| Super Rx Store Reviews & Coupons | Super Rx Store Reviews & is the online pharmacy I will be reviewing. Since they auto claims to be *super rx store* I will hope this is true as I guess we all here need an *super rx store* with *super prices for rx medications* and medications with *super quality. However we are going to find out if this is true or not by analyzing the site a bit more and see what the pharmacy has to offer. The pharmacy claims to be offering discounts for medications and hopefully this is true either as the reason why I browse online pharmacies is because I want to save money while I purchase medications. While on the website you can see a good number of the medications you can get here. But you can also see that you’re able to change the currency which, to my opinion, is very good for foreign customers. In addition to this, you’re able to create an account here and login to it. Regardless of how much I tried to find this information about where they are located and for how long they have been online, unfortunately, I couldn’t. I don’t actually like when there’s no information shared about the pharmacy but that’s not a very big problem in the end. The pharmacy has shared their missions which are to provide good quality medications, fast and for good prices. Hopefully it is true. selection of medications and prices for them

I have already mentioned the fact that as soon as you enter their website you can see a big list of medications but those are *featured products* and among them you might not find what you were exactly searching for. For doing that you’re able to use the search function on the website and write the keyword of the drug that you are searching. You stand quite a good chance to find the drugs that you’re searching for and that’s because, as much as I can notice, there are a lot of different medications treating different conditions. I say this because according to the categories of medications which you can see on the front page – there are lots of medications treating: ADHD, insomnia, pain and muscle relaxant, anxiety, depression, narcolepsy and many other conditions. This is the reason why I would say that most likely – the selection of medications here is truly wide. Now talking about the prices I can mention that Viagra 50 mg 90 pills would cost you 1.21 USD per pill and that’s a fairly good price to be honest. I’ve checked it for Cialis and Levitra and those are having good prices either so I assume this pharmacy offers all medications at good prices, although not the best compared to other online pharmacies. What’s important to mention is that this pharmacy store does not require their customers to show a valid prescription and this is a sign of a pharmacy with illegal activity.

Shipping and payment methods

While searching the FAQ page I found mistakes such as the pharmacy saying something about other stores. Meaning that the information here is copied from other stores and hasn’t even been verified. However I still found some information about shipping and payment. The shipping is done world wide to all countries but they do not seem to offer multiple shipping option. This shipping method doesn’t have any information about it except for the fact that the delivery timeframe is 10 to 14 days. As in regards to the payment methods I have found out that they are accepting VISA, Master Card, Bitcoin and Money Gram.

Customer Support Department

There is a single phone number listed on their website which you can dial and get in touch with this pharmacy, but besides calling, as most other online pharmacies, you’re able to contact them via contact form on their website. You can also leave them a message online but there are no other methods getting in touch with this pharmacy. Coupon Codes

This online pharmacy seems to offer coupon codes which are going to offer you extra pills in case you are going to apply it on the checkout page. Except for the coupon code, if you order in bulk would result in more savings as the prices per pills are getting lower. In addition to this, they claim to offer 30% more pills (except for Soma and tramadol) if you pay with Bitcoin or Money Gram. It seems that these are all the offers but that’s still good. Reviews

There are no customer reviews anywhere online and that’s while I have been searching for customer reviews for quite a while. There doesn’t seem to be customer reviews anywhere so this greatly makes me doubt in the authenticity or functionality of this pharmacy. There are no testimonials on their website but even if there would be I wouldn’t have trusted them. I would have trusted reviews on independent sites however there are none, unfortunately. So I had to check information on which stated the following: new site without feedback. And indeed the website is less than a year ago created. Because of this and because of other reasons I do not have trust in this pharmacy. Lack of customer reviews is already a big problem, the fact that the pharmacy is new is a problem either as I can’t have trust in a new pharmacy, but what’s an even bigger problem are the grammatical and other types of errors through their website. The website seems to be cheaply made, and with some errors suggesting that nobody takes care of it. Why would I buy from a website where the staff doesn’t even control the site? Maybe they do not control where my money is going or where my medications would go.


I have written above why I would never have trust in such an online pharmacy with so many mistakes on their website and with no customer reviews. For all those reasons I have a strong feeling that ordering here would end you in losing the money and that’s why I rate with 1 out of 5 stars.

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