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Tom Thumb is another supermarket company located in US which I will review right now. This is a chain of supermarkets that it is being located in Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex. According to the information on Wikipedia page, the parent organization of Tom Thumb is Albertsons so it wouldn’t be a shock for me to see that a lot of things are quite the same as in Albertsons (including the prices either). Anyway, Tom Thumb it is currently headquartered in Roanoke, TX and it has been founded in 1948. Since this is a big US company, it is obvious that they are also having social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others where people are able to follow them if you wish to. Plus to that, Tom Thumb company is also offering customers to check their Apps – one is general Tom Thumb application while the other is Tom Thumb Pharmacy application. I checked the official website, which is, and as it was expected, I have seen a similar website design to Albertsons. On their website you’re able to register and to login to your account. You’re also able to locate a store nearby, you can see their delivery offers, you can see recipes and meals but what’s got my interest more, of course, is the *pharmacy and nutrition* page. Clicking there you have then to choose between *pharmacy services* and *learn about nutrition* so obviously I clicked on pharmacy services. While online you’re able to online rx management, you are able to refill online and you’re also able to get vaccinated. In addition to all of this, there are immunization services, pharmacy services, online prescription refill, travel health, compounding services as well as specialty care – pretty much the same as with Albertsons. It is obvious that you can also find information there about different things. There are a lot of different pages on the website with a lot of different information, blogs, articles and so on and so forth. You can read the company’s history and many others including reading information about their pharmacists. The problem here, as usual with US big companies – there is not very much information about what is really of my interest.

Selection of medications and prices/ shipping and payment methods at Tom Thumb

As usual, all these points are all here due to the fact that there’s very little I can say here. I mean, there is not a list of medications and there is not a price list for those medications and with this being said I cannot say anything with certitude, however I can say with at least some chances of it being true – the selection of medications and prices here are the same as they are at Albertsons and in your local drugstore but the problem is that the prices here are high – the reason why people are now searching for online pharmacies instead. Selection of medications should be really wide with (I guess) all drugs that are approved by FDA. As in terms of shipping and payments I cannot say anything only except for the fact that shipping, most likely, isn’t done outside the US territory and they are accepting credit cards. But these are only my assumptions.

Customer Support Service Tom Thumb

I can assume that if you’re going to their stores in person you’re going to get the answers that you need exactly as I can assume that you might be able to write them at their social media pages. But in the end you’re able to use the online forms, you’re able to call them or to contact them by mail (at their address) or email. As it was expected, there are a lot of methods to talk with them but what’s more important is if those methods are helpful and their customer support service is actually helpful at all or not.

Is Tom Thumb Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is Tom Thumb Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Tom Thumb Pharmacy Coupon Codes

When clicking on *delivery/ pickup* page you can see there is one offer by this company given to their customers. 25 USD off + free delivery on your first online order when you spend 100 USD or more. You would need to enter the promo code 25FREE for getting this offer. Except for this offer I couldn’t find anything else so I am not sure if this online pharmacy is offering anything more than this promotional offer and that’s why I asking the customer support service might be a good idea.

Tom Thumb Pharmacy Customer Reviews

I was searching for customer reviews in order to determine whether their pharmacy is worth it even though, as I said, the prices for medications should be pretty much as in your local drugstore – high enough to resort to online pharmacies instead. Except for lots of employee reviews that I have found online by people who said that they are working or used to work at Tom Thumb, I have also found some customer reviews and they are of a much bigger interest for me, which is obvious. I have found that Tom Thumb is on pissed consumer and that’s definitely not a good thing. But according to the reviews on yelp they do not have a high rating either. Most of the customer reviews on most websites aren’t positive at all. On yelp it has a rate of 2 out of 5 and on pissed consumer it is obvious there are nearly only negative reviews. Out of 90 reviews, only one issue has been resolved. People complained on prices (as it was expected) on rude pharmacists and many other things. In addition to that, I see people complain that they are paying money for a product but they are getting another one.


Although Tom Thumb is such a big company in US and I doubt that they would want to scam people as they do not want to have law problems, they still seem to disappoint a lot of their customers, disappointing them so much that the average rate of people given to Tom Thumb is 2 out of 5. I won’t change this rate.

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