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The Super Health Center can be found at the internet address, an online pharmacy which claims to have first class brands, they are offering first class solutions and therefore they are super heath center. According to the information I found on the site, they are offering bigger selection, better quality and best prices. there’s also information saying that Super Health Center is a comprehensive solutions company for your distribution, consolidations, fulfillment and logistics needs and generally, Super Health Center is a worldwide distributor of sports nutrition, healthcare, organics, food and beverage as well as beauty products. According to the information there, this Center has been opened almost 20 years ago which is very good in case is true as it is easier to have trust in an old running company rather than a new one. Except for their claim of being opened for the last 20 years, I have found they have shared their exact address which means that the pharmacy is located in USA, Ohio and you can find their exact address there. there is a lot of different information on their website, which is user friendly. Their website is very well done with information well arranged on the site. You can shop by brand or by category. You can also check the services on their site which includes: distribution, fulfillment, consolidation, logistics and others. On their website you can create and account and login into it. This company is also offering a blog page on the site which you can access and read different type of information there. to be honest, so far, only by checking their own website, I would say that everything looks quite good and legit, but I wouldn’t rush in purchasing anything before checking other things as well. Selection of medications and prices

As I earlier mentioned, when going on their website, you’re being offered to shop for products by brands or by condition. What’s very important to mention here is that this online pharmacy is not offering prescription or OTC medications as a regular pharmacy would. This is mostly a sports nutrition company where they are selling such products as well as product as: health and beauty, organics, vitamins and supplements, weight loss, food and beverage and others. With this being said, if there’s someone reading this and searching for prescription products then you should search further for other pharmacies as there are no such products here. none of the products here, according to the information on the site, is being intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and none of these products have been FDA evaluated. So there is no need to have prescriptions since there is no such products. In terms of selection of products – I would say it is quite wide, but only if talking about non FDA approved products. I will only give an example of a random product on the site so you could know the approximate prices here. So CGP Creatine, by Metabolic Nutrition company, would cost 27 USD. I’m not very sure how good or bad of a price is that. Shipping and payment methods

As I earlier mentioned, I have found information on their website suggesting that they are offering products world wide which means that everyone around the world is able to purchase here. they claim to ship products from USA across the world. According to the information on their website, people should allow 7 to 14 business days for orders to arrive. There are several shipping methods for domestic orders with different delivery times and different shipping fees as there are lots of options to choose from. It depends on the weight of your order as well. international orders also have different options and they also depend on a lot of different things. You can pay for your order with credit cards as visa, master card, discover and American express and they also accept PayPal. Customer Support Service

There is contact information on their website suggesting all the methods available for customers to get in touch with the company. there is the exact address which you can use for mailing for maybe even for paying a visit. Plus to that, you can use the email or the contact form on the site which are the same or lastly, you could give them a phone call if you want to get an live assist. Unfortunately there is not live chat function. Coupon Codes

As soon as you enter the website you’re being recommended not to ever miss a deal, so you need to enter your name and email. I can therefore assume that from time to time they might offer some deals by email. Also, before checking out on their website I am asked if I have a coupon to apply. I can assume the coupons are also sent by emails. But other than these there’s nothing to comment on. Reviews

By searching for customer reviews I have found only 3 of them all over the internet and that’s very strange when such an old company doesn’t have any reviews. There’s one old review (from 2014) and 2 pretty new reviews (from 2017 less than a year ago) and the problem is that all 3 reviews stated the same thing: people ordered, never received anything, tried to contact the company – never received a response therefore they never got a refund and now all of them recommend to stay away from this company. according to the site *looks safe* but it seems the customer reviews are talking for themselves and regardless of what’s the information on – the reviews to my opinion are more important.


This company doesn’t seem to be as good as it seems only by checking its website and the information on (although they also found some problems about this company). I am not sure how good prices or deals they might offer to people but I wouldn’t ever purchase anything here when there are 2 recent reviews stating that the people got scammed and there’s nobody to answer their inquiries. I rate this company with 1 out of 5 because of those reviews written by people who said they got scammed.

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