/ Sure Viagra Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy which, as the name suggests, is mostly selling pharmaceutical products that can help with male impotence treatments. Nearly all of the products that are sold on this website are generic medications that treat impotence and they claim to be a *big name in the online world*. They also made a claim which affirms that they have become one of the topmost online pharmacy store and nowadays they are recognized worldwide. According to the information I found all the medications are FDA approved products which means that all the medications found there are of a high quality.

What is selection of drugs?

As I said it earlier, this is an online pharmacy which is mostly selling generic medications and they are mostly selling medications for treating male impotence (erectile dysfunction), however they do not have only medications treating sexual related disorders as they also have medications that can help to manage smoking cessation and also some other women’s health products too. But it is easily noticeable that still most of the drugs are treating ED. What’s really interesting is that they do not have Cialis, not generic or brand version.

What is prices of drugs compared to other online pharmacies?

Generic Viagra comes in a single strength form of 100 mg and the price per unit depends on either you’re a new customer or old customer and also on the quantity of pills you purchase. Like for example the highest price per pill is 2.5 USD with the lowest 0.69 USD per pill. For price of Levitra (which comes in dose of 20 mg) it goes as 1.30 USD for the lowest price per pill and 4 USD highest price per pill depending on same things as Viagra. These are fairly good prices but they are by far not the best.

Does Sure Viagra require a prescription?

No they do not. There isn’t a single word about prescription so nobody is required to submit a prescription and therefore this allows everyone to get their hands on all those pharmaceutical products you can find here.

What is Sure Viagra’s Shipping policy?

As usual, there are 2 shipping methods: regular shipping which has a fee of 18 USD and has a delivery time of 15 to 21 business day in order to have the parcel to your door and doesn’t have tracking. Or the other method EMS shipping which has a higher fee of 25 USD but has a delivery time of less than 12 business days and usually has a tracking. They seem to provide shipment world wide but I am not sure whether EMS shipping is available in all countries.

What is Sure Viagra’s payment policy?

This online pharmacy is accepting Visa and wire transfers as viable forms of payments. To be honest this is not enough as many people would welcome to have other payment methods accepted and I’m quite sure about this. Or at least one of those people is me who would like to have Bitcoin as payment method. In case the medications are lost or damaged in transit then you can contact the customer service and you are going to get a full refund. Plus to that, you have a 30 days money back guarantee.

Sure Viagra customer support team

In case you do have some questions and you need to contact customer service then you’re able to do so by calling their toll free number. In addition to that you can email them by the email listed on the website or by submitting a form. And there is one last thing that you can do in order to talk with them: live support. You can chat with them using this function online and that’s my favorite way of talking with customer support. On the moment I browsed this website they claimed to be Online, but I guess there are moments when they would be offline.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon codes or discount offers

All the clients of can use some promotion offers which are given by the online pharmacy. The first discount I’ve paid attention to is that the returning customers are being given discounts. This is a marketing strategy to keep their customers. In addition to that they are offering, as I said earlier, lower prices per pill if you purchase larger quantities. They also offer free shipping: 100 USD sum order and you get free regular shipping. For sum orders that are above 250 USD you get EMS shipping. One last thing they offer is free pills on every order. Sure Viagra is an online pharmacy which is offering free bonus pills on every single purchase you have. Sadly no coupon codes policy. Reviews

We all know that online pharmacy is considered to be a high risk business and that’s why, before purchasing any medications from any online pharmacy we should very carefully analyze everything about it and choosing your pharmacy of choice means that you should be even more careful than very careful. The shops that are not approved and sell unapproved medications can be harmful for my both my health and my pocket and that’s something that I surely want to avoid. By doing this I need to find out what do other people say about this online pharmacy as they are people who know the best what are the pharmacy’s strong sides and what are the pharmacy’s bad sides. So while trying to avoid being scammed I searched for customer reviews and feedback but is having no reviews available on the whole internet. Well, I am such a person that wouldn’t risk with my health and money without finding any reviews. Without any good evaluations that can prove the credibility of this online pharmacy, I would usually suggest people to stay away from such a pharmacy. But I still tried to find out what do other analysis sites are saying about this online pharmacy and I found that gave it a rate of 0% which means that the site may not be safe to use. Went further and searched what do says about this website and they called the site *ROGUE* which means that they do not have trust in the online pharmacy either. With absolutely no customer reviews and with scam alerting websites having absolutely no trust in this website I say that taking your chance and ordering anything from here means that you’re risking with a lot. All of this still doesn’t mean that ordering from this online pharmacy would end up scamming you up, but what do I try to say is that this means there’s a big risk in doing this.

What’s the conclusion?

No scam alerting websites have trust in this online pharmacy and no customer reviews are on the entire internet to prove the credibility of In addition to that this website claims to be well known world wide – but there are no reviews. That sounds like a lie to me and lying websites are worth avoiding. They have good prices and they have good deals. The website itself is good and all of this is tempting to use, however I still prefer to order from an online pharmacy that I can trust, rather than an online pharmacy that I would be afraid to use. With all of this being said, I think that deserves a rate of 1 out of 5 and that’s because the risk of ordering here is quite high!

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