| Thriving Pets Reviews & Coupons is the domain address name of the online pharmacy that I have found while doing my research for reliable pharmacies. As much as we can understand from the pharmacy’s name, this online pharmacy is a vet pharmacy which is most likely selling medications only for pets, but that’s what I am going to check later. As for now I can say that I have entered their front page on their site which looks pretty well done, it is user friendly and everything seem to be easily accessible and easy to navigate through it. that’s very good. however, by analyzing their website more I would say that there are some things that are missing, like for example I would appreciate if there is going to be a FAQ page or a shipping page or anything in this matter – these are pages that miss on this pharmacy. there is also very few information on the pharmacy regarding their offers, or more information about the pharmacy itself. They just claim to love animals and they are providing everything that you need to care for your best friends. They claim that they help your pet thrive by doing 3 things: compiling and organizing the best, most reliable and up to date information on chronic conditions, they provide a full range of products from the basics, like monthly heartworm treatments to medications and supplies for chronic conditions and lastly, consistently offering the best value on any and every medication your pet needs. With this being said, they should have some extremely good prices, as much as I can assume. I didn’t found information suggesting for how long they have been online, but I did found their exact address which is located in Wilmington, DE, USA. Selection of medications and prices

You can search for the medications that you need by categories of what your animal needs. Like for example, you can search for the medications by chronic conditions, dental, ear and eye, flea and tick, heartworm, joint and pain, supplies, food, vitamins and supplements and few others. Seemingly they are having a lot of different drugs as, for example, in chronic conditions they are having drugs for: anemia, cancer, diabetes, herpes, pancreatitis and many others. So, as much as we can see, this online pharmacy does not sell any medications for humans (which was expectable by checking their pharmacy’s name), but they are having an extremely wide selection of medications for pets and that’s very good as you can find lots of things here. I cannot comment on the prices here, however I am able to give an example of prices for such medications and so, for getting Ondansetron(Zofran) Compound Capsule, 1mg, Bottle of 100 you would need to pay 50 USD. However either is that a good price or not, as I said, I am not sure. This online pharmacy has written in with the red color so everyone can see – a prescription is required. Prescription products require a prescription by this online pharmacy. Shipping and payment methods

Upon going to the check out page, you can choose the country where you want the medications to be shipped, and there’s given a list of countries and as much as it seems from that list, they are offering world wide shipping, or at least there are a lot of different countries. They claim that the shipping fee is 3 USD but they can be changed according to the weight of package, where it is sent and what shipping option you choose: ground shipping, First class mail, FedEx 2 Day or Overnight. There is no information how much the shipping cost for these options. As in terms of payment methods I am not able to say anything, unfortunately, that’s because there is not a FAQ page and there’s not anywhere on their website information about it. Customer Support Service

You can go on their contact page and there you are going to find all the available methods to get in touch with this online pharmacy. like for example, they have shared the mailing address or you could even pay a visit if you are somewhere near. Except for that, you can use the contact form available on their website or the fax number (I guess for prescriptions) and there’s also a phone number for getting live support either.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

Regardless if you purchase mediations for yourself or for your little pet friend, it is always good to know that you save money and that’s why, I appreciate those pharmacies offering coupon codes or/ and discounts/ free pills etc. unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything else than just promotion code (but since I couldn’t get it anywhere on the website I can assume that you get it only after already ordering here) and they mentioned that ordering more than 80 USD gets a free shipping (but only ground shipping in USA). Nothing else than these. Reviews

The customer reviews are extremely important as they can give us a good image whether the pharmacy is worth using or not. I have checked its legitimacy on and according to this website, the pharmacy has not met the criteria for being considered a legitimate internet online pharmacy. I have found reviews on facebook, there are very few of them, some people saying that this is a very good website and pharmacy while others said that it has a horrible customer support and unacceptable waiting times. According to, a malware report has been detected for this website and said that there might be risks using the website and it has quite a low trust of 65 % suggesting that this site could be unsafe.


Your little pet friends deserves all the best, however you deserve to purchase from an online pharmacy without risking your money. might not be the pharmacy which guarantees this, according to scamadviser, and a few customer reviews. Only because there are few people rating this pharmacy high I rate the pharmacy with 2 out of 5.

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