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I was doing my research for online pharmacies when I have found an, seemingly, Mexican online pharmacy, and I think that it is a Mexican pharmacy due to its name: Mexico Care Pharmacy which can be found at the domain address: I have accessed their main page and I have seen a user friendly interface of the website and I noticed that I could easily access all the information on their website, everything is clear and that’s all amazing. Plus to that I have noticed that this online pharmacy is offering their customers an amazing function: changing the website’s language and the currency on the website. Although this might not be very helpful for me since the language and currency on the site has already been pre established English and US Dollars, these functions can be really helpful for foreigners. Another thing that I have to mention here is the pharmacy’s claims: free sample pills, discounts for all orders, lowest price guarantee and free express shipping. All these claims can be found as soon as you enter their website. What I did not liked is the fact that I could not find for how long this online pharmacy has been online (although there is information on copyright suggesting 2010 – 2011 so I am not actually very sure what this means) and they have not shared an exact address of the pharmacy even though they claim to be a Mexican pharmacy. without sharing such info we can’t be sure that this is indeed a Mexican pharmacy, nevertheless, usually, scam warning sites can help us determine these points (where the pharmacy is operating from and for how long the website has been operating). Selection of medications and prices

To my opinion it is very good when an online pharmacy is having a wide selection of medications and that’s because, in case the pharmacy turns out to be reliable and worth purchasing medications from, then you can find a lot of different drugs in a single place. This does seem to apply to due to the fact that they do seem to have a wide selection of medications. I am saying this because according to the categories of medications on their website, there seem to be a lot of different drugs such as: ED drugs, anti diabetic, anti herpes, anti fungus, pain relief, women’s health, sleeping aid, cardiovascular and many other different drugs. But it is even better if the pharmacy is offering good prices for medications and that’s why I have checked the prices for most famous ED drugs and therefore I can make a conclusion: the prices are somewhere higher compared to other online pharmacies. That’s because, for example 90 pills of generic Viagra 50 mg would cost you 1.37 USD per pill while on other pharmacies you could find it for less than 1 USD per pill. On their Prescription Policy page, they mention that they do not sell controlled substance and that’s why they do not demand a prescription for selling medications. Shipping and payment details

Trying to find out whether they are offering shipping only domestically or internationally as well, I have went on their FAQ so I was hoping to get more information. According to the information there, they do ship internationally and they are having 2 shipping methods available as most other online pharmacies: regular airmail and EMS (Express Mail Service). the regular airmail has a price of 15 USD while EMS has a price of 30 USD but EMS comes with a tracking ID while regular airmail does not and plus to that, EMS has a faster delivery timeframe compared to regular airmail (maximum of 10 days for EMS and maximum 28 days for airmail). As in terms of payment options they claim to accept: credit cards (VISA, VISA electron, MasterCard, JCB, Dinners Club, eChecks, Wire transfer and Money Transfer (Western Union and MoneyGram). Customer Support Service

Many questions might be unanswered even after carefully checking the FAQ page, that’s why there is the customer support service. although I cannot comment either the customer support has a high quality of service, I can say that the methods of getting in touch with the pharmacy include: 3 different phone numbers (in US, AU and UK) or by filling up the contact form available on the contact page.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

There are a few things worth mentioning here as they are all meant to make the customer save some money by purchasing the medications at this pharmacy. one of them include the actual coupon code which is offered to customers and therefore they can get a discount. Since there is no coupons offered on the site, I can assume that they are offered to those who already ordered to get a discount of 15%. Plus to that, the pharmacy offers free shipping, discounts by purchasing in bulk and free bonus pills as well. Reviews

I often recommend to the readers of my pharmacies reviews not to have trust in the reviews written on the pharmacy’s website since those reviews (A.K.A. testimonials) can be very easily manipulated by the admins. If there would appear a negative review they could remove it, change it or maybe even add reviews themselves. The customer reviews on independent websites are much more trustworthy since the pharmacy’s admins can’t manipulate them, however there are no reviews anywhere online and that’s a big drawback since nobody can confirm this pharmacy has good services and keep their promises. is usually the site that helps me when there are no reviews and it indeed helped: by recommending not having trust in this pharmacy. the trust index rate is only 15% which is extremely low and that’s because of a multitude of problems that has found out about this pharmacy.


The prices at are moderate but they have good offers here to my opinion. Those people that are brave enough as they do not really care if they would lose an amount of money they could risk and order here. for all the rest I recommend to stay away from this pharmacy as there are no customer reviews to confirm the pharmacy is genuine and scam adviser says this is a Russian scam pharmacy!

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