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Another online pharmacy that I have found by doing my research in attempt to search reliable online pharmacies is and simply by its name, we can conclude that this pharmacy is from Thailand and checking its logo: *your online pharmacy from Thailand* makes me think that my conclusion was right. So I continued searching more about it. The website is good, with good features for the customer’s eyes (each product category has an image), you can create an account and login and many other features. According to the information on their copyright, this pharmacy has been established in 2013 which means that it has 4 years on the market and although that not as much as many other pharmacies claiming to be on the market, that’s still better in my opinion.

Selection of medications and prices on

As I said, their drug categories features an image for each drug and in each category they have listed how much products they have. Like for example there are such categories as: hypertension with 2 products, weight loss with 7 products, skin care with a single products, joints supplements with 2 products and so on and so forth as there are many other categories. In sexual enhancement products you can find 4 different products, none of which is Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. They only have generics and they are: sidegra 100 mg, sidegra 50 mg, cappra and cappiness which seem to be for women. The prices are in euro and they are: 14.90 euro for 4 tablets of sidegra 100 mg, 9.90 euro for 4 tablets of sidegra 50 mg, cappra 4 capsules costs 69 euro and also 69 euro costs cappiness for women 4 capsules. Sidegra has an active ingredient of sildenafil citrate which means that it is generic of Viagra and therefore meaning the prices are really high here.

Payment methods and shipping methods on

There are a lot of payment methods available: bank transfer, bitcoin, coinpayments, western union, money gram and neteller. Seemingly they do not accept debit or credit cards. Cryptocurrencies are getting 5 % discount off your order sum. They ship world wide and the fee depends on the country. They have 2 shipping methods and for US they seemed to have free shipping (my cart was 15 USD) but EMS shipping option in US has an insane price of 65 Euro and a shipping time of 5 to 7 days. EMS usually has tracking while regular shipping does not. Regular shipping option has a delivery time of 7 to 15 days. Customer Support

This online pharmacy does seem to have live chat function available, I wanted to ask them a few questions but they were not available at the moment so I was able to leave them a message and they claim to respond as soon as possible. I didn’t contact them since they were not online. But I was able to write them a message, to leave them an email or to call them by the phone number that they have listed on the website which is +66 970 755 257 which is a Thailand phone number suggesting that the pharmacy is indeed located in Thailand.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? coupon codes

They are having a loyalty reward program. You can collect reward points and save with every purchase, by registering you’re getting your first 50 points as a gift. A point is worth 5 cents (0.05 EURO) meaning that 100 points would get you a discount of 5 EUR. Every EURO spent here would add you 1 point. They do have coupon codes available which is going to save you some money. As I said earlier, cryptocurrencies are getting a discount of 5 % and they have free shipping in US (not sure how about other countries). So you get discounts paying via cryptocurrencies (they accept multiple, not only bitcoin), they have reward points, free shipping (not sure what it depends upon) and they have coupon codes all of which makes you save a little bit of money off their big prices, in my opinion. Reviews

I wasn’t able to find any customer reviews about, all I found are other people asking if this pharmacy is worth using. Due to the fact that there was a lack of customer reviews (but the pharmacy still seemed to have at least a little bit of popularity on the internet despite the fact that I failed to find any customer reviews at all) I went further checking for what scam analyzing website would say. had a trust of only 1 % and legit script suggested that this is an UNAPPROVED internet pharmacy which is already better than most of the online pharmacies that I have checked and reviewed so far which had an ROGUE status which is worse. Information on suggests that this pharmacy is indeed created in 2013 which means that the pharmacy didn’t lied plus suggests that it may be from Thailand meaning that then again, the pharmacy didn’t lied. The trust of this pharmacy is only 21% on which is pretty low anyway.


I have some mixed feelings about this pharmacy. It doesn’t have customer reviews (only people asking for customer reviews on foreign website), it doesn’t have trust from scam warning websites (but it is a little bit more trusted compared to a lot of other websites) and the prices for medications here are really high (but they have coupon codes, free shipping, reward program and discounts which makes you save money) so as much as I can see, there are big minuses but for each minus there is a little of *but* which makes it a bit better. Plus to all of that, the pharmacy doesn’t seem to lie about anything, they didn’t hide their location as most other online pharmacies and so on and so forth. Because of this reasons I can’t say that the pharmacy is worth using so I won’t recommend it with still high risk of using its services so my rate would be 3 out of 5!

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