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The Online Drugstore as its name suggests, is an online store which carries drugs that can help people with various health issues. The information I found on their site suggests that they are having 1350 employee owners that are being focused on medication adherence in order to help their customers to improve their health. Also the information from the same page (About Us) on their site, suggests that the site is run by Thrifty White Pharmacy and that its headquarters are based in Minnesota. One thing which is hard for me to believe is that their first store, as they said, has been opened back in 1884 which means that this is one of the very first pharmacies ever opened on Earth, they say it was opened in Jamestown, ND. Not sure how veridic this information is though. They are implying that nowadays they are having more than 90 stores (own by same pharmacy – Thrifty White Pharmacy) that all of them are located in Minnesota (of course), in South as well as North Dakota, in Wisconsin, Montana and Iowa. Another thing to add is that back in 2013, as the information on the site shows, Thrifty White Pharmacy has purchased the domain and they seem to run the ‘online’ pharmacy business since. They also claim to have another site with domain address:

So what’s The Online Drugstore selection?

The pharmacy claims that they are having first class quality medications only and among their list of drugs I’ve found a very wide variety of different drugs and medications which their customers can choose from depending on their health needs. One very strange thing for me is that they aren’t selling only medications or drugs of such. They are also having all sorts of different things such as batteries, bedroom, décor, bath accessories, party supply, air fresheners and candles and many many others. They have different things categorized by the following compartments: Children (where you can find even blankets, clothing, bath and skin care and others), Beauty (hair care, lips, face makeup and others), Nutrition (vitamins and supplements, health monitors nutrition food and drinks and others), health (various health issues), personal care (body powders, apparel, antiperspirants and deodorants and others) as well as household and even pets (with things that I already mentioned). I’ve decided to search for ED drugs, and that’s a big shock for me to see that a site named has batteries but they don’t have any type of Viagra. Drug selection is very big, but it seems that they aren’t actually a pharmacy at all, taking in consideration what they are actually selling (universal controls, mouse traps, glue and stuff like that, but not ED drugs).

What are The Online Drugstore prices?

I can’t actually say much here since there is no Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. I could compare other drugs medication prices, but since I’m not an expert in these things I won’t as I am afraid of making mistakes. Good thing is that they do seem to have at least some drugs in their drugstore.

Can you get the medications without a prescription?

Not sure how to answer this question. I’m not an expert, but I couldn’t see any RX medications. it seemed to me that all the medications I found there are over the counter. But I might be wrong because the pharmacy avails online doctors that claims to talk to patients about the significate of using the exact prescribed medication and clearing the given dosage. So it is hard to answer this question.

The Online Drugstore Shipping details

It seems that they are having a world wide shipping policy, however I can’t say very much about their shipping time and tax because as they are implying, it very much depends on which country you’re ordering it. since this is an US based pharmacy, I assume their packages are coming faster for US customers, however it could take longer for overseas customers. I’ve decided to see what are their taxes and delivery times for random state in US and since Washington DC is the capital I’ve chosen it. no information on shipping time, but there are 2 shipping options for shipping in Washington: standard shipping which is 2 USD, and USPS priority which is 6.66 USD. No other information but this though.

The Online Drugstore Payment options

Seemingly they are accepting 4 payment options and they include: Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express. Seemingly there is no other payment option available for their customers.

The Online Drugstore customer service

Seemingly there is only 2 ways to talk with them and not be honest that’s by far not enough at least for me. one thing I absolutely didn’t like is that they do not have live chat function. In order to talk with them real time you have to call them on 218- 651- 0200. The only given phone number. Also you can talk with them by submitting a form on ‘Contact Us’ box. There’s also their Fax – 218-643-1459. I don’t see an email listed which is why I can guess that you can only reach them by submitting a form.

The Online Drugstore Legit or scam?

The information about this page on says that it is 100% safe to purchase from here. it has been a while since I saw 100% on scamadviser. However according to other scam sites, it has a very poor reputation. So it is hard to claim a final verdict here since some sites have good things to say about it while others have bad things to say. That’s why I searched for reviews.

The Online Drugstore reviews

I don’t know why, but there are just so so little people reviews that I could barely make a conclusion based on them. there are like a total number of like 5 people reviews that I could find about site in google on a number of different sites. There were happy people, but there were some of those who said that they got scammed by this site.

The Online Drugstore Coupons and discounts

This site does seem to be actively promoting coupons. Lots of their products have discounts by writing coupons codes. Like for example by writing vitamin10 in their coupon code box upon ordering you get 10 % off on their vitamins. And there are many other things like that. another offer they have is that you get free shipping for orders that are above 49 USD. However they say that there are some restrictions here: only orders within US, package shouldn’t weigh more than 10 pounds etc.

Final conclusion?

I wouldn’t actually recommend this to be honest. They don’t have a lot of medications and drugs that a good online pharmacy, IMO, should have. They have poor trust as other sites imply and there seem to be unhappy customers with it. Lots of other things lacks and that’s annoying. So as a person who often searches for online pharmacy I would say that this online ‘pharmacy’ deserves 2 out 5 rate score.

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