/ The Canadian Pharmacy Reviews & Coupons it is an, obviously, Canadian online pharmacy and it is the pharmacy that I am going to be reviewing now. By entering its front page I can easily say that the website is user friendly designed and that’s very important, what’s even more important is the fact that it is easy to navigate through it which means it easily understandable and that means a lot. The website offers their customers to create an account and login and I have a feeling that for ordering here you must do it. By going on the bottom page of this online pharmacy’s website I have found very interesting information such as the fact that the pharmacy claims to have started their business in 2005, in addition to that the pharmacy shared their headquarters location which is in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Another important thing that I have noticed are some seals you can find on their website and those seals means the following: claims to be CIPA approved, MIPA accredited, accredited by BBB (Better Business Bureau) with A+, the website is Norton Secured and another seal with Safety Check. I’ve went to Better Business Bureau official website and I have went on CIPA’s official website to find out if that’s true and indeed The Canadian Pharmacy seems to be a member of both these organizations and that’s very good in my opinion.

Selection of drugs and prices for them on

Drugs on this website are being categorized by: prescription drugs and over the counter. On each of these categories you can search the drugs by the following: drugs by condition and drugs A-Z. You can also search the drugs that you need by using the search box function as well. I have used the drugs by condition and I clicked on Male Potency to find out that they are only having 3 drugs there: Viagra one is generic and one is brand and Yohimbine and that’s it. Nevertheless, when I used the search function for Cialis and Levitra, I’ve found both of them in both generic and brands. So the selection of drugs seems to be a lot. To give a general idea of prices I can mention that Levitra generic 10 mg 4 tabs costs 48 USD. Generic Cialis of 20 mg, 60 tablets would cost you 830 USD. To be honest, these are some extremely big prices compared to other online pharmacies prices for same medications. Make sure that you have a prescription if you want to order prescription medications otherwise this pharmacy won’t be selling you those meds.

Shipping and payment methods on

Shipping charges are 15 USD per package with a delivery time of 7 to 19 business days. They do not seem to have any other shipping options than just regular. As in regards to the payments, this online pharmacy is accepting American Express, Personal Cheques as well as International money orders. customer care department

Contacting this online pharmacy customer care department can be done by using the contact form on their website and then wait for their response in the email that you need to indicate. Except for contact form you can use the mail address or the easiest way to use the phone call or the fax number either. There seems to be a live chat function but their agents were not available.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon codes

Saving some money on this online pharmacy can be done by referral credit program. This requires the customer to share his (or her) benefits and savings with friends and family and this way you would earn credits that can be used on next orders. Unfortunately it seems that this online pharmacy doesn’t offer any other methods of saving money than just this as there are no coupon codes or anything else worth mentioning here. Customer reviews

I’ve been thinking that this online pharmacy would have customer reviews but from as much as I seems I was wrong and that’s due to the fact that there are no customer reviews anywhere online on independent websites and that’s a big problem, at least for me. I personally am not able to recommend an online pharmacy without actual customer reviews and that’s because there’s nobody who can actually make us have trust in the online pharmacy. Since there are no actual customer reviews on the website I had to check what do scam warning websites would tell me and I found out that is an unapproved internet pharmacy website according to and has a trust rate of 53 % according to recommending to use care and that’s even though suggests it has lots of visitors. I find it very strange when an online pharmacy, according to scam warning websites, have lots of visitors and yet they do not have any customer reviews anywhere online. Nevertheless, the owner of this website is using a service to hide their identity and usually that’s done by the owners so they can disappear any given minute upon their wish and nobody can track them down.


I personally do not trust online pharmacies that do not have customer reviews and online pharmacies which owners have used a service to hide their identity and I don’t use online pharmacies with big prices. This online pharmacy has all 3 of them and that’s why I definitely won’t recommend this Canadian online pharmacy and I think that it deserves a rate of 2 out of 5!

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