ensures that you will get a reshipment for free if the delivery fails to arrive. customer service

When you just enter their front page, on the left top you can see 2 phone numbers: US +1 800 715 5341 or EU phone number: +44 203 318 5981. People who have questions are available to call those phone numbers and get the answers to the questions they need. I myself am not a talkative person and for this reason I never called them. If you’re not a talkative person either then the only way that you could talk with them is via their contact page where you write the message indicating your email so they claim to respond back to your email within 48 hours of receipt. There’s no chat function online.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Coupon codes, discounts, bonuses and other special offers on

Right before checking out with your cart, there is a space to write a code for getting a discount. I thought that this means they have coupon codes, however I was wrong. That’s because that space is for codes given to people who has ever ordered from them. After your first order and on you should be given a number which you can validate on your next orders and therefore you will get 5% discount for second order and 7% discount for third and further orders when you validate the number before checking out. There are no coupon codes that I could find for pharmacy which means they don’t have any. Instead, they also offer free pills too, you can choose between 2x pills of Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. And the last bonus you can get here is free shipping: 200 USD and you get free airmail delivery, 300 USD and you get free traceable delivery!

Customer reviews about

There are none. Regardless of how much I tried I simply couldn’t find any customer reviews on foreign websites and that’s making me wonder if someone has ever ordered from there. The testimonials on the website suggest that they do have customers – too bad that I just don’t believe in them. Since there are no customer reviews I had to check for what scam analyzing sites would show me and none of the 3 scam warning websites had trust (, and in addition to that I found 3 things that were like a big sign for me to stay away from the pharmacy, according to *The owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity*, *domain age: 208* days (less than a year) and it is probable that the site is from Russia, a high risk involving country!


There doesn’t seem to be any good things said about the pharmacy but there does seem to be a number of alarming things about this online pharmacy and that’s why it is so so hard for me to have trust in those people. In fact, I don’t have no trust and that’s why I rate it with 1 out of 5, the reasons for me being this harsh about are listed earlier and plus to that, there are just way too many people who got scammed and stolen money by online pharmacies. In attempt to make all of this stop I won’t change my rate unless there would appear good word about this pharmacy anywhere else online except for their own website!

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