/ SuperDrug Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy which is selling prescription drugs to customers but that’s not everything because it is also an online prescription service which means that you can very easily have an online consultation with their doctors and they are able to write you a prescription. Therefore they are claiming that by doing this you’re going to: quote *take the hassle out of visiting your doctor for common issues or embarrassing moments*. So they are offering more than 20 online prescription services like for example men’s health (erectile dysfunction), asthma inhalers, cholesterol and others. They promise complete confidentiality so their customers don’t have to worry. This online pharmacy and service seem to work under the popular health company named Health Bridge Limited which is having its head office situated in London, United Kingdom. Therefore I assume that the website and pharmacy are being established in London as well.

Online Doctor Super Drug selection of medications

They seem to work only with branded medications and they do not have generic alternatives for those medications. This online pharmacy is working with such manufacturers of brands like for example: Pfizer, GSK, BAYER, MSD, Lilly, Roche and many others. Besides Men’s Health medications (ED, PE or hair loss) they are also having medications for women, sexual health, acne, rosacea, asthma, blood pressures and many others. Again, all medications are branded only. Even the *sildenafil* product which is Viagra but it is not made by Pfizer, seem to be branded.

Online Doctor Super Drug prices for medications

This is an UK based online pharmacy and it seems to be focused only on UK customers. Therefore all the prices are listed in British pounds (which I would call them from now on – BP). So for getting Viagra 4 tablets, 8 tablets, 12 tablets and 16 tablets you would need to pay 20, 30, 45 and 85 BP respectively. For Cialis 4 tablets, 8 tablets, 12 tablets and 16 tablets you would need to pay 44, 84, 120 and 152 BP respectively.  Although they are by far not the lowest prices that I have ever seen on the market, they are pretty fair, taking in consideration this is also an online service provider as well.

Online Doctor Super Drug prescriptions?

They don’t require you to have a prescription because they are able to give you a prescription themselves. However they won’t give you prescription medications without having a valid prescription and if their doctor won’t write you a prescription either.

Online Doctor Super Drug payment methods

The only payment methods this pharmacy accepts is: Visa, Visa debit and Master Card. unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any other ways of paying with this pharmacy.

Online Doctor Super Drug customer support

Getting in touch with them should be extremely easy since this is a pharmacy that is not only selling drugs but providing medical services as well. For contacting the doctor you need to have an account on their site. You’re able to write them via email or by telephone during their working hours. There is a fax number as well (I guess for prescriptions) and a mail address. The online consultation isn’t said how much it costs but consultation by telephone is 25 BP.

Delivery options of

Free standard delivery (its free and it has delivery time of within 2 -5 days), collect from your local superdrugs pharmacy: free and it is available to collect in about 3 days or so. next day express delivery would cost you 3.99 BP and it’s estimated to come to you next day by 1 PM and there’s also same day delivery which is 3.99 BP and supposedly, it should arrive same day. Not sure if any of these are having tracking system but it seems that they are only shipping within UK.

Discounts, bonuses or maybe coupon codes of

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be absolutely any of these except for the offer of free shipping which doesn’t matter how big or how small of an order you have. But for the next day or same day delivery option you still need to pay 3.99 BP regardless of how small or how big of an order you have. Sadly but there’s no bonus, no discounts or coupon codes. All of the prices remain exactly the same as you can see them on the website and there’s nothing that you can do to save a little bit of money. I really think that their marketing strategist should think a little bit more about this because the prices aren’t the best and there’s no discount or bonus or coupon codes either.

Is a legit online pharmacy or most likely not?

If I would have to bet I would bet that it is legit. The reason why I say this is because I have big doubts that a pharmacy which can write you a prescription is going to be a scam, BUT! It doesn’t mean that there isn’t a chance that they are going to be scammers tomorrow. The idea that they are most likely NOT scammers and actual legit online pharmacy isn’t based only on the fact that they, supposedly, are able to write you a prescription, but it is mostly based on the customer reviews that I have read on independent websites about this pharmacy. So that’s the most important part customers’ reviews

This website seem to be pretty popular and that’s the conclusion I’ve made by the number of customer reviews that I was able to find on independent websites. There are lots of reviewers saying that they have excellent services. Like for example that’s what a person named Sandra said. She said that she had an prompt delivery and exactly the same said another customer named BARRY: *Excellent service and delivery*. Another person named Barrie said that the delivery was on time, site easy to use and information about your purchase it is clear and very easy to understand. He rated 5 out of 5. However there are other people like Giacomo and Frank who rated 4 out of 5 and that’s because they both complained on the price *great service but a bit expensive* and *prompt delivery and fair prices* meaning that he would want some better prices as much as we can understand. However there are people who rated it with 1 out of 5 and that’s Lauren who said that she wasted her time filling lots of questions and in the end she got a response that she needs an appointment with her doctor. She said that she’s very disappointed and frustrated calling all of this a total waste of time. Then another person named Andrew said that he drove to their pharmacy to pick up his medications just to be told that there was no pharmacist. He was upset by this. Anyhow, it is hard not to mention that most of the feedbacks were positive and that’s a plus for this pharmacy.


The absolute lack of any kind of bonuses, discounts or special offers is a big minus for this pharmacy as much as it is the prices which are *normal* but they are not as good. However it also has a big number of positive customer reviews and this is a very big price. But nevertheless I still think that it deserves 3 out of 5. Many people counted on an online consultation and they haven’t got one. Exactly as many other people counted on getting medications at discounted prices and they haven’t. But everything else seem to be fairly good, or at least *acceptable*.

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