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As usual, I am doing the research for pharmacies to find out whether it would be a good idea to order medications since you can save medications or not and while doing my research I have found a website named Tigerfiness.com and as much as I could conclude from its name, this is a pharmacy that is oriented in selling fitness products. I have entered the main page of this pharmacy and I have analyzed it a bit and I concluded that this is true. I also concluded that the website is very well done to my opinion and that’s since it seems to be very user friendly, everything seemed to be easily accessible and understandable, something that’s important to me. I also noticed that people are able to create an account here and sign in to their accounts as well. What surprised me (in the better way) is that after browsing it for a few minutes, I was contacted via their live chat support consultant asking if they can help me with anything. That’s very good because if people are having some questions they are being offered to ask it right away! You can join to their newsletter and you can also connect with them on social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others as well. I have tried to find out information on their website suggesting for how long they have been in the business but I couldn’t find such information, unfortunately, but I did have found information suggesting they are located in Cincinnati, OH and now also in Las Vegas, NV!

TigerFitness.com Selection of products and prices for them

This online pharmacy is not selling regular medications as most other online pharmacies that I have reviewed so far. Instead, they are selling products that you would usually see in a sport shop. Usually, purchasing products for fitness doesn’t require you to have a prescription that’s why I can assume that this pharmacy doesn’t require a prescription either for any products, or at least I couldn’t find a single mention about a prescription requirement. In terms of selection of products I would say that it is wide only if talking about fitness products. That’s because according to categories of products they have: amino acids, fat burners, creatine supplements, health and wellness, protein, pre and post workout, protein bars and snacks and others like accessories etc. In terms of prices I am not able to talk about it since I am not a fitness person so I’ve never used such products so not able to comment on prices. All I can do is to give example of price so, the MTS Nutrition called Machine Whey Protein with creamy red velvet cake flavor and a size of 2 lbs would cost you 30 USD. Once again, I am not sure if this is a good price for it or not.

TigerFitness.com Shipping and payment methods

There’s a special page on the website about *shipping information* so I hope to find more details about it. they claim that there are 4 different available USA shipping methods: fedex standard ground with a fee of 5.60 USD, and has a delivery timeframe of 1 to 3 days – trackable. USPS priority mail which they claim that it is going to take longer than 3 days and no information about shipping fee, it is trackable. There is also small parcel flat rate 2 – 5 business days option which is usually used for orders under 1 LB. Lastly – customer pickup is available too. They have international shipping with a delivery timeframe of usually 5 to 15 days and fee depends on the country used. There’s a list of countries to which they claim they are not available to ship to. They claim to accept payments via credit cards but I am not sure if they accept anything else as they haven’t shared this kidn of information.

TigerFitness.com Customer Support

To get in touch with this online pharmacy, as I have already mentioned a bit earlier, can be done via online chat function which they would contact you as soon as you enter the site. You can also contact them via their email address, via their social media pages or via their contact form online on the site. The last method to talk with them is using the phone number that you can see as soon as you enter the website.

TigerFitness.com Coupon Codes

With each payment, people are getting rewards – reward points which they can use to get discounts for their next orders. Plus to that, this pharmacy is offering free gifts by orders over 75 USD and the gift gets better by purchasing more than 100 USD, 150 USD or 200 USD. Seemingly they do not have coupon codes, but they have discounts to some special products and plus, they offer free standard shipping to orders over 100 USD.

TigerFtiness.com Reviews

According to scamadviser.com this website is not safe to use but it seems that the website is very popular as there are quite a good number of customer reviews. According to scamadviser.com the site indeed seems to be quite popular but it is not safe to use because a malware report has been detected for this website and also bad reviews detected indicating a poor reputation. I indeed found bad reviews but I also found some positive reviews. People said that it is worth ordering here as the pharmacy sells good products but there are other people thinking otherwise, saying that the customer support is either rude or incompetent, their products are not working or they are not sending products in time. That’s all a bit alarming.


In the end, this pharmacy does seem to be reliable even though scamadviser.com doesn’t have trust in it and that’s because there’s a number of positive customer reviews, nevertheless, I will rate it with 3 out of 5 and that’s because this pharmacy has disappointed so many people that on average, it seems to have a rate of 3 out of 5 according to customer’s opinion. I doubt I have any rights to change this rate.

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