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Target or Target Corporation is a discount store company and is considered to be the second largest discount store retailer in the United States, behind Walmart, and it is also a component of the S&P 500 Index, or at least that’s the information according to Wikipedia. It has been founded in 1827 and it has been formerly called Goodfellow Dry Goods until 1962. The headquarters of this company is located in Minneapolis, MN and it serves the entire United States Territory except for Vermont with a total of 1828 stores as of 2017. Except for it selling health products, it also sells beauty products, bedding, clothing and accessories, electronics, food, furniture, shoes, pet supplies and many others. Target Optical, Target Photo and Target Pharmacy departments have been purchased by CVS Health in 2015. The Target customers are able to make an account on their website and login there. You can also purchase what you need online. But as I said, for purchasing something from target pharmacy you would need to go to a CVS store. On their website you can see trending items (like ibuprofen, female items and many others), however there are no prescription items which I think that’s because you would need to show a valid prescription before ordering them. It is obvious that the company have social media pages like Twitter, Facebook etc.

Selection of medications and prices on Target

Since Target Pharmacy department has been purchased by CVS Health all the selection of medications and prices are those that you find on CVS stores. Since CVS is one of the biggest pharmaceutical company and you can find nearly each drug that is approved to be sold in USA then I assume the selection of drugs here should be extremely high with nearly all drugs that you need. However the prices on CVS health stores aren’t very good and that’s why I think that the prices should be pretty much the same, if not exactly the same. The bad news is that the prices on CVS health stores (at least for Viagra) are so big that many people go searching for online pharmacy alternatives. The fact that Target/ CVS pharmacy needs their customers to show a valid prescription for ordering medications requiring one is something out of doubt.

Shipping and payment methods on Target pharmacy

This company does offer shipping at home and they are offering free shipping for ordering above 35 USD. However they are offering shipping only in USA (not overseas shipping). I am not sure if they have multiple shipping options or only regular exactly as I am not sure about the delivery times and shipping fees. Unfortunately I am also not able to comment on payment methods. I assume that they should accept credit / debit cards but I am not sure which ones and I am not sure if they accept them at all (but I doubt they don’t). Plus to that, paying cash is obvious if you go to one of their store.

Customer Care Department on Target

I guess there’s no reason for me to comment on the fact that customer care department is available anywhere on their website and online. There are multiple phone numbers you can talk with them with. Plus to that you can reach them by social media pages and other ways like going to one of their places yourself if you lie nearby. Getting in touch with such a big company is very easy, however if their customer care department is actually good that’s another story.

Is Target Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Target Coupon Codes

As I said earlier, Target is offering free door delivery if you are ordering above 35 USD, plus to that they seem to have seasonal delivery and lastly there are coupon codes on their website, however they have coupon codes for grocery/ food and other kind of items but not for pharmaceutical items. Maybe there are some but I simply cannot find them. Not sure if there are any other things except for coupon codes, free shipping and seasonal discounts.

Target Pharmacy Reviews

As it has been expected there are lots of different external websites, reviewing websites, that have customer reviews about target pharmacy. For finding them you can simply write in google target pharmacy reviews but I am going to write a summary about them., and are just some reviewing websites with some customer reviews about target pharmacy and I am going to check them more. According to the first reviewing website there are 101 reviews but overall satisfaction rating is 1.2 out of 5. According to threecents, the rating is 2 out of 5 based on 20 reviews and lastly yelp’s customers rated it with 2 out of 5 based on 11 reviews. As it has been already expected from the rates of these customer reviews, the reviews aren’t satisfying at all. There are some people saying that their pharmacists are professionals and they have got a good care by using Target/ CVS pharmacy’s services but the problem is that it is easily noticeable that most of the customer reviews aren’t good with many angry people on many different things with some words like *quote*: ‘poor customer service’, ‘I will never use this pharmacy again’, ‘we will be looking for another pharmacy’. People complained on prices, rude pharmacists and customer care department, unprofessionalism, big delays and absolute lack of care about their clients. These are big problems especially when we’re talking about such a big pharmaceutical problem. I don’t think that it is acceptable for a pharmaceutical company to be like that.


Customer reviews are talking the best and I do think that those are people who can best judge the pharmacy. Since there are so many people who are saying the same things about the pharmacy I doubt that this is only a coincidence or a misunderstanding. There are simply too many people who are not happy with Target’s services plus they also have high prices. For these reasons I think Target Pharmacy deserves 3 out of 5!

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